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This Hopeful Has More Secrets Than The Catfish | Catfish: The TV Show

– [Max] It’s right here. – It’s this one. – Yeah. (gentle music) (Rod sighs) – How you feel? As good as you’re gonna feel. Alright, I think he’s ready. (intense music)
Here, don’t forget those. – Yeah. (laughs) (Rod sighs) (Rod sighs) (Rod knocks) – Hello. – Hey. (Ebony laughs) (Rod laughs) (Ebony sighs) – I cannot believe it’s you. (Rod laughs) Are these for me? – Yeah. – Ah! I don’t know what
to say. (laughs) You look a lot different. Oh my God. You’re tall. I feel so short. (Rod laughs) Hey, Pookie.
– You look mad… (laughs) (Ebony screams) (both laugh) – It’s you! Well. Let’s come in. I’m so excited. (Rod laughs) – Sit! You look nice.
(gentle music) – [Rod] You look nice too. – You look nothing
like what I… I don’t know. You just don’t look like
your pictures at all. You sound like you. But you don’t look
like you. (laughs) – Well, I don’t want
you to be mad at me when I tell you… the pictures I sent you, they wasn’t my pictures. They was my cousin’s pictures. So… This me. – So, it’s wasn’t your pictures? – No, I was scared to
send you my real pictures, cause I–
– Why? – I thought you was
gonna be some psycho. – That’s crazy, because it’s like
right now I’m excited, because I feel I
know this is you. Your voice, I’ve
listened to that voice for four years. But it’s kinda
(bleep) right now, because you know for
four years I’ve laid, and I pictured something
totally different. – Come sit down. – No. I wanna stand.
(serious music) Sweetie.
I have one more thing to tell you. – No. – My name Rod. – Excuse me? – It’s Rod. – Your name? – Yeah, it’s not KJ. – Your name is Rod. – Yeah. – Okay. – I felt you should know
my name and seen me. So that’s really one of the
reasons why I wanted to– – [Ebony] This is (bleep)
– wait to see– – I’m disappointed. I’m hurt. And I really feel
like I don’t know you. Who the (bleep) lies about
a name for four years? Who lies about a picture? Who are you? Like, who are you? (gentle music) (Rod sighs) – That makes no sense. (Rod sighs) (calm music) Okay. Well. I was actually nervous… about talking to to you. And I’ve been like racking
my brain and so guilty and crying, and just really feeling bad, because there’s something
that I wanted to tell you. I have an 11 year old daughter. – Is that it? – Well, I’m not quite through. I’m not, in any way… shape, form, or fashion… a transgender male. I’m just a regular female. (mysterious music) This is the thing. When we met, I never dated men. Never. (calm music) I was a lesbian for 15 years. So you would’ve been
my first boyfriend. And that’s what I’ve been
nervous about telling you. Did I wanna fall
in love with a man? No, I did not. That’s not how I saw my future. But, I just so happened
to fall in love with you. And I want and I’ve dreamed on making this real, but I’m scared. – So, how you think I feel
about you just telling me that. – I don’t know. – That’s something you
could’ve been told me. Just like I could’ve been–
– [Ebony] That’s different. Mine is different. – A lie’s a lie. – No it’s not. Yours is ridiculous
and stupid and small. It could’ve been
overlooked very easily. Mine is different. That’s totally different. – Yes, I was wrong by giving you the wrong name, and sending you the wrong not my right pictures. – And you kept it
up for four years. – Yeah, so I’m gonna
apologize to you. So, I’m gonna basically
leave it up to you to apologize to me.
– I will see if I can forgive you. I don’t know. I forgive you. (both laugh)
(gentle music) Well, I guess I
should move over here. (Rod laughs) (Ebony groans) (all laugh) This is so weird. – I’m just so happy that… this is where we’re
at with all this. We’re gonna take a break, go back to the hotel, and just relax for a minute, ’cause it’s been a long
three days for him. I’m exhausted, so he must be exhausted. – So y’all leaving? Coming back? – Yeah, then we’ll connect
with you later on a little bit. – Okay. – Alright, we’ll see you soon. Bye. (calm music)
– [Nev] Oof, what a day. – Didn’t expect all
of that to happen. – No. (Rod sighs) – I’m just happy it’s over with. (Rod laughs) – Well, how do you feel
about her being a woman? It feel weird, ’cause… I don’t know why
she wouldn’t tell me from the get go that she was a… – I could argue, if I had no idea who you were, and someone said that you
went on a website for guys, and for the last four
years you’ve been talking to a transgender guy, you might be curious about guys. – I get what you’re saying. – [Nev] But do you
feel that way at all? (Rod sighs) – To tell you the truth, she was sending me 200, $300, paying my cell phone bill, and I wasn’t working, so I felt why not keep
conversating with her and talking to her? – Do you think you would
have been talking to her and kept talking to
her all this time if she had never been
giving you money? (serious music) – No. – Hmm. – [Max] But you think that’s
probably why you’ve been able to overlook the transgender
thing for so long? ‘Cause of the money? – I really don’t know. I really need some
time to myself to just think about everything. – ‘Cause you’re not even
really sure how you feel about Ebony about such. – I don’t… (Rod sighs)


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