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Texas kayak Fishing: Fun Fighting Bull Red

All this tossing and turning awhh man (Laughs) Cut yall off, and we hooked onto a nice one ya’ll! He don’t feel that nice now. Watch him take off here in a minute.. Oh he’s big. He’s staying bottom He’s big He’s a good one Come on. Man I bet you he’s 30in+. Let me see him.. Hell yeah, he’s good. Man, not eve 5min trolling. I knew it was perfect conditions for a spoon. And I tightened down my drag pretty good See this is what I like, before I would have to worry about taking a pic for a tournament.. now I can focus on making my videos focus on ya’ll, my subscribers. Here he comes, whooooo & he’s a biggen! I think this is the biggest one I’ve caught on a lure Going for a little sleigh ride Awhh man, thank you Lord! Come back up, come back up Never fought a kayak before, huh fish? Think you’re gonna go anywhere you want to go.. I’ll go with you Come up Come here You’re not going anywhere without me Man this is like one of the funnest fights I’ve ever had. On a kayak. Just because it’s a spoon.. Got him, Whoooo!! Thank you lord! God is good all the time I’m sorry Lord, for all my wrongs. You bless me & bless me. What do I do to deserve this. And look at that, the hook came out right in the boat!! See theres just some fish that were meant to be caught This one is definitely meant to be caught. Look at that. All right, ya’ll ready for this bad boy Now if that ain’t a big boy then idk what is He’s probably a good 30in Definitely this biggest one I had on this board. & in this kayak 29.5in Almost 30in Fat girl though, fat girl (Outro music)


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