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The Monkey and the Crocodile: Learn How the Monkey Outsmarted the Sly Crocodile

A long long time ago, the Bodhisat was reborn into the world as a monkey. He grew to be very big and strong while living on the bank of a river. In the middle of the river there was a small island abundant in fruit trees. The Bodhisat would wait for the tide to be low, then, using his strength, he would take one giant leap to a flat rock midway between the riverbank
and the island. With his second leap, he would land on the island. There, he would spend all day eating his fill of mangoes and other fruits. When the sun began to set, the Bodhisat would wait for the tide to drop, then he would leap to the flat rock and
then back to the riverbank. At this time a crocodile and his pregnant wife lived in the same river. The wife, seeing the Bodhisat
jump back and forth each day, began to crave monkey flesh. She told her husband to secure the Bodhisat
as a meal for her. The crocodile, not wanting to displease
his pregnant wife, came up with a plan. He observed the rock the Bodhisat used to
jump back and forth. He waited for the Bodhisat to be distracted by
the fruit trees. Then he laid down on top, presenting himself as
the rock. After eating his fill, the Bodhisat got ready to go home. However, he noticed that even though
the water level was the same, the rock seemed to be much higher than usual. He realized that an enemy was most likely lying on the rock waiting to capture him. The Bodhisat decided to test his theory. He yelled out, “Master Rock!” There was no reply. Again, he yelled, “Master Rock!” Again, there was no reply. “Why do you ignore me today, Master Rock?” The crocodile thought to himself, “Hmmm…this rock must usually
answer the monkey when greeted. If I do not answer, the monkey will know it’s me, the crocodile, waiting to eat him!” So the crocodile disguised his voice and said, “What is it, Master Monkey?” The Bodhisat then said, “Ah, foolish creature, what rock can speak? Now I know you are there waiting to eat me.” The crocodile thoroughly embarrassed, responded with anger, “It does not matter; there is no way for you to get around me. I will have you eventually!” The Bodhisat, using his wisdom, said in a defeated tone, “Master Crocodile, you have bested me. I will give myself up to you. Please open your mouth wide, and I will jump inside.” The crocodile was pleased with himself and agreed. But the crocodile failed to realize that when crocodiles open their mouths, their eyes shut. He opened his mouth wide, expecting victory. But, as he opened his mouth, his eyes closed. The Bodhisat, seeing his chance, took a grand leap and landed on top of the crocodile’s head. Before the crocodile even realized what had happened, the Bodhisat took a second giant leap and made it to the shore. The crocodile, realizing his defeat, conceded, “Truth, Foresight, Effort and Adaptability Those who have these four things I see in you, monkey lord, will always outrun their foes” and with that the defeated crocodile swam home to his pregnant wife, ready to meet his fate. What do you think the moral of the story is? We hope you enjoyed the video. Click LIKE if you did and click SUBSCRIBE if you want to see our uploads.

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