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The most amazing beef Steak with Gennaro Contaldo

music intro music intro music intro music intro let me show you how to make perfect beef steak here i have a fantastic big one you can see it’s about a kilo that’s good what i’m doing now drizzle some olive oil with the palm of my hands i just wrap it round then i go the other side as well and i do exactly the same salt just put it on top don’t be afraid rub it all in i can hear the wood pecker grab it look at that and its done you need to cook this one about a kilo for about three to four minutes each side you don’t want to cook it more you want it to be nice and rare inside while this one is cooking nice look what i have done i’ve prepared a brush with a bit of rosemary i have mint and basil gab it all in my hands and i am going to start it to cut it throw it in come on i am going to turn it now this one the other side look at that look at that beauty do the other side yes look at the side here right i need the chilli couple of clove of garlic leave the skin on use almost everything do very fine just add them all inside little salt little pepper olive oil lemon cut it squeeze the lemon come on look at the juicy stuff we get inside its cooked so fantastic its almost ready i’m going to turn it the other side i don’t want to cook it no more than that i’m going to get a brush all my juice mix it little bit and oh yes right let it cook just a little bit more this side now i’m going to turn also the other side because i’m going to do exactly the same i am outside i can afford to have all his smoke but please be careful when you cook it now this is ready pick it up and put it on a table add some little lemon zest and look at that perfect this is medium rare the way i wanted it just get inside here perfecto can I this is paradise bellisimo if you want to see more of my fantastic recipe from the Amalfi coast click on this link now to see the latest recipe from Jamie Oliver’s food tube channel you must subscribe it is very easy love you


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