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The KOBE BEEF of PORK Experience | Guga Foods

If you are new to my channel I love to
cook beautiful and amazing steaks and specially wagyu. If you’ve never
experienced a Wagyu steak it’s something that it’s unexplainable it is the best
piece of meat you will ever eat in your life.
I have grilled every single type of Wagyu steak but never a pork. And today
is the day that I’m going to be introducing to you the most incredible
piece of pork you will ever see in your life. So let’s do it! Even before opening the package you can
tell that this is a prestige piece of meat. Once I turn it around you can
clearly read secreto Iberico de bellota. It’s just best of the best kind of
pork you can have. Of course it does not mean that but that’s the Guga
translation. This is the Kobe beef of pork. Iberico porks are very special.
First of all their breed is very different from domestic hogs. Just like
Wagyu cows are different than black angus, Iberico pork is the same. But the
most important thing about these hogs are their diet. They are fed with acorns
this makes the meat extremely sweet and very different from anything else I’ve
ever tasted. But let me tell you something right now,
this does not taste like pork. When you are about to experience an extraordinary
piece of meat like this you don’t want to put a lot of rubs on it or a
different kind of seasoning to mask the flavor. So for that reason I’m keeping
the seasoning simple with salt and freshly ground black pepper. To go on with this prestige cut of pork
I’m also doing a simple side dish. And I started off by peeling some sweet
potatoes. Remember exact amount and ingredients always in the description
down below. I started by boiling them until they were fork tender, then I got a skillet
and I melted some butter. Once the butter was melted under low heat I threw in a
little bit of shallots and garlic, then I cooked them until they were slightly
golden brown. It is important to keep it under low heat you don’t want to burn
them. Then I lightly seasoned them with freshly ground black pepper and a little
bit of salt, then I threw in my sweet potatoes and started mashing them until
they were all combined together. As I’m mixing and smashing at the same time I
kept everything under low heat. Then to finish it off I seasoned with a little
bit of salt freshly chopped sage mix it well and your sweet potato is done. To have more amazing flavors combined together I decided to do a simple glaze.
And it starts off with a little bit of honey
followed by maple syrup. Then under medium-low heat you want to bring
everything to a boil to add some acidic to it I threw in a little bit of
horseradish. The combination of sweet and the tartness from the radish is perfect.
The important thing to remember is that this is a glaze there’s a lot of sugar
and you don’t want it to burn. Once everything has been combined together I
finish it off with a little bit of Brazilian pepper mixed it well and my
glaze was done. But now that we have everything ready I’m going to be first searing the Kobe of pork and then I’m going to cook it in indirect heat until it
reaches an internal temperature of a hundred and forty-five degrees
Fahrenheit. But I say it is enough talking and it is time to cook it. So
let’s do it! Alright everybody we have our beautiful…
Do you know what this is Angel? Mashed potatoes. No sweet potatoes. Mashed. Sweet mashed potatoes. Mashed potatos. And this is Iberico pork, Ibérico secreto. Are you ready to try it? I know you never had it
before. It looks like steak. It looks like a steak you know what I’m not even gonna
try this one I want you to try it. But before anything what’s up with that shirt?
Oh well you see Guga likes to go places without me. Oh c’mon! But sometimes he bring me something cool.But I brought you a gift. He got me this. Right because we both like Game of
Thrones a lot. From New York. And says dinner is coming. There you go! Go for it
you try it. I will definitely let you know. Now, here’s the deal I cooked to one of this
one here was a little bit thinner so I wanted to try it a different temperature
on the grill it’s a little bit more towards well-done this one is more
medium-rare medium so you have two different types we want to know which
we’re gonna like better as well. But go for it tell me what it tastes like.
It’s pork alright. It looks like a steak. Tell me what it tastes like.
Go for it! Alright, cheers! It kind of tastes like a steak! It does taste like a steak. How is it? It’s delicious.
it does have pork taste obviously. It has a little porky taste but, doesn’t it resemble steak so
much? If you want your pork to be as close to a steak as possible this is the
one that you use. You know when you have a very, very, very, very fatty wagyu? Right.
Alright you know how sometimes you’ll eat a little bit and you’ll be like okay
this is like. Right. This is too rich! Mm-hmm I don’t think this is like that.
No I agree with you I think this I can eat this whole thing by myself. Yeah, so I have to be careful today is what I am hearing. It’s not like an a5 Wagyu but it resembles very much like Wagyu. Well actually… it has a
flavor of a steak it has that flavor You heard if from him not even for me
everybody it tastes like, okay my turn. And I eat a lot of steak! So
I know what steak taste like. That’s so good man! That is so delicious! And then when the
pork comes in the flavor of the pork comes in its like…
At first hint you cannot tell what it is you don’t know if it’s beef or if it’s
pork or if it’s something else. You cannot tell what it is I’m telling you
you cannot tell what and then you go it’s steak it’s take its all the way
steak, wait wait wait it’s a little bit porky hmm and then the
flavor in your mouth just as you biting the juices just keeps going just keep
going. It is the best in the world everybody. It tastes amazing, it does. All right I’m gonna let
you guys know which one is a little bit better if it’s more towards r are or a
little bit more well done. Cheers! Cheers. Oh man it’s just as good. It’s like an explosion, you know what I mean? Every bite, it oozes out juices. Every bite it just oozes out. I like this one more but this one I like a lot too just cause I feel more pork flavor. Really?
So this one yeah a little bit more porky for you. So my recommendation is if
you want to taste more the pork side of it cook it towards well-done and if you
want to like a steak like medium-rare is very mild taste. Its very versatile. Cut. Yeah all right ready to try it together with a combination? Sure Let’s go a little bit. Combination with
pork sweet potato a little bit of the glaze this is a very sweet glaze Angel.
So Im gonna go a little bit don’t overdo it with this one everybody. Just a little
bit you go for you so you could try it. Cheers everybody. Cheers. That’s what I’m talking
about man mmm that’s what I’m talking about. The sweet potato is not very sweet
so it’s kind of like savory because of all the things that I put in there. The…
I was gonna call it wagyu yeah I was gonna say the wagyu just oozes
juices all out of your mouth and then you have a little bit of the taste of
sweetness from the glaze. What do you think Angel.
I think that as a combination it’s perfect. I think it’s perfect.
Oh you feeling’ yourself huh? You are doing your perfect dance? I like this one. Because even though it’s sweet potato is not that sweet and then the glaze come
right on top with the oh man that’s good. I think you would have a completely
different flavor profile hmm if we didn’t cook it on the grill. It tastes
different sous vide. Yeah? Yea, but in a good way. Yeah in good way because
here we are feeling the charcoal. Right You feel that charcoal flavor? That’s
important. That is very important. That is important. So when I did it with
sous-vide I actually did with the flamethrower so I had no charcoal flavor
whatsoever you would straight-up flamethrower so it is different. I know
you’re gonna ask me which one is better the comment section is gonna go nuts now
Angel. Anyway guys this turned out fantastic I hope you guys enjoyed this
video if you do enjoyed this video make sure you give it a thumbs up if you’re
not a subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos. Remember if you’re
interested in anything I use everything’s always in the description
down below. Thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you guys on the
next one take care everybody bye-bye.


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