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TMI Challenge answers and one blue catfish with a friend.

hey everybody it’s Bill and I’m back. This time I’m in Kerr Lake and I have a friend! Look there! So Russ is with me today and believe it or
not, let me show you, right over there, that’s Travis and his friend Jay. We’re fishing for catfish. So stick around, and see if we do any good. Alright everybody I’m just bringing you back
temporarily to show you that we’ve moved. (again) We’ve actually moved twice. We have caught no fish yet. But Russ did get a bite. Ummm back on a different point (about an hour
ago) yeah. But we just decided to move out into a little
bit deeper water, uh to see if they’ve moved out a little deeper since you know it’s turned
daylight. We’ve got some bait fish. You can see my fish finder here. We have some bait fish underneath us. The bait balls look kind of busted up to me,
so there could be fish feeding on them around here. So we’ll see what happens. Alright folks I think we’ve got one. Finally, it’s been all day. Oh yeah, I felt the head shake. There’s definitely a fish on. We’ve been at this all day. We’ve had a few bumps, but we have not actually
hooked up on anything all day. End of the day we finally get one, and he’s
spinning. hahaha I’m horsing him in because I don’t
want to lose it. It’s the only fish we’ve had bite, I mean
we’ve actually hooked into all day. He’s a good sized eater. And that’s what’s going to happen to him. hahaha Dinner! Dinner! Well, some day. Probably not tonight. There he is. A blue cat. Not very big, but he’s a good enough eater
size. Plus I got him in the eyeball, so rather than
turn him loose, make him try to make his way with just one eye, I’m going to turn him into
dinner some day. So anyway, we did not get skunked by the cats today.


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