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Tanigue Fish Steak ala Bistek Tagalog (Filipino Fried Fish Stew with Soy Sauce and Onions)

Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy. I am Vanjo Merano. Today we will be cooking a fish steak using a “Tanigue” (Kingfish) which we will cook similarly to a dish called Bistek Tagalog. That is why we have called this dish as Tanigue Fish Steak ala Bistek. These are the ingredients that we will be using for this recipe. This is the fish that is called “tanigue” (kingfish) which we have sliced crosswise. This is the onion. We may use white or red onion here. We will also be using lemon. We may also use “calamansi” or lime. This is the soy sauce. Our crushed garlic. This is the salt which we will use to be rub into the fish. We will also be using sugar. Ground black pepper. Aside from these, we will also be needing cooking oil and water. Here is the complete list of the ingredients together with their respective quantities. You can also view this recipe in If you are now ready, let us now start cooking. Before we cook the fish, we first need to rub salt in it. We will just be sprinkling salt here in our fish. What I am using here is coarse sea salt but you may also use rock salt in here. We can even use iodized salt in here. We will just rub it and make sure that both sides of the fish are being salted. We will just let the fish stay for about 20 minutes for the fish to absorb the salt. After that, we will now fry it. I have just heated a cooking oil here in a cooking pan. Then, we will now fry the fish. I will just fry a side of the fish on a medium heat for about 4 to 5 minutes. I am also using a splatter screen in here so that the oil won’t splatter on us. After that, we will now flip the fish upside down. What we aim to do is to let the color of the fish turn into golden brown before we flip it. So we need to check it first before flipping it over. If it is not that golden brown yet, we can still fry it for a while. After that, we will just continue frying the other side. That is also what we are aiming to achieve in here. The other side should turn into golden brown as well. We will just be placing the splatter screen. What’s good in here is that, even we have placed a cover in it, the steam still evaporates and it does not accumulates. And even the oil would splatter, it would be filtered by the screen. We will know that the fish is now cooked or nearly cooked once the sound of it while being fried eventually fades out. Its sound is not that loud anymore since the liquid in it is lesser than the time we have first put it and it does not react anymore in the hot cooking oil. We will just place it on a plate and then we will now fry the other batch of the kingfish. It is important that we will not crowd the pan with fish so that it would be evenly cooked. That is also why we have cooked the fish into batches. Our kingfish is now ready. We can now cook it “ala bistek” style. We will just be heating a cooking pot. Then we would add cooking oil in it. Once the oil had heated up, we may now put the garlic. We have just crushed this garlic that we are using. At this instance, I am sauteing the garlic first since I want its color to turn into light brown immediately. As for me, I would like my fish steak to have lots of garlic in it and its taste had garlicky flavor in it. That is also why we are using plenty of garlic in here. What we are doing is that, we are turing the garlic into light brown but eventually it will turn into golden brown if the circumstances permits. We have just cooked the garlic perfectly. As for now, we will now put the onion. We will not add all of the onion in here. 1/3 of it is what we will be using. We will use the remaining onion later on towards the end of our cooking process. We can now pour in our soy sauce or toyo. We will just slowly pour in the soy sauce and then we will also add lemon in here. What I have done with the lemon is that, I have just squeezed it in a small bowl so that we can easily discard its seeds compared to when we squeeze it directly into the pot. Aside from lemon we can also use “calamansi” or lime. Since we want the taste of the fish to mix in with the sauce, I am putting water in it. We are adding water in here so that we can boil the fish here in the mixture so that the taste of the fish can mix into the sauce. We will just let the mixture boil and then we will add the sugar. I am putting sugar into this dish so that it could have a hint of sweetness in it. This is now our ground black pepper. We’ll just mix it. At this moment, we can now place our fried kingfish or our kingfish steak. We will be placing it one a time here in our cooking pot. After that, we will just be covering our cooking pot. What I am doing here is that, I am cooking a side of the kingfish on a medium heat for about 3 minutes. We will just be covering it and after 3 minutes, we will just turn the fish upside down. At this moment, our sauce is now flavorful but we still need to flip the fish over. Once we had fried the fish, the moisture in it had gone up already and it had quite hardened already. And now, while we are boiling it into the sauce, the fish gradually softens. But the fish would not be crushed. Even when we boil it, the fish would still be intact and its meat wont separate from its bones. After we have flipped the fish upside down, what we will do now is to put the remaining onion. After that, we will just cover our cooking pot and continue to cook it for 3 minutes. At this moment, our dish is now ready. We will just transfer it into a serving plate so we could now serve it. This is now our “Tanigue Fish Steak ala Bistek”. Let us now taste our tanigue fish steak. This is almost similar to “bistek”. Just by the smell of it, it smells delicious. What I also like here is the onion. Mmm~ Wow! Just wow. I have immediately liked its taste. As you would know, kingfish is really a delicious fish. As long as we have cooked it just well, I’m sure we can get good results out of it. Once I have tasted the “tanigue” fish steak, I have immediately tasted the taste of a “bistek”. And the kingfish doesn’t have slimy taste in it which is just perfect. The taste of the fish have blended well with the soysauce and lemon that we have added. I have also tasted the garlic and as you can remember we have fried the garlic first. I always do that so that our “tanigue” fish steak would have garlicky flavor in it. That is also why, I have really enjoyed it from the very first bite. It is really awesome. I hope that you would try this recipe as it is really easy to prepare. Right? If you have liked this, don’t forget to like this video. And if you have not subscribed yet, you can find the subscribe button below. I hope that you would subscribed here in our Panlasang Pinoy Youtube Channel. 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