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the Pinecrest Chronicles – ep. 02 – FIRE! Kayak Trout Finesse Fishing at Pinecrest Lake Inlet

you know what’s up guys we’re coming up
on the inlet here there’s a few boats and a few people fishing from shore it’s
not too crowded last year this place was packed it was about a dozen boats here
including party boats man so this place gets really crowded it’s early season so
man it’s not bad check this out okay so guys strictly lures today I’m
going to be using spinners rooster tails and jigs let’s see what’s up any luck you see anybody and they top is a top
water they got a couple of wait ah thanks man it’s on top of my car man
water is low and not too much water huh yeah no I hope hopefully they put some
big fish in oh I gotta fight to get a bike
oh fish on let’s go let’s go let’s go yeah baby let’s go yeah baby let’s go oh not bad Oh number two yeah let’s go number three number three yeah baby
let’s go go higher Oh number five number five yeah let’s go
number five dies double limits today boy let’s go I’m just uh let’s go yeah boy let’s go Oh gotcha number six gotcha gotcha yeah
baby let’s Oh lost that dude what’s up with that can’t land them all guys oh here we go number seven holy moly
what’s up number seven guys let’s go oh he got off that’s still number seven I
don’t care damn my hook what’s going on here Oh God missed it okay number eight let’s go let’s go
let’s go triple limits today guys what’s up oh this guy’s big bigger Oh got one number nine number nine number
nine number nine let’s go you want a fish you want him you wanna you ready where do you go I’m gonna throw them at
you all right you can catch him ha ha nice catch man number ten number ten number ten let’s
go let’s go let’s go yeah let’s go number ten you guys was up double digits
oh did he go off it’s got strong dude oh he got off ready number ten guys
what’s up for that number ten these guys are ding curse double digits fish on number 11 damn let’s go uh-uh bye-bye see you later got one number 13 number 12 I don’t know
I lost count whoo let’s go yeah let’s go baby Oh
ah you got off and he took my thing down that’s my last one what’s up guys so man we had an
absolutely fantastic morning here at Pine Crest I went into this with no
expectations at all I didn’t know what to expect and I absolutely just got on
some fish at the inlet man there is homeboys on shore they were the Orient
they were getting onto some fish too but you know they’re using spinners with
with some heavy line at least six pound test I could see their line in the air
and you know I came in with that ultralight finesse jig and man you know
back to back I swear it was crazy I had a fantastic time guys let’s go I bet
there’s bass right here by this tree oh no I snagged it I bet there’s a snag
by this tree yeah give me a sec ah oh dang I got a big fish I thought it
was a snag as a smallmouth oh it’s a small e hey bud yeah Wow
look how beautiful this vicious guys wow wow look look at this this is a
smallmouth bass this is not a largemouth Wow nice Smalley Danny my first this is
my first large small e this is my largest Molly I’ve been catching small
leagues yesterday and this is the largest one get hold on cowboy I’m going
to release you yo what’s up kite
look at this smallmouth bass man this is the largest smallmouth that I’ve ever
gotten it’s a beautiful fish man here we go I’m
gonna release it go little buddy go oh you can do it thank you for watching my video I hope
you guys enjoy that video what a morning at Pine Crest and the icing on the cake
that’s Molly I hooked into yeah that was really cool keep your lines tight and
fish on you


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