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The animated Crocodile 6 1961 multkrokodil 6 EN & RU subs Russian animation

Animated Crocodile No. 6 written by Sakko Runge & Alexander Kumma music Michael Meyerovich
camera Elena Petrova
sound George Martynuk Art director Grigory Kozlov
Background art G. Arkadyev, L Tannenberg Animators Joseph Kuroyan, Lidia Reztsova, L. Popov
Antonina Korovina, Vladimir Arbekov, Anatoly Solin,
Boris Chani, Igor Podgorsky, I. Berezin, M. Pershin Assistants V Shilina, T. Sazonova
executive producer Fedor Ivanov
script editor Petr Frolov directed by Michael Botov & Grigory Kozlov [Soyuzmultfilm studio] [Silence, recording in progress!] Here is our sad story. Muse/growing up after University
[topic about “Stilyagi”
a Soviet youth subculture from end 40/50/60] [topic about “Stilyagi”
a Soviet youth subculture from end 40/50/60] Diploma:
Well, I graduated from University, but I spend all the time here. Abandoned on a shelf, I was lying in the dust in no time. Useless. [Fashion magazine]:
In my opinion, you are unnecessary here. Think: University! So I really know everything: from A to Z. [Diploma]: Are you going to shop?
But with what money? [Savings book]:
My father and mother were parsimonious. So, shall we go? Everything is fine: We’ll go by car, My parents will not be at home. we did not have fun for a long time! [Employment history]:
Get on the move.
How often must one knock?!! [Diploma]Open to me. I can not live without it.
[Value/cost 1 ruble] Why else did they educate me? I’m so much indebted to it, [Fashion]
but the villains separated us.
[Employment history] Who is to blame? Pals? Acquintances? or maybe the ill performing educators? [Vegetables of all sorts] I brought a report. To the provides – honor! Vegetables and “Fruit”*
* also means: a sly person We are bored with being spooned,
we’re waiting for eaters. Forward, potato regiment, cabbage regiment! Forward to future salads, cabbage soup and borsch forward, you regiments of tomatoes and other vegetables! [Warehouse] No room available. Vegetables of all sorts We live in darkness and dampness. Trapped as trapped can be. We were able to grow up. But can that save us? We live like herons:
there are drops everywhere. For a long time we did not like this world. And it’s mold all over here.
It’s not up to the songs. The chest is melancholic,
and there is nothing ti hold it back I… I know who is to blame. “Who?”
– The pickle. What have I got to do with it? The matter is that you since long are friends*
with this drunkard-warehouse keeper
*(Pickles are drinking snacks) Why are you holding this against me? What about the cabbages? What about the mushrooms?*
*(Also drinking snacks) Brothers, we’re consumed without being asked. And we have nothing to do with it. The roof was not repaired! He comes drunk to work. Come out, Warehouse Manager
Come out! Quiet! He’s sleeping. Huh? What’s up? Admittance only in office hours! In office hours! Thank you! We have already narrowly inspected the office. And what? Everything is normal. According to the instructions. What about the instructions? And did you see this? Instructions about norms on natural loss. Oh, so we should perish according to the norm !? You should. But we do not want to perish! neither according to the norms nor outside of the norms. And did you see this? Storage plan. Deliberately false data! Quickly remove this type! Teremok. Sup-tenants. Sub-tenants zub-tenats, sub-tenands Subtenants, sub-teneants Sub-tienants, onder-huurders Subletters, sub-tenants, etc.*
*All spelled wrong What else can I pass for housing apartment? Looking at this friend, The only thing I can say he is a scrounger. And persons as foul as this are high time to hold accountable. We are stripped every summer. [Holiday hotels for workers, Moscow.]
All will get demolished – just give it time [Holiday hotels for workers, Moscow.]
Those rotten old house. [Holiday hotels for workers, Moscow.]
And soon everything will be different. *[The “Krushchevskaya” housing plan got realised]
We will be given a green zone. For cases like this, I’m sure, the end is come, for sure. The end
Subs by lemicnor & Eus, november 2017
Youtube: Russian animation eus347 subtitles


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