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The Land Show Episode 188 Preview

– Well Johnny B, it was
another great show today. I tell you what it was, you had a great first guest for us. – Yeah, Mr. Chuck Allen
who is the coordinator for the Cahaba Lilly Festival over in West Blocton and Bib County. One of the places you have
no memories of ever bein’. (laughter) – Yeah, I had an interesting story about that you’ll have to listen to. – That’s right, but that’s goin’ on today. So y’all go to and get the information about that and a fascinating festival. And then you were gettin’
the little field report from one of the guides
you’re goin’ to see. – Man I’m excited, I love to fish, I love the small mouth fish. I was talkin’ to, and by the way Russ, thanks for bein’ on the Land Show. – Thank you, buddy. – Russ, I sold the Land
Show for a dollar to Russ so it’s gonna be the Land Show with Johnny and Russ
– Dang, you got a good deal – on it then. – Yeah, he talked me down to fifty cents. So, no anyway Russ– – Always negotiatin’ somethin’. – That’s right. – Russ did a great job and
we’ll talk about his segment, but yeah, Captain Kevin Wright is a great small mouth
guide up on Pickwick Lake, a beautiful part of Alabama. I’m really excited to go fishin’ with him. And who did we have next? Russ or Brian? – Oh, we had, I don’t know Dave. We have
– Brian, we have Brian. – Brian Watts come on, yeah, after him and talk about strip-side management zones and managin’ timber and
it’s been a long show man. It’s hard to remember all but Brian talked a lot
about things you can do to protect the water on
your piece of property and keep it from siltin’
and creating sediment. And then we went– – Then we went to… – Russ Walters, that’s right. – Well it may have been
reversed but I don’t know. But Russ did a great job, you
know talkin’ about farmin’ and talkin’ about all the crops and everything that you have goin’ on. And management and your
farm and you know, Russ, what kind of knowledge you
wanna give our listeners about maybe farmin’
there in South Alabama? (laughter) – Condense it down to one minute, Russ. – One minute, I mean that’s
not a hard thing to do. I mean, you know, we’re
always facin’ new challenges. I would say the one
thing that sets us apart is we’ve always embraced
technological change and that’s somethin’ that you can always be a little resistant to but you gotta move forward with the times. Kinda like what we’re
doin’ right now with this. I don’t think the three of us thought when we were doin’ land brokerage that we were gonna be
in here doin’ a video at some point either, so. – And some people
probably wish we weren’t. (laughter) We’re gonna do it anyway. – We all have the face for radio for sure. – Well, and speakin’ of
technological change, ya know, the Wild Man Tim Baker, he surprises you with just
his technological knowledge. He talks about cutters and packers and all his planters and agitators, and it was pretty interesting, talkin’ about his wild,
you know, native grass. – Right, well he’s out
there doin’ it right now. Tim does a lot of wildlife management. He’s been hunting and
guiding for years himself and then managin’
properties for other people. And that gives him a unique perspective when it comes to helpin’ people buy and sell rural real estate. So Tim does a good job. And y’all we appreciate y’all tunin’ in and Dave, you got any parting words for our guests today? – Nope, just appreciate havin’ Russ on and y’all be sure to listen more of the Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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