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Thai Chicken & Potato Soup Recipe ซุปไก่มันฝรั่ง | Thai Recipes

Sawaddee Ka!
Welcome to hot thai kitchen today I’m sharing with you another one of my
nostalgic recipes so when we were growing up as kids my brother Eddie
loved this dish it was his favorite thing in the world so we had it all the
time it’s a chicken and potato soup now I know that doesn’t really sound very
Thai and I believe this is actually Thai people’s attempt to make a western-style
chicken soup so in Thai this dish is called soup
gai mun farang, so soup means soup gai means chicken and man farang means
potato so if you’ve been a Thailand you might recognize that the word farang
actually means Caucasian, it’s a term that we use to refer to Caucasians, so
man farang basically means a “western potato” it’s a very popular dish at home
but not something you’ll find in restaurants because it’s got such
a homey, simple, comfort food feel to it but it’s so delicious and really easy
let’s get started! So the chicken that we use for this soup is always always some
sort of a drum either drumsticks, the big ones, or drumettes so when I was growing
up we always use a big drumsticks it was nice and meaty, the kids loved eating it,
but I actually now prefer to use little drumettes because your bone to meat
ratio is higher, so you’re gonna get a much stronger stock, a more flavourful
broth in the end, but you can do either. Okay so I’m just gonna add to this some
fish sauce, just to let it marinate for a little bit you don’t have to do this
like far in advance, just do it before you start prepping other things. And I
like to marinate the wings in something flat because if you put it in a deep
bowl then all the fish sauce will just fall to the bottom, and then only like…the
bottom three pieces get marinated. Okay so while that’s going let’s get the broth
started. So I’ve just got here some plain water and the reason why I can use
plain water is because we’re using bone-in chicken, so this is gonna turn
into chicken stock. If for some reason you’re gonna do boneless chicken this
has to be a good chicken stock otherwise you’re gonna get like the blandest, least
flavorful soup ever. So I’m gonna add some aromatics to this water simply some onions that I’ve cut and some cilantro stems
you can skip the cilantro stems, you don’t have to. And then I’m also gonna
add some crushed garlic cloves in there. I’m gonna add some seasoning with soy
sauce and now I’m just gonna bring this to a boil, that’s it!
Super easy. Now it’s boiling I’m going to add my chicken…in a way that won’t
splatter hot liquid in my face. And now if you’re thinking what am I gonna do
with all the flat part of my chicken wings? Well, do not worry I have a recipe
for that too and I will link to it in the description below and up here okay
so now you’re gonna bring this to a simmer and let it simmer for about 15
minutes, so we’re slowly braising the chicken. You want the chicken to be super
tender at the end also you need to give it time for the bones to do its magic to
flavor the broth so we’re not just going for cooked chicken here. Mmm it already
smells so comforting with the smell of the chicken stock. Now we’re halfway done, at this point you notice there’s like floaties on top, if you want you can go
in with a skimmer and just skim them out but there’s nothing wrong with
it doesn’t affect the taste of the soup, so if you don’t care you can just leave
it in there. Alright so now we’re gonna add in our “mun farang” so I’ve got here some potato I’m using russet just because I like the creaminess
I feel like starchy potato like russet absorbs flavor better, but you got to be
careful with these because they also overcook more quickly, more easily so if
you’re afraid of overcooking them, afraid of them turning into mush, use a waxy potato like a Yukon Gold or even red potatoes. now just gonna press them down, oh one
thing I almost forgot to do is taste this broth. You want to taste the broth
before you add the potatoes because the potatoes want a lot of flavor to absorb
right? If the broth is under seasoned, the potatoes are not gonna be as flavorful. So
just tasting for salt. Oh it’s so good already and it’s not even done yet! I
will add just a touch of salt, and I like to add salt at this point because
I don’t want the broth to taste too much like soy sauce or fish sauce. I like the
flavor of where it is right now. Also if you add more soy sauce the colour would
be a little darker, so if you want to keep it lighter then salt works well, but
it’s up to you you could do soy sauce. So we’re gonna let the potatoes go for 10
more minutes and we’ll be right back! So it’s been 10 minutes we’re almost there.
This is looking very beige right now so the thing that’s gonna add some pops
of colour and also pops of flavour is tomato, so I’m just gonna throw in a
bunch of tomatoes here I’m using roma tomatoes, these are going to cook
for 5 more minutes you want to give it some time to infuse the flavor of the
tomatoes in, it’s gonna just semi fall apart be really soft and mushy, that is
what we are going for. Also gonna add a touch of white pepper for a little
subtle heat. Ground white pepper, maybe a little more. And I want to stir it in
now while I can cuz if I wait till the tomatoes are really soft and I try to
stir anything then, it’s just gonna fall apart. Ok if you’ve been keeping track
you’re gonna notice that the total cooking time is 30 minutes because
that’s how long the chicken needs, and I’ve just been adding the potato and the
tomatoes accordingly. So if you cut your potatoes bigger make sure you add them
earlier, if you cut them smaller, make sure you add them later, so on and
so forth. Alright five more minutes and we’re done! And we are basically done! So you’ll notice the tomatoes are super soft the skin’s starting to
peel off but it’s still holding together in one piece, we’re gonna finish
this off with some greenery, some chopped cilantro, you can do green onions if you
don’t like cilantro. Mmm and trying to not to disturb the soup too much because
tomatoes and the potatoes…if you stir too much things start falling apart. And that
is it how good does that look! It’s such a comfort food, a homey looking thing.
Get myself a little bowl here, now back when I was growing up we just had this
with rice so my brother used just pour this all over his rice but you can eat
it as a separate soup in a separate bowl if you wand. Ahh, gonna go in right here oh and
then the chicken has had 30 minutes so it should just fall off the bone just like
that with a spoon. See? Don’t need a fork, don’t need a knife, don’t need nothing. Oh
you can smell that white pepper coming through Must have another one. Oh that soup, that broth I can drink all day. It’s like the epitome of comfort food it’s so
chickeny, so chickeny! And you didn’t even have to make a separate stock
because that much bones will just make you a good stock, you can actually taste
a potatoey flavour in the broth itself so it really does make a difference when
you do add potato. A little tartness from the tomatoes, and it’s just…it’s just an
all-around incredibly comforting and delicious dish. And it always
surprises me how good it is because it’s such a simple thing, just throwing common
everyday ingredients together. So if you’ve got kids at home I can guarantee
you they’re gonna love this. If you don’t have kids at home I can guarantee you
you’re gonna love it, too! So the recipe as always will be on, when you make it send me a photo on Facebook Twitter or Instagram and I am
also on Pinterest now for those of you who are pinners. If you haven’t
subscribed to the show make sure you do so you don’t miss a recipe and when you
do click that little bell icon so you get a notification when I post a new
video. if you love the show and you want to support us check out our patreon, link
in the description below, and I will see you next time for your next delicious
Thai meal.

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  • Actually "farang" is directly translate word of "france" to represent white people when they came to invade southeast Asia century years back ago.

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  • This is similar to a Filipino dish called Tinola but instead of potato and tomato we use chayote and moringa leaves.

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  • The first western country directly contacted with Siam was not France, but Portugal. According to the record at that time we already called them the "Farang". So how can we called Westerner as "Farang" although we had not know them?

    Farang is the word we derive from "Farangi", Persian word for "Franks", a German tribe that became a major political power in Western and Central Europe during the early Middle Ages, and from which France derives its name. We were not take the word directly from France since we had no direct contact with any European countries before the arrival of Portugal, but we had contact with Persian for centuries long before the coming of European. They are the one that told us about the Franks, later we adopted the word but used it in more widen meaning to called any white Christian nations. Not just Thailand but many countries derived this word the same way. See comment of vishu singh below for example.

  • Have you tried Filipino chicken tinola soup?
    And Chicken Soup or Beef Soup with Potato we just add only potatoes and Ginger and Black Course Pepper .

  • Hi Pailin. I adore your recipes and enjoy watching your videos. Thank you for sharing such a tasty food here. But something passed my mind when you removed the floaties on top of your broth: how can you had such a clear chicken broth? I always got a little bit black floaties, which I thought it must be removed because whenever I didn't do it the soup smell not really good. And when it happened I usualy change the water and re-boiled the chicken, which I'm pretty sure it affected the richness taste of the broth. Could you please give me an advice about that? Is there something wrong with my chicken? Thank you 🙂

  • สูตรอาหารไก่และปาโตโต้ที่น่าตื่นตาตื่นใจ ฉันชอบมันเลยปากีสถานเป็นไทย

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