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Teen Overcomes Anorexia After Near Death Experience

CHRISTIE: I just didn’t care about life, the only thing you care about is exercising
and your next meal and how less calories is it going to be in that meal like its just,
It’s an obsession. 00:20
COMM: Many teenage girls are influenced by models on the runway and in magazines, but
or Christie Swadling, it developed into an obsession that almost claimed her life. 00:31
CHRISTIE: I always wanted to be one of the Victoria’s Secret models, and I would watch
their shows, I would read their books. I would read the magazines and what they would eat.
Their diet plans, I was just so obsessed with it and it got to a point where like I was
obsessed that I didn’t look like them. 00:49
CHRISTIE: I really wanted to look like Miranda Kerr. Her waist. Her tiny, tiny waist and
her legs. How she had the thigh gap. I just had nothing that she had. 01:02
COMM: Christie started dieting when she was just 12 years old. And by the time she was
16, was putting her health at serious risk. 01:11
CHRISTIE: I started over exercising, I was probably exercising for about three to four
hours a day, probably two hours in the morning, two hours in the afternoon. I lost so many
friends, I was fighting with my boyfriend. My mum thought I was a different person. 01:28
CHRISTIE: The moment I realised I had gone too far was my seventeenth birthday, I collapsed
that night and I went straight to hospital. I was so dangerously underweight and I was
practically on my deathbed. 01:44
COMM: The hospitalisation was a wake up call for Christie and with the support of her family,
she embarked on a high-carb diet and gradually started to gain weight. 01:57
CHRISTIE: I was admitted to hospital because my vitals, they were dangerously low. And
the doctor actually told me that he’s surprised I was still living and he’s surprised I
wasn’t admitted there earlier. 02:10
CHRISTIE: I lost most of my teenage life like through an eating disorder. 02:14
FIONA: It was really heartbreaking. It was very hard. I thought maybe I had done something
wrong as a parent. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t really know about anorexia.
Yeah it was very hard. I had a lot of help from family and friends it was very hard to
sit there and watch her kill herself slowly. 02:41
COMM: Now, eight months on, Christie has gained 2 stone and is helping other people suffering
from eating disorders online. 02:50
CHRISTIE: The first YouTube video I made is called Anorexia Nervosa Almost Killed Me,
I wish someone had helped me, there was that person there that I could talk to and there
wasn’t I just feel like it would have been a lot easier and for me to give someone – to
tell them what to do to help them out. I just feel like I’m taking so much weight off
their shoulders. I’m almost like saving someone’s life. For me to be that person
for someone to actually come to when they need me, it makes me feel great. 03:22
COMM: And she is now spewing out about the dangers of overly skinny models flaunting
their stick thin physiques. 03:30
CHRISTIE: I reckon the model figure, the perfect figure, it’s sending horrible messages,
and it’s nearly impossible as a teenager going through puberty and all that, it’s
almost impossible to get to that low weight. you’d have to have an eating disorder to
actually get to that weight. 03:50
CHRISTIE: Going through that mindset, it’s made me the person that I am today and I know
what life I would rather and I know it’s this one, it’s the happy life it’s the
life that I’m living, it’s actually enjoying life, not hating it. 04:06
CHRISTIE: There is loads of stuff that I would love to be in the future and do in the future
and I know that having an eating disorder and being that sick, I was not able to get
to there, that was my turning point. That’s why I wanted to change.

  • I feel like I can still see through her emotions and body language that she’s still ill. I feel for her.

  • Eating disorders don’t go away over night. This is extremely brave of her and the fact that she can even talk about this is incredible.

  • Victoria's Secret models are fit and a lot have curves. They are still not healthy but their not this unhealthy. Being 5-7-6 ft+ and weighing 45 kilos is not a healthy weight for someone of that height. It's then that you invite disease and infertility, stop having your period etc.

  • Anorexia never truly leaves
    Those thoughts are always there. The guilt, the need for control, the insecurities…

  • This girl said she wanted to be a Victoria's Secret model. Just an FYI to anyone watching: VS models are PHOTOSHOPPED TO HELL AND BACK. Seriously. Somewhere on the internet is an article or video I watched where they showed all the tricks to the pictures. They wear 2+ pushup bras under the bikini to get that big boob look, and then the bras underneath are photoshopped out. I forgot the other tricks, but they were allllll photoshop/fake/etc.

  • People in the comments, you may still be skinny but she has done her best to recover and probably still recovering

  • I wish I was as skinny as you and my hard work paid off I never ever get back to the weight I was happy at for a adault I was happy when I weighed 77 pounds at 5'3 I looked really nice in a bikini now I'm UGLY and obese I wish I still looked that good no matter what I do how I eat a very small portion of food even if I eat one yogurt and a half of can of fruit for every day for months I don't lose weight no matter how I try it is not coming off it's been this way for about a year and a few months that I have not lost weight I'm completely miserable so unhappy with my weight it is so painful from 77 pounds to 184 pounds and I had weight loss surgery Lipo suction and it made me gain weight not lose so you are so lucky to have a nice figure if it looks this nice in person and you are so lucky to be able to look at the scale and truly weigh a beautiful weight

  • nice try…. youre still anorexic… and under weight ……you do not look healthy …. the best liars is us .. you restrict

  • Fait trop de la peine donner lui à manger !! Dans un monde où tu peu vivre e tu manger à ta faim !! Je compren pas comment on peu ce trouve belle aussi maigre …

  • Many of the models in the business today are naturally willowy. That is their body style. They’re not doing anything abnormal to have that body. Just depends on your body type.

  • Not only can sharing illneses stories lessen feelings of isolation and open up new avenues of support, it can also offer vital diagnostic clues when others are searching for answers. We are sure this story gave hope to many.

  • for people saying she's ''too thin to be well'' um people recovering from anorexia don't gain tons of weight overnight. she is clearly healthy and is eating, she is just still underweight because she was sick for so long. it takes time for people to gain weight after an eating disorder. weight build up takes time,obviously. and she is vegan so the muscle build up probably isn't going to happen very fast straight away. she probably needs more nuts and tofu [not criticising,just saying] . more healthy proteins and fats [avocado,as well,since she doesn't eat meat] .bear inmind she was starving herself.the body isn't going to recover that fast after years of starving. eventually her weight will be restored. bear in mind she is adjusting to being healthy again.

  • The way she was sitting, I thought she lost her left arm. It really looked like she didn't have an arm there. But congratulations on getting better. Just remember, you're strong, it takes such a strong person to come back from such a dangerous disease. I wish you and your family the best. You got this, girl.


  • Yes she is still unhealthily thin but recovery takes a lot of time and it’s great that she is ready to accept that it’s not right and help herself she’s trying her best and that’s all you can ask

  • Where were her parents?! ‘
    She never looked anorexic, thin maybe not eating disorder.
    Go look at Eugenia Cooney!
    Now you look chubby…ew 🤢

  • Anorexia is a very dangerous condition. A fair number of anorexics eventually die from it years later if they don't die initially. They often ruin their chances of ever having children because of the damage to their reproductive system. Men aren't interested in them because anorexics make boyfriends and husband's feel like failures. They rather be with a woman who makes them feel like a winner. They are also run the risk of other serious diseases like cancer because their immune systems can be badly compromised by the starvation.

  • Sabe eu não entendo esses povos que acham a magreza excessiva bonito, bonito e uma mulher que tem carne que chama atenção e por onde ela passar as pessoas dizer caraca MULHERÃO DA PORRA.

  • Eu tô vendo esse vídeo comendo pão com carne mas no meu caso metabolismo acelerado não consigo engorda nem comendo um boi o jeito é academia e aumenta as calorias 2.000 ou mais

  • Being skinny isn't the problem.
    It is thinking, having the mindset of, this is who I NEED to be this is WHO I need to be.
    There is no problem with anyone's weight or shape as long as they are healthy. Stay strong ladies. – DL

  • People in general are very ignorant of anorexia and eating disorders 🙁 some comments make me sick

  • These girls get so much sympathy for not eating and losing weight it's ridiculous they do it for looks but if you are overweight it's your fault because your couch potato ect paying more airline seats ect over eating is also a disorder just bulimia or anaorix both come from a place of emotion what bugs me is picking on the overweight and babying these girls just because they are often younger and pretty

  • I hope she continues to gain weight and gain confidence. When I was younger, I teetered on the edge of anorexia. My ex husband and his friend made a comment that I was getting a bit tubby and after that I was happy if i could see my hip bones.
    I look back now and realise how beautiful i was

  • Please do not that to yourself of comparing yourself to models. I am not judging you. At all. It just makes me sad knowing you went anorexic. 🙁 It is extremely easy to compare ourselves to anyone, to anything. Their talents, their looks, etc. But please know that many models have also starved themselves. For a long time, the modeling industry required it. So, you are just as much a victim as those models were. Modeling is not all it is cracked up to be. It's not worth hurting yourself.

  • You are a very beautiful young lady! Media makes us all feel like we are less than because we dont look like that. Stay strong sister, I have faith in you!

  • Wow! She is so beautiful! I’m so proud of you for all that you have overcome! Gorgeous mom, also!

  • I admire you for sharing I can really honestly relate to this I’m a recovered anorexic /alcoholic /drug addict

  • Poor girl… some1 should’ve told her from the very beginning that she will never b a VS model b/c she’s female!

    That’s right….Wake up people! They’re all MALES


  • I'm not sure she really qualifies for having "overcome anorexia" when her elastic hair tie is hanging so loosely on her wrist!

  • victorias secret models look healthy,their rib cage doesnt stick out,they also have meat on their legs.You got way too thin,it looks really bad.You look dead

  • To all y'all saying that "she's still too skinny, she probably is still ill"… ANOREXIA IS A MENTAL ILLNESS! It doesn't just go away, some sufferers deal with it for their whole lifetime.

  • I‘m so sorry this is a very serious video but when she said ‚anorexia nerviosaa‘ it sounded like shecame straight from hogwards and was trying to put a spell on something

  • I know that many people watch these videos as triggers in bad times but trust me its going to be fine. I have tried my best to help many of my friends through the deepest days of depression and i just want to let anyone who is reading this know that if you need help you can message me. My instagram is: @_soph.l_
    Dont be afraid to message me if you need help and if tou need to vent as everyone needs to at some point. Everything will be okay!

  • Barcraft has became a sick channel…Why don't u do something for saving future of this girl? Looks like u r taking fun…

  • No entiendo cómo puwden obsesionarse así, les gusta verse piel y hueso! Yo estoy luchando por conservar mi peso porque toda mi vida fui un fideo, y logré subir los kg que necesitaba, y lucho para no perderlos!!

  • Why has this even been posted!. This has already been posted as a personal video by her using the same pictures but put her own bits in! She obviously stole the images from this show and is combing in views and likes for it?…. geeeze

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