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Throwing a cast net for catfish bait in 4k.

hey everybody its bill your host from
casual carolina fishing thanks for stopping by today I really do appreciate
it kick your shoes off sit back relax let’s see if we can have some fun
catching some fish today all right since I found me a new place to try
fishing to try to catch me some blue cats or flathead cats I’m not gonna be
going there today but I just wanted to get me some shed today try this is where
I don’t know if you remembered that time I said I was at a new spot and I caught
the gar and the channel catfish and Travis took me and showed me that place
well he also showed me this place to catch shad so that’s why I’m down here
today trying to catch some shad and have some in the freezer for this fall and
winter well what’s left in the fall I think it’s pretty much winter already
anyway don’t laugh at me all right too much I hadn’t thrown this cast net in
forever and yeah I got these frog togs on to
keep my clothes keep me from getting my clothes all soaking wet because uh if I
feel like it when I get done here I’m gonna go down into Cape Fear where I was
going earlier this this year in the summer kept getting skunked
but it’s fall so I’m hoping maybe something’s fighting around here this
time of year so I know laughs because I could probably go screw this up royally
been a long time since I started here we go oh yeah there’s a lot keep that one no
two two sheds Anna I gotta throw that bluegill back but can’t keep that that’s
a too bad to cuz it’s a pretty woman and that would make great bait it’s not
allowed in North Carolina to keep game fish that you catch with a cast net to shad so far man a lot of sunfish down there those
are all sunfish what the heck you doing down here where my shad supposed to be huh
waiting y’all would all make great bait hey keep you though that stinks she half
tempted to throw a little jig down there look at there’s a crappie
make that so don’t catch it all kind of game fish
that I can’t keep in there all bluegills Oh keep up I can keep I call them on ejector I see something shared three shit yay three more they’re not very big but
they’ll work sure you you you yeah yeah finally
finally finally shit Wow this time there’s some more shit eight or one from nice ah there’s some more nice
nice nice nice come on oops what’s that I’m address battery’s about to die on me I think
that’s plenty for you guys to see I’ll probably catch a few bit a few more
before I head out of here just to make sure I got plenty for the whole rest of
the following winter so I’ll see you when I get set up to start fishing we’ve
got about an hour before I’m gonna head home don’t want to be shad on a hook and see what happens they’re not live
anymore but that’s okay I’m just gonna float it under a bobber
see what happens I don’t know how deep it is all right everybody here’s what I ended
up with today it was a hundred and twenty little shad so I got him in
twelve little bags I got six in you know in these six little bags in each of
these big bags and there’s ten in each of the little bags so twelve trips
hopefully that’ll do me for this year the rest of the year until spring
anyway that’s it you


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