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This Catfish Just Admitted Everything She Did Wrong | Catfish: The TV Show

(intense music) – All right, here’s the park. – What’s wrong? – I’m worrying about
Akira, and this whole thing about right now,
I’m thinking that what’s going through her mind. I just want everything to
just be, you know, okay. I so wish Akira could’ve came. – I don’t think you’d
want Akira there. – Yeah. – [Nev] Let’s see what’s
going on out here. – [William] Okay
man, lets do this. (intense music) Crazy man. – [Nev] I think I see her. – [William] What the (beep)? – [Nev] Jamie? – [Kamie] Does it look like her? – [Nev] I don’t know. – [William] Oh my (beep) God. This is (beep) crazy cuz. This is (beep) crazy. – Hi. – [Nev] How you doing? Nev. – I’m Jamie. – Kamie. – Nice to meet you. – [Nev] Obviously
you know William. – Yeah. – [Nev] Why don’t
we talk out here? It’s a little dark under there. So what’s going on? – A lot. – [William] You’re Jamie? – Yeah. – [William] Whole
time your Jamie? – Mm hm. But I did tell you
in texts who I was, and I sent you pictures. – You’re right! Because we just saw,
– We just saw. – [Jamie] Yeah. – [Nev] So when you first
met him were you lying about the pictures? – [Jamie] Yes, I was. – [Nev] Okay, so initially you were using
different pictures? – Mm-hmm. – Then you admitted that
you were other pictures and you sent him
the right pictures. – [Jamie] Yeah. – [Nev] Then did you go back
to using fake pictures again? – Yeah, because he kept on not really believing
that that was me, so I said I would just,
like in my head I said I would go along with it. – So that is confusing. – [Jamie] Yeah – For him. I mean, for most people I
would think they would get it. – When I started developing
feelings that I had, I came clean. Because I felt it was
the right thing to do. – Thank you. (laughs) You are the first person. You lied about who you were, then you got into
a relationship, you
had feelings for him, so you told him the truth. – [Jamie] Yeah, because
it was bothering me. – You didn’t want to believe it. – I didn’t believe. – What’s up with all the money? Because that’s very
confusing to us. – I had feelings for him and
I just wanted to help him out. – Just because you liked him?
– Because she loved me. – Yeah. – And that was just
your money that– – Yeah, I was making
on social media. I mean, I never really had a
really serious relationship and it was like if I
sent him money, yeah, it would keep him around. And I look at it now that
I shouldn’t have done that but because I couldn’t
break how I felt then I just kept doing it. – These other accounts
that I think you created to mess with him and other girls
that he was dating, is that? – No. – [Nev] Did you not make
any of those accounts? – No. – But you’ve contacted Akira? – No. I mean I don’t know what
messages that he’s referring to? – Well, he’s says, I
know where you live? – [Jamie] Yeah.
– [Nev] I want my money back. – Yeah, I’ve said that but I
didn’t actually think it for like I was actually
going to do that. – You didn’t try to log
into her Instagram account? – No, there’s no way I
could have done that. – I don’t see nobody
else doing that. – I didn’t have a valid
reason to go after Akira. – Well, yes you did.
– You do, and honestly, yeah.
– You, love him and have a
relationship with him and then he started
dating Akira. – I wouldn’t blame you because I would be (beep)
pissed off too. I would be like who the
hell do you think you are just like walking all over me. – If you had FaceTimed
me, then we wouldn’t have been doing this (beep). – I feel like your really
judgemental at times. – [William] Oh my God.
– You are. – I’m judgemental? – [Jamie] Yeah! I don’t think I’m judgemental. I don’t judge people. – At times you were
calling me ugly. I don’t think that’s right. I would not say that to you. – So wait, so after you showed
him pictures of yourself he said I’m not attracted
to this girl, she’s ugly. – [Jamie] Yeah. – That’s (beep) up. – And he said that
he didn’t find my actual voice attractive. – You said her voice was ugly? – Yeah, I said her
voice was ugly, I don’t remember
though, but, yeah. – [Jamie] I do. – You don’t have a
lot of memories of a
lot of things, dude. – Because I try to forget. – I remember everything,
I’ve pretty much keep all of our convo’s I
have everything, yeah. – That’s how much you
was in love with me, huh? – [Jamie] Yeah.
– You really did love me? – Mm hm. – What are your feelings
toward William now? – I still love him, I do. I think he is a great person
regardless of me feeling hurt. – [Nev] So you would like
to still have a relationship of some kind and honestly still have strong
feelings for him? – Yeah.
– But he’s in a relationship. So do you have any, what are your feelings
now towards Jamie? I mean, do you wanna
still be friends? – No. (dramatic music) I just feel like we should
just go our separate ways, move on from this
because Akira she thinks, like you know we talking
that I still have feelings, I still love her
and care about her. But that’s not the case at
all, because I love Akira and I wouldn’t do that,
I’m not a cheater. – William, if you don’t want
to be friends with Jamie, then you also can’t be
accepting her money. – I know. I apologize, I’m sorry for
any, for everything I did, or if you feel that I
feel that I hurt you. I apologize for that. – I feel the same
way, I mean yeah, I’m sorry I lied to you
about a lot of things. – I think that moving
forward you’re going to find somebody who truly loves
you and respects you and you won’t feel judged. – [Jamie] Yeah. – Because you do
strike all of us, I think as a really great person and you deserve to have that. (beep) this guy. (Jamie and Kamie laugh) – All right. I guess that’s that. Goodbye. – Good luck girl. – Thank you. – Any goodbye? – (sighs) Nope. I’m cold, I’m ready to
leave, I’m ready to go. – Bye. – [William] Go home to my baby. – [Kamie] You ain’t (beep). – [William] I’m not?
– [Kamie] You not! – (sighs) I mean Akira
don’t think that. – You better go back
there and give Akira the biggest hug in the world. – [William] Now, I am. – [Kamie] Get your ass in the
car! ♪ Should I brace myself ♪ ♪ For some changes ♪
– (beep) thank God, oh! – [Nev] All right, well
you’ve got to go clean up this mess you made with Akira. – She (beep) mad. I understand I was wrong
in some ways, you know but all I want to do is move
on with my life with Akira. ♪ Do I go on the right road ♪


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