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The Salmo Difference – Salmo North America

The way that salmo you know does their
production, everything from start to finish, everything from the wires and the
baits, the curing, the bait molds, everything is just done so right… I’ve been fishing
in USA many times from Florida to Alaska for salmon, for red fish for speckled
trout, for muskie, pike and bass. So this trip we are here, last few days we’ve
been fishing Falcon Lake for bass and this trip was very successful!
Spectacular I can say… The Salamo difference to me is every
single person that touches that bait in the factory is a fisherman and they know
that when you get on the water you don’t want anything to fail… Everything
from the paint jobs to the molds, everything is done with such perfection.
And they’re not just trying to crank out a million crank baits a year you know…
Everyone one is hand tuned… everything’s done completely right,
and every one of them’s flawless out of the package. I think there are many differences, but I
can say that I believe that there is no… company in the world where so
much passion have been put in… every lure. I think very important is also
the fact that we still have production in Poland, in Europe and all the
production, whole production process is under control of fishermen. So we
have production in Poland under control of my team, where almost hundred percent
of management’s are my friends and very good anglers. One of the most memorable fish catches
I’ve had with a salmo lure was last year at Lake Oneida. I caught a really
nice smallmouth and as I was putting it in my live well I noticed that he
spit up a yellow perch. I could remember Peter giving me some of these
new Rattlin’ Stings that looked just like a yellow perch, and I immediately
tied that lure on and caught three of the biggest fish I weighed in all week.
Within about 10 minutes after tying that on. So it really proved to me, you know
how lifelike they can make these lures. There’s no other brand that I’ve seen
they can take a print off of a computer, and put it on a lure like Salmo can. MUSIC PLAYING In the next year we hope to introduce
many new lures dedicated just for bass fishing. Of course this is fun,
great fun and and a big pleasure to catch the fish with the lure you
created… But for me personally, the biggest pleasure is the smile I can see
on the pictures I receive from many countries, and words of admiration.
And this is the the biggest price to me to, see happy anglers that they can fish,
and that they can break their personal bests with using Salmo lures. Sometimes
this is really touchy and and i can say, this is really special… MUSIC PLAYING


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