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This Creepy ‘Catfish’ Swears She’s Changed | Catfish Catch-Up | MTV

I was trying to see what your
connection is to Jacqueline Linkwood. Jacqueline
Linkwood, yes that’s me. I’m Jacqueline Linkwood. In season four, a young woman
named Falesha enlisted us to find out who was using
her pictures on a fake profile. “Dear Nev and Max.
About five years ago I ran into
an unfortunate situation with a fake profile
of a girl named Jacqueline but all the pictures were of me. This girl was really rude
and insulting to others. Then she took it
to the whole next level. She changed her name
from Jacqueline to my real name and started adding people
from my local high school. The profile began to harass
people telling my classmates that they should
kill themselves.” Jeez. It like a cyberbully
just assumed her identity. That’s a weird mind (beep). Jeez. The person behind the account
didn’t keep things only online. She called Falesha
on the phone too. The only reason I know
it’s a girl is because
she used to call me. Whoa.
What? What?
She would call friends of mine. She used to use a really high
pitched fake voice and kind of like cuss us out
and tell me that I was fake and that she was
the real person. And then she would hang up. My mom actually ended up
tracking the number and it tracked
to (beep) Maryland. Research led us to the profile of another young woman
named Tracey Barbie. You don’t know this girl, right? Never seen her before
in my life. She’s 20 years old. Oh my God (beep) Maryland. That’s where the phone number, where she called you,
had come from. There’s not a long on here.
She’s got one post, deleting “text me”
and she listed a number. I think we need to make contact.
I’m going to try and call. See if we can get her to agree
to meet up with us and take it from there. Hello? Hello. Hey. Hi, this is Nev. You may have heard of a show
called Catfish on MTV? What? Who am I speaking with? Tracey. I was trying to see what
your connection is to Jacqueline Linkwood. Jacqueline
Linkwood, yes that’s me. I’m Jacqueline Linkwood. So you seem okay
talking about it. It’s not something
that you’re hiding? It is something I’m hiding. I’ve been pretending to be her
for a long time. People don’t know
I’m really her. But you were very quick
to expose yourself just now. I’m very open with my life.
So, yeah. Are you in Maryland? Yeah. Okay. Who am I going to be
meeting up with? Well it’ll be me
and Max and Falesha. Oh. What if Falesha tries
to jump me or something? Why would she do that? Because of me pretending
to be someone I’m not. I’ve seen a lot of things
while working on this show but I mean nothing, nothing
could have prepared me for this. Hi. Tracey right? Yeah. How you doing? Good. Are you kidding me? So I’m here with someone
you might recognize. Oh my gosh. I don’t like her. I think would be good if we
all came in to talk. Okay, fine,
she can come in. Hello.
Hi. Hi, I’m Max. I’m Tracey. Hey Tracey. Oh my gosh. This is so cool. Okay, so you seem
relatively chipper. Yeah, I’m always cheerful.
It’s just my personality. Are putting on an act right now? No. This is really me. This is really you? This is really me when I’m me.
I’m just really energy. I work with kids so… Like in a daycare? Yeah. They love me so much. They’re like my best friends,
like little puppies. They’re so cute. Obviously you understand
why we’re here? You admitted that
you created this profile. So we were hoping to hear
a little bit more about that. I was bored of my life
so I wanted to be someone else. What could you do as Jacqueline
that you couldn’t do as Tracey? Oh my gosh. I don’t know. As Jacqueline
I could talk to anyone I wanted and bully people
and stuff. It all comes back to
when people bullied me. So I had to bully
other people too to get revenge. But why take out what people
do to you on other people who didn’t do anything to you? Because they bullied me too. They’re like you’re fake,
you’re fake. But you were fake. But they didn’t know that. A lot of people don’t like
Falesha because they associate her
with your (beep) up profile. I really don’t like Falesha.
I think she deserves it. She thinks she’s a model
and she thinks she’s all that. I’m still mad at her.
This is… Do you take drugs? I am not on drugs. I’ve never took a drug
in my life. I’m just naturally
happy and hyper. Just out of curiosity I was wondering
why you seem so proud of this. Because I created
Jacqueline Linkwood and I’m proud of creating her. I’m proud of it.
It really helped me. When I got to bully
people online, I felt so tough. Once her mom joined
the conversation though we got a little bit more insight into her otherwise
inexplicable behavior. You’re very quiet today. Because my mom’s here.
It’s awkward. I didn’t want her to come.
I wanted it to be just me. She like attention. I like attention, good or bad.
I don’t care. The big concern for us is that
your daughter is out of control. No, I’m not changing who I am.
This is me. I don’t care
what people think about me. She don’t listen. Has she always been like that? Yes, since my husband fell sick. I can do whatever I want now. She was like 11. He had a stroke
and he never get better. When your dad got sick,
was that around the time that you created
Jacqueline Linkwood? Yeah. This is too overwhelming,
whatever. When people ask me what’s
the craziest, or weirdest, or scariest thing that’s ever
happened to you making the show. Generally I say meeting
Tracey Barbie. Emotionally,
and psychologically, she frightened me. When we caught up
with Tracey months later things
seemed better, calmer. You seem to be a little bit
more relaxed and low key. Yeah, I am.
I’m trying to let people in. Is that still the case? Let’s hop on the phone
and find out. Tracey.
Oh my God. Hey, what’s up? I got married. You got married? So did I.
Was I married when we… ? Look at this. Looks at us.
We’re married. So has your husband
seen the episode of Catfish that you were in? Yeah, he’s seen it. And when he first saw it,
I was [inaudible 00:07:24]. But after when we were dating
when he first saw the episode I was in shock. Oh my God,
he’s so going to leave [inaudible 00:07:34]
horrible person. But I’m really not like that.
I mean I changed. I’m like that in way
when people get on my nerves but I’m not like that anymore. Do people recognize you a lot? All the time. Oh my God.
It’s so annoying. I like when people notice me. But after the show
I blew up on Facebook, Instagram, everywhere.
I blew up. Since my Instagram got deleted.
My Facebook got deleted. I have no social media
right now but Twitter. Really? Yeah. I keep getting banned. Why do your accounts
keep getting deleted? Because people keep trying
to mess with me all over again and I end up
cussing at them. I don’t say go kill yourself
anymore. I totally saw that. Because remember, they do
kill themself that’s on me. So I stopped saying that.
I stopped saying that. Not anymore, no, no, no. But I do say (beep)
you bitch and this and that. And they report me
and then I get deleted. They’re the ones who started it. So I have no social media
right now. Wow.
Except Twitter. What about Falesha? Falesha, no I don’t
talk to her anymore. But I’m not going to lie though,
I did send her a message. Like (beep) you bitch,
I still hate you. But I completely
stopped talking to her. I stopped. I’m not even
worried about her anymore. That was just out of the blue.
I was bored. Okay. Sorry, I was bored. But at least I’m not
Jacqueline Linkwood anymore. So no more fake
Facebook accounts? No more fake profiles. You know I miss being
Jacqueline sometimes but oh my God
that was so much fun. But no, I have my own life
to live now. All right well it was very nice
catching up with you. I’m glad to hear
you’re doing well. All right. Bye. Bye. Later. Looking for a little bit
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