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TOKYO Japan’s 5 Busiest Tourist Traps to WATCH OUT for

in this video I’m gonna show you guys rocked by the busiest to response in Tokyo and I’m gonna share with you my tips and tricks on how to get around [Music] there’s so much to see and do in Tokyo these days making this a tourist mecca and because of this some of the best Tokyo has to offer gets in David brows and just crazy amounts of people I kind of wanted to take the time out and show you these busy places and show you kind of like how to get around despite it being so crowded and in this video into 360 has been kind enough to send me the One X what better way to show you their Tokyo but in 360 degrees so in this video I’m going to be sharing some more specific tips and tricks on how to get around each spot but in general the weekends are the busiest so if you can try the boy the beacons when you’re traveling around these busy areas and although I’ll be filming everything on a Saturday which is generally one of the busier turner’s days just like so many crowds but the thing is it’s actually winter time right now so I feel like the spring and summer are kind of like the busiest time overall but even in the winter it gets really busy as you’ll soon see well before we start definitely check out my Japan merch and if you want to see what throughout the week during the days when I’m filming then check out my Instagram account alright let’s search the camera and get started the first credit-card spot I’m taking you today is CG fish market it’s actually one of my favorite Tokyo Street food spots and is a must experience spot if you’re coming into town but it’s also a spot you’re gonna regret if you visit during the wrong time the squeegee inner market moved it to the ocean last year but the outer market where all the awesome street food remains it’s still live and bustling as it ever was so skeezy is busy both on weekdays and Saturdays but definitely avoid Saturdays if you can but if you truly want to avoid the crowds my local tip for this spot is to choose your time wisely from my experience mornings are less busy than at lunchtime as many people plan on having lunch here so I would say the best time that go is between 8:00 and 10:00 in the morning if you’re on a late starter or just working off a hangover come after 2:00 or 3:00 p.m. some shops may start to close around this time but you should still be able to find some decent food spots Sunday’s are also less busy but that’s because a third of the shops are closed on Sundays as well as holidays and most wednesdays if you’re okay with having less options these are the days with the least crowds number 4 I’m a Yoko Oh Yoko is a street food spot in a way know where you can get amazing Chinese and Korean Street food the tip here is to come right when the store opens which is at 10:00 a.m. I’ve been here for filming many times and it gets packed in the afternoon even on the weekdays forget about afternoon weekend’s as you feel like you’re in LA traffic number 3 a sucks a sucks is definitely the number one tourist trap in Tokyo especially the street that leads to cent sergey called nakamise and despite having some scrumptious street food delights with some history I highly recommend staying away from the souvenirs on the street that’s prices tend to be on the higher side I definitely have a love-hate relationship for this area because of the crowds right out of the subway you’re greeted by the masses shops open around 10 a.m. and closed around 6 p.m. I would say going down at 10 a.m. would be the best choice if you really want to check out the stores however nutkum you say is not the only street you should see in a socks up and there are a lot more to see in the surrounding area which is where I spend most of my time when I’m here check out my top 10 things to do in a socks a video if you’re looking for some ideas another local tip is that the shrine is open 24/7 if you visit just after the Sun Goes Down that crowd will be minimal and the shrine is beautifully personally I prefer a peaceful night stroll through nothing museums and surging all of them ten sprouts number two how to do good the case too dirty now if you’re looking for sweets or popular teen fashion then how did you go to spot which is why it’s become another crowded tourist trap in particular at the case of door you’ll find funky shops and pink cosmetic shops this spot gets busier and busier as the day goes on but since its popular amongst teenagers you’ll see a huge bump in crowds and after 4 p.m. and the kids finish school the surrounding area such as the moto Sandow and especially the intersection also tends to have heavy foot traffic on the weekends but still not as severe as 2k Sidoti but my local tip is to veer into the side streets of Picasso Dali and you’ll find some relief from the masses and number 1 Chien Okubo shin-okubo is my ultimate stay the hell away on the weekend spot it rivals Disneyland on a busy day shin-okubo is also known as k-town near Shinjuku since kpop and Korean makeup are big trends in Japan at the moment it’s turned into the busiest street in these past years also since the street was never intended for large numbers of people it’s turned into a parking lot of bodies on the weekend you know what’s added to the crowds of people are the plethora of unique and delicious Street food shops forcing people to line up on the streets further clogging the walkways don’t get me wrong though the food is amazing as I made of street food video for this area but weekends are not the time to do it in fact if any of you watching have ever been here on the weekend or any other spots on this list let me know what your experience was like in the comments one last local tip when it gets really busy the train station limits people from exiting the station to prevent the streets from getting even more crowded so people get stuck in the train station sounding anything like Mickey’s magical Wonderland yet all right welcome back what do you guys think like this video help me out and hit that like button let me know when you guys started my tips and tricks where you guys found most useful also hope you want to see more of my Tokyo or Japan guides I release a video every Saturday morning at 9 o’clock so hit that Dublin and the subscribe button and I’ll catch you guys in the next one

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  • Paolo, please make videos explaining what are the main ingredients you can expect for a certain type of food, what options are available in a particular restaurant (e.g. at a kaiten sushi) for people that is picky and is afraid of trying anything that looks strange, especially whatever requires to acquire a taste. Like "if you try this fish, it will have a soft taste, and this other fish is harder to chew; stay away of wasabi if you're not into spicy things, etc." Japanese food is sometimes very intimidating. I went to Japan three years ago and into a kaiten shushi but didn't dare to try most of the dishes because I didn't know what they were. I ended up picking up only whatever was passing by in the belt that didn't look menacing (and I've made some bad choices anyway). Same thing for those ramen restaurants with all the japanese names hanging from the wall. Will all of them have seaweed? Will the meat have chunks of grease attached? For instance, I don't eat the inner parts of the chicken, only the white meat, not shrimp, or oysters, or too spicy; how can I order food and be confident it's not something that will shock me? Your food reviews are funny and inspiring, but you seem to be a person that will eat anything with courage! I'll return to Japan in April this year, and this time with my daughter (15). She is picky too! Anyway, thanks for your videos!!

  • 1. Tsukiji Outer Market: Get there early (6-6:30 AM) and go on weekdays. And also avoid the tourist trap shops (*cough* Tamagoyaki)

    2. Ameyoko – Arrive either 9 AM or 5-6 PM ish on Weekday

    3. Nakamise – Asakusa – Avoid at all cost if you only have weekend. Go to the Shrine at 7PM ish

    4. Harajuku – just go once, and never come back. Total tourist trap, especially with all the folks selling caps and stuff


  • Paolo, me and my boyfriend are going to tokyo this August, I watched all your videos and I am so excited to try some of the street food you recommended.

  • Wandering all these areas at a busy time on a rainy day is also pretty bad. What little space is vacated by the slightly fewer people avoiding bad weather, is immediately filled with a parade of umbrellas, bumping & clashing for space down the narrow alleyways.

  • These camera angles were so dope!!! I'm not going to lie since I live in Texas when I've traveled to Tokyo I sometimes enjoy the crowds of people. (except in the subway that was cool the first couple of times and got old fast lol)

  • Thank you for all your videos. Currently here in Tokyo spending a week and a half here with my family. We covered a lot of ground in 3 days because of your wonderful videos. Cant thank you enough!

  • i went to senso-ji in the early morning (just before 8am) by chance and it was beautiful, no people just me and a few others.

  • I am a Sri Lankan and I am living in Shin Okubo now.Yes I totally agree with you.It you come around 11 a.m.-3p.m. You will be in a mess.It is too busy and too crowed.But I love Shin Okubo.

  • I'll be in Japan for 3 weeks in June and these crowds are making me a bit nervous, but thanks for your helpful videos.

  • I have Shin-Okubo on my list so I can stop by some of the amazing Korean skincare shops, I heard face masks sell very cheaply there (300 yen-ish) compared to how they're $10-15 CAD where I live!

  • We're going to in Tokyo in 10 days! 2 adults and a toddler. Unfortunately the way our schedule works we only have Saturday to see Harajuku. So our plan is to arrive at Meiji shrine around 7am, hang around till 8, catch a leisurely breakfast in Harajuku, walk around until things open at 10, hit our top spots, and then get the hell outta dodge.

  • Sorry but "tourist traps" doesn't mean that places are crowded or not. Tourist traps are places that scam people and specially tourists.

  • I've met a girl last summer in Tokyo.. She made my 3 week trip turn in a 6 week one! Love does amazing things.. Now 8 months further and we're still dating.. I've been to Tokyo for about 3 times now. Upcoming May she's coming to my country! But def missing Tokyo.. hopefullly I'll be able to go during summer again (: missing her alot.. ldr's are hard especially with the current 8 hour difference

  • I was on tour and was playing a show in Tokyo when I got stuck in Shin-Okubo station on my way to the venue. Felt like a nightmare, like when you want to run but everything moves in slow motion, haha!

  • Thanks for the tips Paolo! I'm going to Japan next July with my family and we will be to all these spots BUT now at the better time of the day…I hope!

  • Man, Takeshita dori is sooo packed nowadays. I’ve been coming to Tokyo for 19 years now and it’s definitely become a tourist trap!

  • Gonna do my first solo Japan trip on June and your videos are helping me a lot because I don’t really know where to go and what to do lol! Hope I bump into you when I get there! 🙂 your videos are amazing!

  • Flying to Tokyo this summer. Your videos are amazing. Will definitely check out all your recommendations especially restaurants.

  • I just returned to Australia from Japan. My hotel in tokyo was in the shinjuku Kabukicho area and my first day of walking around was from the station walking through shin okubo with my luggage around on the Saturday. Worst mistake of my life. The sidewalk already filled with people lining up or squeezing through gaps imagine pushing a luggage through that crowd squished like canned sardines

  • HI Paolo,

    Can you please do a video about where you'd recommend to go on the weekends? Since you recommended avoiding most of these busy tourist areas on the weekend if possible. Thanks!

  • Interesting perspective with the new 360 camera, especially with the long selfie stick taking you to street sign height. That is kinda cool though how the straight down view removes the selfie stick.

  • I 100% agree with your trip regarding Asakusa. When I was in Tokyo last November we stayed at a hotel near the area. It was so peaceful walking around at night, but the daytime was crazy!

  • Totally agree with the tip about Harujuku. We had a lot more fun on the side streets and hit up some great vintage shops without the stress of being on the Main Street.

  • Super helpful I’m going to Tokyo in April I will definitely checkout the temple around sunset instead. Temple and then dinner that sounds like a lovely evening ☺️

  • Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, Ikebukuro, Ueno… these are all the tourists trap as a Japanese person. Suburb and contryside are much better.

  • Just came back from a 2 weeks vacation in Japan and it was AWESOME!!! Though, most of the places we visited are truly busy but we still manage to enjoy the experience and been to many places plus the people are very nice and friendly.

  • Hey there – Great video! I’ve been to Okubo on Sunday nights and I found it is manageable. Was surprised to see that that it was #1 on your list – crazy!

  • I'm literally staying at an airbnb in shin Okubo for my two week stay in Japan. I wished I knew this was a tourist trap! So hard to exit the Jr stop! Love your videos! I've used them for my travel thus far

  • Hey Paolo, can you please do a video on Yokohama? For Yokohama itself and also maybe Yokohama Chinatown. I am going to Kamakura and Tokyo soon and your videos have been incredibly helpful. I will be going to Yokohama too. It would be great if you can do one or two for Yokohama too. Thanks for all your great videos!

  • Asians like places that are crowded. The more crowded and popular, the more they wanna see it. That’s just how it is but since I been here many times, it’s def gonna be a no go at any time

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a video on what to do on the weekends in Tokyo! It seems like in all of your video's you say to go to a place during the week for fewer crowds, but then what should my friends and I do on the weekend's when we go (hopefully sometime in the next year)?

  • That 360 camera made a BIG impact! You can really get a feel for the amount of people and layout of the streets with that footage. Thanks for all of these helpful videos! I'm planning a trip for a few weeks from now and I'm trying to get as much info as I can to make it run smoothly.

  • Thank you so much for ALL of your videos. I'm going to Japan with my brother this coming October and all your videos are helping a lot. We cant speak Japanese but we are going to try many of the places you recommended. Thank you!!

  • Hey Paulo,
    Enjoy the informative videos especially the food videos with you and meiko's input. I'm planning a trip the 2nd week of May (to miss golden week). Looks like Tokyo is really restrictive on Drones. I'm wondering if its worth packing my Mavic Air. Can you do a video on drone spots in Japan? Thanks.

  • I went to Asakusa on a Thursday at 9 am and no one was there.. it was great.. plus google maps got me to the temple first, not through Nakamise .. I had to back track.

  • Takeshita dori was insanely busy! good to see the videos showing the crowds, helps to prepare before visiting, although we still went at the weekend! hahahha! take paolos advice. 🙄

  • Your videos are always so helpful, I'll make sure to check out your hidden place videos as well. Omg I died laughing at that statement, "Shinokubo is my number one stay the hell away", hahhahaha.

  • Used to live in shin-okubo, and any time I went outside it was crowded… I personally think the spot is a bit overrated.

  • The camera you used really helped to put the crowd into perspective. Your videos are so nice and imformative, I cant wait to go to Japan one day. When I do I'll probably be binge watching these on the plane lol

  • 🇺🇸Y'all are overwhelming japan they are tired of foreigners coming there and I don't blame em y'all not showing respect to there culture! I don't even go to japan anymore😑

  • Damn I really think I missed a bullet on Shin-Okubo. I stayed at a homestay near there but it was during a Tuesday until Friday (left early friday morning). The back streets are pretty dirty though with tons of cigarette butts on the ground and trash in a lot of places.

  • is China japan also crowded? I booked at the manga art hotel but going in April is that when kids finish school at that time? it would be my first time traveling solo

  • I went to Harajuku in '08(and again 9 years later). It was funny to be in this sea of people on Takeshita(sp?) street. But I'm a Minnesota State Fair veteran, so super-crowds are okay by me.

  • Last time I visited Japan was totally not thinking and ended up in Harajuku on a Saturday afternoon…not the best experience. But on the bright side, going down the varioua sidestreets and alleys I found a great Yakitori place.

  • Sounds like visit Tokyo during the week and hit the countryside on the weekends. Sounds like a plan!
    Thanks for these great tips and great videos!

  • Where is the best place to buy Magic the Gathering Playing Cards booster
    box (new not used) in Tokyo.? I am going next week… Best prices?

  • Where is the best place to buy Magic the Gathering Playing Cards booster
    box (new not used) in Tokyo.? I am going next week… Best prices?

  • Where is the best place to buy Magic the Gathering Playing Cards booster
    box (new not used) in Tokyo.? I am going next week… Best prices?

  • Haha we stayed at a place in Shin Okubo and it was great. We loved the location. I was busy but didn't feel anymore busy then other spots in Tokyo, just kind of fits the whole Tokyo craziness. There are some great street food and bars in that area.

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