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“Toothy Lake Monster” Bass Fishing Lake Umatilla Florida

He got it! Uh oh Get off the reeds! Get off the reeds! It’s a nice one Alright! Yeah! First fish of the day guys Flipping the worm in the reeds Alright! See you later buddy Didn’t even know he was on there Alright!
Caught two little ones off camera This one is a little better one than the first
one I caught on camera No that’s a little smaller
than the first one I caught on camera Sweet! There’s a bite That was a pickerel Time for a new worm finally The camera wasn’t on and I didn’t get the
hookset Nice descent little bass here Senko Alright! Chain pickerel Look at the teeth on that guy Holy moly! He inhaled that thing Wow didn’t know they were in here Look at the head on that guy Look at that He’s got the head of a big one
but man he’s little Got to get the grippers for those jaws Woohoo! Alright There he is on the new molded swimbaits I gotta come up with a name for these guys Look at the head on that guy man Little skinny for the size of his head I don’t know if he is running out of food
or what Look at them teeth Oh yeah nice one See ya later buddy Well thats gonna do it for today’s video guys I appreciate you watching I had a good day at Umatilla Caught 5 or 6 but only got a couple on camera I gotta get more batteries It’s kind of hard to film all day fishing
with two hours worth of batteries but we’ll get er going Alright guys Still waiting for them to fire up on the schooling bait fish Its like 94 degrees and it’s a couple
days from November here in Florida so it’ll be a little while before they start getting on the fall pattern Alright guys Over and out POW!


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