When it comes to restaurants, tikka masala
tops the list and is the most favorite pick in the US & UK. The traditional original recipe is with chicken
but today I will show you that same restaurant style tikka masala using prawns. It takes half the time
compared to the original recipe and I think it tastes even better than chicken. Hi everyone, nomoshkar and welcome to curries
with Bumbi and this is prawn tikka masala, my way. The very first thing you need to do is to
marinate the prawns.Here I have taken medium sized prawns or maybe shrimp depending on
how you want to call them. I have cleaned and washed them and you do
not have to do this but I have kept two or three of them with their tails on so that
they can pose for a beautiful picture at the end. I need to add some lemon juice. When it comes to chicken tikka masala you
need to add yogurt to tenderize the meat but since we are using prawns, lemon juice does
a pretty good job. Red chilli powder. You can even use paprika if you do not want
the heat. Then chickpea flour. My viewers from India, you can use besan. Some freshly ground black pepper and little
bit of oil. Mix everything and keep it aside while you
do your other prep work as prawn needs very less marination time. Next I need a large tomato. I like to peel the skin so with your knife
make an x like mark on it and add hot water to it. Let it sit for sometime in this hot water
till it is comfortable enough to handle. Then I need a large onion. Now I will use it in two ways. I need that little portion and I will be coming
to that in a little while. Chop this portion into small pieces. Now coming to the other portion. I am going to dice these and open each of
them individually. Then I need capsicum or green bell pepper
depending on which part of the world you are in and how you want to call them. I will dice it just like I did the onions. Since my capsicum is large so I am using only
half of it but you can add more. If I try to sneak in more I have observed
that once the dish is served everything disappears except those green ones. Here I have taken some ginger and garlic. Put them in your blender jar along with a
few tablespoons of water and blend to a smooth paste. You can even grate the ginger and garlic using
the fine holes of your grater but in that case your gravy will not be that smooth but
there will be no change in taste. Here I am looking for a smooth paste like
this. Coming back to the tomato. It has cooled down. See how easily you can peel it now. We are doing all this to get a smooth gravy
and a more refined look at the end. Discard this round part as this part stays
as it is no matter how much it gets cooked. Then just roughly chop the tomato but guys
always do this on a plate so that you can catch all those lovely juices. Start by heating oil over medium high heat. I am going to add the prawns going round clockwise
so that when it comes to turning them I start from the one that went into the pan first. Now prawns take very less time to get cooked. The more you cook them the more rubbery and
tough they become. So just give them not more than a minute on
each side as they will be again going into the gravy. Like as soon as you see them changing color
turn them. Do not over crowd the pan. You want to sear them and not steam so add
them in batches in a single layer. I doesn’t take much time to get that sear
but I will always recommend you to add in batches. So give them a minute on each side and take
them out. Now in this same oil I am going to add these
onions and capsicum as that oil has all the prawn flavor. Add little salt and stir them on high heat. You do not have to wait till they turn soft. This will go as a garnish at the end so you
want that bright look as well so take them out before they turn soft and they still have
that little crunch on them. I am going to add little bit of oil again
and then butter. You can leave out the butter but prawns and
butter really goes so well and today we are doing restaurant quality food so why not. Next step I reduced the heat to low because
I will be adding cumin seeds. Whenever you add whole spice lower the heat
to minimum so that the spices don’t burn. Then comes the chopped onions. You can now increase the heat to medium and
fry the onions. Add little salt to soften them up. You do not have to brown them. A tikka masala gravy has this orange color
to it which you will not get if you brown your onions too much. As soon as the onions soften up and become
bit pale in color, lower the heat again to the lowest possible mark and add kashmiri
red chili powder or paprika if you do not want any heat. Adding red chilli powder at this point to
the oil brings out it’s gorgeous red color but remember to do this on very low heat or
else it will burn and you cannot let that happen. Just give a stir for a few seconds and immediately
add the ginger garlic paste to prevent the chili powder from getting scorched. Stir till all that raw smell from the ginger
and garlic goes away and the mixture looks dry with all that surrounding oil doing a
little bit of their own jig. At this point add the chopped tomato. Now cover the pan on medium heat for a few
minutes. After a few minutes you will see the tomato
is getting soft and pulpy. Now time for some dry spices, coriander powder
for that citrusy earthy kind of aroma and just a very very tiny pinch of turmeric. Here again I would like to mention that we
are looking for a an orange gravy so the color will be altered if you add too much of turmeric
powder. Give a stir for a few seconds. Then comes tomato puree. Then my usual habit of getting that last bit
of goodness comes into the scene as I rinsed out all that tomato goodness. Add salt . Sugar to balance the acidity from
those tomatoes. You can even add honey if you like it’s
flavor. As soon as you see those bubbles showing up,
keep the cover of your pan handy as you don’t want them to burst on you. Keep it covered on low heat for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes let’s see what’s happening
in that pan. Do a taste test at this point and adjust the
seasonings. I think it needs more sugar. Next comes a few more spices. Kasuri methi or dried fenugreek leaves. It has this strong spicy smell and just like
any dried herb I like to crush them a little bit to release those oils. You will get kasuri methi at any Indian grocery
store or online but it is a very important ingredient for this dish. Then little bit of cardamom powder and last
but not the least, garam masala powder. The reason why I am adding these 3 components
later is that they are the ones that will perfume your curry so they are added at the
end to attain that maximum aroma effect. Next step, it’s time for the star of the
show to appear, the cream. It’s tikka masala guys so cream is a very
important ingredient and as we are looking for a restaurant quality food today so this
cannot be left out. I have used heavy cooking cream. Look at that gorgeous orange color and this
is the color that I was talking about earlier in the video. Finally in goes the fried prawns and from
here you cannot let it cook for long as the prawns are already half done. Keep it covered on low heat for not more than
4 to 5 minutes. 5 minutes done. Now i will be adding the fried onions & capsicum. Give a final stir and switch off the heat
and immediately pour it out into a bowl to prevent the prawns from getting overcooked
. Serve this with hot steamed rice or naan. If you have any questions or comments pop
them down below as your feedback is always appreciated and if you are new here please
consider subscribing so that I can bring more recipes for you. This is Bumbi and thanks for joining me today. Bye bye.

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