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The Roundup Outdoor Music Venue | SA Live | KSAT 12

better way to enjoy a concert than have the backdrop of the Texas Hill Country that’s what you’ll experience at the roundup music venue and erricka science joins us today to give us a taste of their cocktail menu and also tell us about something really big happening this weekend concert this weekend so we have LeAnn Rimes she’s gonna be here and Jay are headed I will be opening up for her and we’re super excited she’s Grammy award-winning and we have some special drinks to show you today too okay good let’s get started you guys have got a great cocktail menu up worthy I think one if not the only concert venue that offers as many varieties as we do we have over 80 different specialty cocktails and craft beer on tap so I’m ready to show you what we got and some really really top-notch high in what do they call it top rail yeah okay so we’re gonna make our illusion cocktail and we’re gonna need some vodka vodka we like to use Tito’s because we all were all about supporting local okay so a good half ounce of dots then you’re gonna use a small side and you’re gonna put half an ounce of poetic license here on the resident the green first right dori melon that’s watch when this comes out of beautiful and then we put our blue carousel blue curacao in there and you’re gonna top it off with some orange juice and fresh orange juice and that’s what we call our illusion cocktail because it all changes bunch of different colors and then we garnish it with a nice orange it looks like I said your sort of looks like your crayons I’ll melt it together and there’s of course the recipe for it right there on your screen so you could try to make this at home now of course the Contras weekend the entire family can go to you and that’s the great thing about the roundup right yeah so we’re all about we’re family owned and family operated so we wanted it to be a place where you could go with your kids and there’s a three acre playground with a giant 60-foot pillow bounce with the place a place cape and a sandbox and we have food trucks lots of fun stuff for the entire family this is where you can come and bring your children learn how to dance country see all the top concerts so it’s a lot of fun we’re and and we’re pet friendly and Longhorn friendly yeah you can bring your dog so we’ve had people bring little baby kangaroos and your pets because out there we want you to have a good time with your family so it’s one of those things where like on a Saturday afternoon if it’s not rain yours just you know late afternoon go up there let the kids play in everything grab dinner and then you can just kind of kick back and and just make an afternoon and an evening of it like you said to the entire fam yeah and we even have the Guadalupe River runs past our property and so we will shuttle you to go tubing if you want to go tubing or camping we also offer that as well and it’s it’s just as nice as New Braunfels and less less crowded so people love it yeah okay you’re right next next drink that’s okay so our next drink is a little twist off of the traditional Moscow Mule we’re doing a Kentucky Mule because we like to feature high-end whiskey so we’re gonna use the Buffalo Trace Kentucky bourbon and I’m gonna use 1/2 ounce of dots okay a big one yeah okay here we go always fill it up with some ginger beer okay all the way and then I’m at the very end you’re gonna squeeze some fresh lime we’d like to use all of our products or fresh all the drinks that we do is fresh so there we go yeah and then garnish it with some fresh mint there we go and there you go that’s your yeah there we go stir that up okay what is the last drink we’re making there the last thing we’re making is our version of the Long Island iced tea what we call it the Texas icy is known more deeply everything bigger in Texas so we are going to put some gin we’re gonna use Bombay that’s really tasty and just like I said we like to support local we have George streets tequila Kotick oh yeah he lives just across the street from the roundup and he’ll come and visit sometimes he’s there right stop by the food truck yeah hang out around you know the roundup you might run into King George because we and then we’ve had Kevin Fowler and John party they all come by and it’s a lot of fun because it’s a family venue they can bring their kids and they can bring their grandkids it’s a lot of fun so you’re just gonna mix that up and then we’re gonna top it off with some soda okay and then some fresh lime hey lemon if you want to plan a weekend you have got just a I mean just plan out your fall basically over there starting next week well leann rimes this weekend but then next weekend also it’s what mom’s and mimosas it’s a really popular event that we do a couple times a month and you just have to check on our website the roundup TX com what we do is from at 11:00 a.m. we offer yoga classes for anyone that wants to join and then we’ll have mimosas so we’ll have from 12:00 to 3:00 you can get unlimited mimosas for 14 bucks three hours and then we do for sixteen dollars you can get unlimited brunch from 12:00 to 3:00 and we have an omelet station and pancake station fresh fruit everything you could ask for it’s there and you can oh my good it’s a lot of fun and also other events October 6 Wade Bowen the fest and the Veterans Day fundraiser on the 10th but of course this weekend is and there’s something there’s like is there a giveaway yeah we give away on air we’re gonna be giving away for free tickets and you’re also gonna get some merch bags so you can get free t-shirts and koozies and lots of good stuff so you’re gonna for tickets if you enter in today’s mm-hmm comm /s a live case that yeah and you get come to the concert see the venue for free and just head over to the roundup and it’s roundup TX dot-com or call them at eight three zero four two eight three two three one and once again the website is roundup TX dot-com

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