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Thames Bream with Tony Curd

you’re joining me bright and early here
on the banks of my local River Thames it’s a venue that I’ve caught a lot of
big weights to bring from over the last few years and we’ve come along today to
show you exactly how to get the most from it and similar venues across the
country the fish tend to feed better in low-light conditions which is the reason
why our ears are additional so let’s not waste any time get the gear
out get down on the bank a lot of people ask me whether there’s
any need to prepay or whether something that I do myself simple answer is enough
absolutely not the main things you need to focus on if you want to catch a big
weight a bream out of a river is to focus on the time of day that you’re
fishing and the condition in a river if you’ve got a bit of flow even if it is
clear water that’s going to be a great time to fish in the summer see Surrey of
a lot at the time there’s no flow at all and that Jim really is the worst time
for fishing if it’s a little bit of color even better so no there’s
absolutely no need to prepay and I think that the time of the day that you fish
will almost reveal hidden gems if you like because there’s so many bream in
these in these stretches it’s not just this stretch that I’ll fish the fish
many other ones as well and they’ve all thrown up big weights of fish purely
because you’re fishing at the right time of day most of the year I’ll be found
sat next to a commercial fishery somewhere competed in matches so for me
to get away from that sort of thing and come out and have a little bit of fun
definitely appeals to me although the time of day that you have to do it ain’t
so great I’ve had some fantastic catches of fish over the years few on a few
occasions I’ve had up to a hundred bream here in a single night or of even 50 or
60 in a early morning session it’s definitely something a little bit
different it’s taking a little while to get them
going this morning but feels like first half decent one of the day so let’s get
this one in and hopefully we catch a few more right there we go there’s a first one in
the morning it’s been it’s just got light we’ve got to wait a little while
for our first fish this morning because just pop this one in it what were having
at No – we’re having some very high tides at the moment and the tidal
stretch starts just down below where we fishing and basically the so either
they’re backing over the width of the river was actually going the wrong way
this morning when we got here and it was virtually over the bank
now the rivers dropped about got a half two foot now and we started getting and
I’ll bite now so hopefully that’s the first of many and then we’ll get back
out there so I’ve just had another decent fish
fairly typical of what you can expect to catch here on the Thames but to make a
few little changes obviously like I said when the tide was up this morning then a
lot of flow so I had to start with a 2 ounce feed this is a 60 gram feeder and
basically is the tides run out obviously we’re sort of like two and a bit foot
shallower now something like that so quite traumatic changing the depth and
obviously the flow once it’s run out so I’ve had to change down to a 45 grand
feeder and what’s prompted me to do that he’s not only the reduction in the flow
but when I was on the heavier feed I was getting a few smash bites and I won’t
see in any bites so as soon as I’ve changed the feeder I’ve been rewarded
with to a free decent bream straightaway and I’m seeing a lot more bites now it’s
worth bearing in mind just keeping an eye on the flow wherever the levels are
changing all the time on venues like this they do change his locks and things
like that so just keep an eye on it and if you can balance it out perfectly
you’ll definitely catch a lot more fish when it comes to tackle fishing on the
river I like to keep things really simple generally I’m a light ski we’re
really rods leave ready to go so when the rivers right I’m going fishing
the rod I like to choose for fishing on the river is a 12 foot 9 jewel distance
feed up this rod I find covers me for any scenario that the rivers going to
fright me over it’s low I can fit it with lighter tips if it’s flooded like
it was this morning then I’m able to fit it with a heavier tips to cast heavier
feeders and obviously the tip helps in heavier flows as well the limb for the
rod is quite important as well so 12 foot 9 gives me a little bit more limp
to keep the line off the river obviously when you’ve got a lot of flow in the
river and get a lot of rubbish coming from things like that so any of that
that hits the line he’s going to attract a feeder out position when it comes to
reels I like to use bigger sizes of reel so I’ve got a 5500 size jewel real the
reels loaded with 8 pound optimum reel line for its breaking strain each lines
extremely thin which quite an advantage really when you’re fishing on the river
because it’s going to cause less drag on the line less their briefs gonna catch
it when got pile or flow in the river so that I like to have a 12 pound shop
meter this covers me for a number of reasons it’s not only weed and snacks
and things like that but also when we’re talking about using one rod for one job
or and use one reel as well so whether I need to up my feed the weight or
anything like that I can do it all off the same real the same rod everything so
just keeping things nice and simple has always been the best policy for me on
the river so rig wise on the river I like to keep things really simple for
90% of my fishing that I use a standard running feeder rig where the feeders
just running up the lion to a buffer beat the hook blimp
best around with lots of different limps a hook glimpse over the years despite
chopping and changing I always seem to come back to a two foot limb fear the
hook length itself is tied up on O 16 or 18 power optics I like to use a heavier
line from a hook glimpse than really you need for the size and the fishy catchy
mainly because it casting in and out a lot and I find I get a lot less tangles
when it comes to hooks size 14 or size 12 b5 60s cover me for all my fishing I
always find a bigger hook always seems to enable me to hook a lot more of the
bites I get smaller hooks more likely to be spouts so if the fish ain’t a quill
shy then I’m not bothered about using a big hook at all when off come with fish
here oh I have leftover bait from a matches so I have a few dead maggots
with me a few live maggots for the York and generally that’s all you need over
the last few years there’s been a few more small fish into this stretch of the
river so I’ve started bringing baits like corn and worms of me which are just
a little bit more durable and enabling to keep the rig in there a little bit
longer and wait for those bigger fish all right well there we go
I’m gonna make that one the last one of the day sums up now and the the bites
are definitely drying up it’s been another great morning on the river
caught plenty of fish and fun’s over now because I’m off to work

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