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The Debut of Redneck Romeo | Catfish: The TV Show

– This is it. – This is it. (tense music) – We’re on a dirt road now. Mystery man road. – [Max] It’s a dangerous game. – Look at this lake. What’s that? – There’s a guy out there. Could he be the guy on the boat? – [Nev] I don’t know. – [Max] Hard to tell. – He’s looking over here,
I just can’t see his face. – [Kelsey] That’s sketchy. – [Max] Unless
that’s not even him. – [Kelsey] I don’t know. Doesn’t look like some
of them in the pictures. – [Nev] Didn’t seem
to interested in us. Well, he told us
to meet him here. – [Max] What is going on here? – I don’t get it. – Does the trail end here? I don’t understand. – [Max] Oh wait, wait, Nev. (suspenseful music) – Oh God. – How’s it going?
– It’s him! – He’s real. – [Max] It’s him. – He’s real and he’s alive,
and he looks like him too. – [Max] How you doing? – Good, how are you? – [Max] I’m Max. – Good to meet ya, hi. Brandon, yes sir. – Nev. – Good to meet ya. – Just checking. – So, seeing as it is you, that obviously raises
some questions for us. – Where’s your truck? What’s up with that phone call? – My truck’s broken
again, like always. That’s why I got my four
wheeler right there. – So you just had that, okay. That’s why we’re in
the middle of nowhere. – It’s what I use on the
hut property all the time when I’m working food
plots and all that stuff. That’s the beast that I use. – Oh yeah? – Yeah. – This morning
freaked us all out. – Yeah. That wasn’t cool. – It had me freaked
out a little bit too. – Could handle it like
more calmly and rationally. – I was aggravated
already and… – Yeah it felt like you
were hiding something or you were a totally
different person. – If I was hiding something I’d
be over the hills right now. – [Nev] Well right. – I wouldn’t be standing here. – But the truck is
actually at a shop. – [Brandon] Oh yeah. – So that just happened
to happen today. – Yeah, oh yeah.
– And in Louisiana. Yeah. It happens every time I
try to see you, I know. – [Max] What happened
in Louisiana? How did that all go down? – That, we were
supposed to meet, she had to leave on Friday,
which Mudfest went til Sunday. – It started on Wednesday. – Uh-huh. Who shows up on a
Wednesday though? – People who work. – Yeah I work during the week. – That’s a good point. – So you just genuinely
did plan on getting there and seeing her,
but you got hung up and you missed her by a
few hours or something. – We actually took
pictures of, you know, I took a picture of
myself in our campsite and she was in my campsite
and took a picture of herself. We missed each other
by like two hours. – What about visiting
her in Texas? – I’ve always, you know, I’m
not a very wealthy person, pretty strapped for cash usually and always doing
my truck and that’s a long ways to go
on a broken truck. – Who’s William? – William, that’s
my pops, my old man. – [Nev] It was
the dad after all. – [Brandon] Yeah that’s my dad. – We were also a little curious, you know, we spoke to
your friend Justin. He hadn’t heard about Kelsey,
you had never mentioned her. – I keep you know, pretty much
my stuff my business to me. I’ve mentioned her,
you know, to friends, but not like told ’em
everything about her, stuff like that. They’ll see me you know,
looking at my phone, text messages and stuff
and smiling and whatever, they’re, “Who’s that?” It’s Kelsey. – I mean that answers
most of our questions. – [Max] I’m not done. – You’re not done? – [Max] Nope. – You’re not convinced? – You gotta pass
a few more tests before I’m willing
to bless this. You don’t have another
girlfriend right now? – No, absolutely not. – [Max] You don’t have some
girl in some other zip code? – No. – So do you have
feelings for Kelsey that are in line with
everything you’ve told her on the phone and stuff? – Oh absolutely. Absolutely. She’s an awesome girl. But yeah. – I’m just like… Are you on the
universe’s side yet Max? Are you officially on
the universe’s side Max? – Yes, he’s been
telling the truth. You got yourself a real deal. – [Nev] Redneck romeo. – [Max] You got yourself
a redneck romeo. – [Kelsey] I’m like so happy. – Seriously. Oh man. I finally get that damn hug. – It took you too many years. – It’s only been four years,
what are you talking about? – Only. – Well you know what, I’m gonna
separate you for one second. I’m gonna bring
Kelsey over here. Yeah. – Shall I go? – Yeah you go with
redneck romeo. All right, is everything cool? – Absolutely, I’m stoked. It’s a shocker. I honestly was on your
team on the inside, I was doubting a lot. – [Max] And what do you
feel about what he said? – Coming from a small town
and being a single mom, I understand budgets. So I believe him. He hasn’t lied to me. I don’t think he’s lied to
me at all, about anything. – [Max] Yeah. – It’s a big deal for her. You know, you guys still live
far away from each other, she’s got a kid, there’s a
lot of things to work through. – Right, there’s a lot
of things to consider and all that stuff, for sure. – But I just am
happy to hear that you’re definitely interested. – Definitely got
feelings for her. – Yeah no, she’s– – She’s definitely unique. – Super unique. – Happily ever after doesn’t
normally happen to me, so thank you guys for
making this happen. – Yeah. Yeah sometimes good people
get what they deserve. – I’m gonna cry, don’t… – All right, you
wanna go for a ride? Let’s do it.
– Yeah. That’s why I wanted
to meet here. I promised her some mud. – [Max] I do see two
helmets on that ATV. – Did I answer all
your questions? – [Max] Yes sir. – [Nev] You got the job. – [Brandon] You guys
have a good day. – Look at you. – And you. – I don’t believe it. – [Max] Wow. – I hate to say it
but, I told you. – I’ll be damned. It’s him! All right you two, be safe. – I’ll try to keep her clean. ♪ Come waste time with me ♪ – [Nev] All right,
there they go. – There it is. – [Nev] Wow. – A happy ending. Look at that. That’s awesome. All right man, we did it. It’s on him now. ♪ Time ♪ ♪ Time ♪ ♪ Time ♪ – [Kelsey] We’re gonna
call this a thing? – [Brandon] Yep,
call it a thing.


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