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This Week in Fish and Wildlife: Illegal fish stocking Part II

it’s now 6:17 and there are fish swimming in a pond near Belgrade that are not supposed to be there and they could put local trout populations at risk we continue our conversation about this issue in this week in fish and wildlife by looking at what Fish Wildlife and Parks plans to do to solve the problem this weekend Fish and Wildlife sponsored by her local montana toyota dealers someone put smallmouth bass into this pond just outside of belgrade and that’s a threat to all the trout population in southwest montana fwp knows about it what are they going to do about it that’s this week in Fish & Wildlife nothing new I think I told you we found a dead Oscar an aquarium fish on the bank of we got a report of it a picture from an angler a bank on the bank of the Gallatin River the mall pawned here in Bozeman we’ve had PACU which is a relative of a piranha being in that pond we’ve had armored catfish species I forget the common name of it but a pretty scary-looking fish to be in one of our waters and so it’s common goldfish are another one people dump all their goldfish and all these ponds and everybody’s aware of that so people moving fish is a big problem and it will happen and this is not to be messed around with I mean I love an elephant that would do a lot of damage to you know the gallon and ecosystem if we put one in its I make it sounds like a funny thing but that’s really what we’re talking about it can be that serious cannon that’s not an aquarium right and you know the stream ecology extends from the stream bottom you know to the banks all the way up into the floodplain and so in Yellowstone is a great example of that where the decline in Yellowstone cutthroat due to lake trout introduction affected everything from bald eagles to minks to otters to grizzly bears right and that’s the kind of ecosystem disruption that we’re really fearful of right how frustrating is this Chris I mean you folks have spent so much time working to we have it’s been a great partnership with Fish Wildlife and Parks and other groups and conservation groups to to make what we have today the fish populations better than it’s ever been the waters are beautiful we we know so much more about it and all that and then to have this opossum you throw a monkey wrench into all that word I mean how frustrating is that yeah I mean I think it’s the unintended consequences of the public actions and what he sets out at the outset of this and goes what I want to do is destroy all these fisheries and ruin a whole bunch of people’s livelihoods etc but unfortunately that’s what happens and so you know I’m fortunate to have grown up in a family that’s been conservation minded grew up in a fly shop president for MGT you this is a major concern because this is as I said not only the biological side of it but the the economic side of this and the impact that that has on so many people’s livelihoods around here and so I think we need to be cognizant of that and that’s why we like to partner with fwp when we have a problem there’s a solution public needs to understand this isn’t hey we want to come kill your friends right this is we need to get rid of a nuisance species that could possibly disrupt the ecosystem and our economy around the area that’s pretty dangerous that’s a lot more important than your pet fish in the local pond well said Travis what’s the recourse what are we talking about it hasn’t happened here what do you I know you’re taking public comment on some of it where were ya we have an environmental assessment out right now for public comment we’ll be accepting that comment through about the 17th of April I believe and the the environmental assessment effectively allows us to utilize wrote Nome which is an organic toxicant for fish that initially was found in South America and Africa where natives would crush up the roots of the plants and spread it out in the water and the fish would die from it but any time you bring up some sort of a chemical people get pretty concerned and given this as a public pond you know I can see that concern reality with rotenone is it evaporite breaks down very rapidly and is gone and it’s probably a lot less harmful than the roundup being sprayed up on the weeds on the grass so you know that’s something that people get pretty upset about not harmful to me nope not unless you’re at the applicator and happy to spill it on you or something like that and then what happens what’s the next step after that that’s applied what what’s ultimately we’re gonna see at this pond well this bondic we’ve talked about with the homeowners association is coming back in and Stocking rainbow trout and working with them on that again there’s there’s a goldfish in this pond as well so a lot of folks wanting to get those out but I think it would produce a pretty good rainbow trout fishery that would be good growth in there as long as people don’t move things back in all right so let’s see if I have this down trout fishing in Montana that’s perfect that’s a that’s a great activity to do that we’re known for that smallmouth bass largemouth bass go somewhere else goldfish in the tank keep your Oscars in your tank and and we got a pretty good balance if you just leave it along absolutely yeah that’s it all right gentlemen thank you for joining us appreciate that very much we’ll continue to check in with you on the progress how this goes and appreciate you being here thank you thank you thank you and that’s this week in Fish & Wildlife this week in Fish & Wildlife was sponsored by Toyota

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