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Open up And pour it What is still
The aroma coming before cooking? Look like a tiger See the tiger Remove the cover it will not go anywhere Will Remove the cover then it will not go anywhere Flies Will come now Today a lot of flies will come… Already it came We can’t control them HI GUYS WELCOME TO RANGERS COOKING SHOW Today’s dish is prawns biryani I will start cooking
Let’s go Put fire first If we cook Biryani on wood it will be hard Gas is better to cook biryani the flame will be more consistent Come Ponna It turned into the orange so quick Now we will remove from the water Yes, it has done, we are not boiling it just we want to clean it in hot boiling water so the dirt can go easily. Ready go, Put it here We should drain all the water The water dropped down on me…come all and sit down You all have a lot of work to do. And now the real work will start This look like a festival of flies Give me a plate Ponna this is a big task to clean this much of prawns I think it will take 2 hours to clean We have to clean it perfectly Now we are almost done It was 10 kg prawns now it became so less Yes we have cleaned it Now we have to make Biryani Now we will clean it with normal water Will keep cleaned prawns in this High-quality cleaning is done. come Ponna We have chopped Onions now it’s time for tomatoes. See what Ponna is doing taking a selfie. Let’s cut the tomato…we gonna cut 1 kg of tomatoes Ponna take all these onions Right, it’s done..We will start our cooking Now put this aside for 20 minutes After … will make on the stove… no .. then? After frying the prawns we will add rice to it Put the flame man Forget the fire Then how you gonna cook it… you want to cook… using sunlight? Ha ha haa.. Brother bring onions and oil These are all spices Now we will add green chilies and onions the aroma of spices are coming very nice Now add the tomato Add a little salt to it Is that enough?…
Little more And ginger and garlic paste…And we’ll add 500 grams to it And little more Red chili powder this is very spicy
3 spoon of it. Now 1 full spoon turmeric 3 spoons of coriander powder Big amount of yogurt, we’ll pour it now Now cumin powder Jeera powder It’s time for adding prawns It will take 5 minutes to cook meantime we’ll cook rice Let’s cook biryani rice Now add oil to it little salt Add some masala Now add rice Cinnamon sticks and kapok buds Fry is ready Now we’ll add rice to it Rice is cooked 90 percent other 10 percent with prawns This is very heavy Now sealing Now rice is ready Now it is Ponna job to seal it,
Do it fast Ponna It is merely 10 minutes of work left to cook See the design of Ponna Now it will go on fire for 10 min See the seal is opening and the aroma is coming from here Now stop the fire…Wow the aroma is coming here also Where is the cloth? Is it now a total of 15 kg heavy?…No it is more than that. Now we gonna open the seal Now we’ll taste the biryani than we’ll pack all the biryani and distribute it Do it fast I am very hungry now pack it first then we’ll eat It’s too late the sun is going down The aroma is very nice The journey from the jungle took more time take right it’shot keep some distance grab it here come, mother, please take it. give it to her it’s hot

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