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Top 5 Reasons Why You Suck at Fishing – OOW Outdoors

hey guys welcome back to the channel
it’s Connery from out of work today we’re gonna talk about the top 5 reasons
why you suck at fishing so this is coming from personal experience alright
so before I started the tournament fishing stuff me and hybrid we’d fish
amongst our friends and our clique and we would consider ourselves in you know
the top 10 percent and I think a lot of guys can put them can relate to that
right but as soon as we went to the torment world it was a big learning
experience and then now that we’ve gone back and forth between both worlds we
find that these 5 tips were about to give you it helps no matter who you are
no matter if you’re a weekend angler or you just want to go have fun
or whether you’re in the tournament world bass fishing this these top 5
things is gonna be key and even for the tournament guys and if you’re watching
this you know you’re talking about you thumbs up you know a lot of times after
tournaments we would ask everybody you know how to do you how to do you have to
do and if you just simply didn’t catch them then I didn’t I don’t have much to
say but if you kept if you if I ask you you say I broke him off I couldn’t keep
him on I just couldn’t get a single by that type of something usually I throw
some of this time and vice out to you because I ran through that stage and I
want to share this with you guys too so if you’re a you’re a fisherman first
time starting out or if you’re if you’re just that guy that’s like I’m just not
consistent these are the tips for you ok so tip number one you fish too slow
meaning you don’t cover enough water and you tend to do the same thing over and
over so let me give you an example so so it might in my tournament career
you can say I I started off throwing topwaters and then I went to crank mates
and I really started doing good on crank baits but that didn’t happen overnight I
started thinking about the stuff that a fish would do okay so if a fish wouldn’t
react to top water I throw a crankbait when I threw a crank bait I had one
retrieve it was a medium retrieve I never thought from all this time that I
needed to change the retrieve and when I wasn’t that light bulb went off I throw
my crank bait out there I would do mediums retrieve then I burn the the
next retrieve and then I’d do a stop and go if those three retrieves didn’t do
anything then I put the crank bait down because they know they don’t want a
crank bait that day same with every other fishing scenario if you go out
there if you do something and there you’re not getting bites don’t do it
again you know either change retrieve or
change the location so a lot of times that usually Clues you in on what the
fish are doing and what they’re biting on that day and that’s always the key
every time you go out you always want to figure out what they’re biting on so you
can duplicate and be successful so that’s tip number one you fish too slow
you’re too slow to get something going so by the time you do you might already
be too late so that’s number one you fish too slow so pick up the pace if
you want something you know if I was gonna recommend something on you how to
practice for this I’d say you can only throw it something three times with the
same Lord so see you’re to this point right you get there it looks good you
won’t throw your shaky hand on it you can only throw it three times that’s it
if you’re not getting bid on it you gotta go do something else or if you’re
not getting the right type of fish do something else or move throw she gets on
where else okay so keep that in mind that’s number one all right guys before
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all right so and the other thing is if you
watch this video and you need help with your fishing game the best thing to do
before you go forward is to check your ego okay I mean that because if you’re
trying to learn something you have to be a student of the game
and in a sense this video is a coach okay so it’ll help you
not necessarily date it won’t necessarily make you better in terms of
your skills but better apply your skills okay so that’s why I want you guys to
get out of this video number two it is a lot of people that I have noticed is and
now I used to do this in my early days too is I’ll do a little bit of research
on a link and I’ll and they’ll say it’s get on say a bobble head or something
right but I’ve never thrown a wobble head I go out I buy to wobble heads and
I buy like two creature baits don’t throw them put on the back table head
and tournament day comes around and I start doing that that’s not good you
know you have zero confidence on it you only got eight hours to figure these
guys out you shouldn’t be trying things shouldn’t be doing things that you have
zero confidence in saying with the weekend anglers okay
so if you go out and your goal that day is to put fish on the table because say
there’s a big family gathering happening and people requesting fresh fish I get
that on top okay well people come from out of town when people come visit us
from out of town they want you fresh fish so I’m kind of the guy meaning me
my crew here I’m kind of the guy that that’s the go-to guys there’s like okay
we want white bass and stripers okay so can you guys give us three or four and
we’re thinking like that should be easy but you know it’s always easier said
done right so we go out we always thrown off in spades we don’t venture if it
comes to town I call it crunch time you don’t you don’t you always throw the
stuff you are confident with okay so if it’s not you’re not confident don’t
don’t try to figure it out when it’s crunch date when it’s tournament day so
that’s a good tip – okay don’t throw anything that you’re not confident with
go ahead and play with that stuff on your fun days and things like that but
when it comes down to crunch time throw what you’re confident don’t know hooks
confident with throw the lines are confident with the rods real your system
whatever you have I don’t care if it’s an ugly stick right and you just bought
something brand-new if you’re most confident with the ugly stick take the
ugly stick okay and that’s tip number two tip number three number tres is have
a game plan have a kind of a game plan going in the game plan doesn’t have to
be a hit that rock hit that point hit that stump and then go on and go and go
on kind of a game plan what you want to do you know especially if you’re going
on a tournament row do little research to some google map studies maybe ask
around math you know if you’re if you’re in a tournament trail where it’s okay to
ask ask around see what that lake is per month predominantly you know wall on ask
around get some information get a little bit of a plan going get your gear ready
for that world and in the Stryper world it’s it’s kind of uh what kind of
stripers are in there what kind of sizes are we expecting to catch that type of
thing so you could better prepare the tackle because you don’t want to bring a
13 foot surf rod and all you’re gonna catch your 18 inch fish okay that that’s
it’s it’s just you’re not gonna fun day the rod is gonna overpower the fish the
fish are done they’re not gonna fight and on top of that you know you won’t
fight too you know it’s still it still gotta be a fun thing right
so you want to have fun predominantly you want to catch fish also so bring the
correct gear for what you’re trying to do and the world of bass is the same
thing tournament fishing ready to try to catch five big ones getting you need to
know is it a grass lake is it a rock lake is a deep clear reservoir I mean
that shifts your tackle all the way around us being from Oklahoma we fish
everything our trail covers mud water shallow rocks shallow grass standing
timber clear water running water I mean it it is everything so every tournament
is never the same equipment twice hardly ever okay so
so you gotta have a game plan kind of at least a game plan kind of going in and
that’s something that you can’t just go out swinging you know you can’t just
show up and then all sudden you’re on the lake and you look around and there’s
grass over there there’s rocks over there and you don’t know what to do okay
so so lean on your strengths okay if you’re a grass fisherman you like to
throw frogs you like to throw flukes things like that go to the grass if
you’re a crappy person go to the rocks if you like shaky hands go to the rocks
that type stuff so stick to a gameplan stick to your strengths but don’t don’t
be afraid to throw the game plan out the window we’ve done that multiple times
but once again you’ll have you’ll have a backup game plan okay so a lot of times
a backup game plan works so for that’s where the tournament world right but for
the for the striper fishing world don’t be afraid to relocate so a lot of times
what we’ll do is well we want to be the first ones to a spot right because you
there’s a lot of angling pressure first once the spot reserve the spot wait for
that prime time to happen okay so prime time happens zero bites you need to make
a decision that as the sun’s coming up the bites should start coming if the
sun’s starting to come up the bites are not coming that simply means there is no
stripers there stripers are very aggressive they will bite as soon as the
Sun comes up like your bite opportunities should skyrocket you might
get one or two tonight but as soon as it starts to get light you’re by
opportunity skyrockets if it doesn’t there’s no fish that you need to move
okay so that’s one thing that I always tell people game plan game plan and game
plan usually the more you move the better the more consistent you are and
if you move too much that’d be a problem too but for the most part moving around
a lot is a good thing alright so that’s number three number
four number four this is the one probably
I would say I hear the most of and this is one that’s haunting me back in to my
childhood years okay bad line and bad knots this is where once you figure out
a line that you like for whatever you’re doing you stick with it you do not
change okay so for me growing up it was actually the Shakespeare omni-flex
monofilament six pound chest it was cheap it was like $3 for a 500-yard
something like that loved it it’s cheap loved it I knew the strengths and
weaknesses of that line it was in our system I mean all just a little small
back then we had like two rods right but six pound line on both of them it cast
room for it was great never changed it didn’t change right ten years screen
then we started striper fishing with six pound line it’s not it’s like it okay so
mom reflects will differ like ten years and then we went to Maximo TruGreen six
pound that’s even better maximum Maximus is like mmm still to
this day if I had to go back to six pound mono it’s it’s its maximum sugar
and then we started fishing a fluorocarbon I went through a whole like
list of fluorocarbons every fluorocarbon has its strengths that we kisses but I
wanted a four-carbon those small and I wanted it ten good not strings so and I
wanted that when I backlash something on bait caster it’s not gonna just destroy
itself basically so I settled on Sun line FC sniper and I’ve been running
that for like three years now so first year getting to I bought like every
brand Under the Sun just to try out there’s some like good brands there’s
some brand names I don’t like themes I tried everything low-end – hi aunt eBay
brands everything and I set it on sunlight some like it’s much it’s
actually one of the more expensive lights but all my other lines either one
they didn’t casket was too thick that knots
weren’t the knot strength wasn’t good that time stuff so line is probably the
most delicate thing in your entire fishing set so you have to pick the best
line that you can afford and when I say you can afford it’s up to you if you
think $10 bull is too expensive then you know it’s on you but for me I’d rather
have expensive line and cheap reels and cheap rods that’s just me so once again
pick the line did you like get the knots that work with that line so let me give
you an example I have a lot of knots if I’m on mono say the omni-flex
or the ultra vain it’s a union ax or even a double uni knot sometimes if it’s
braid it’s a uni knot if it’s fluorocarbon san diego jam knot or
sometimes some people call it an improved clinch knot okay cuz you have
you have to split your knots around like that if you don’t those knots will break
at 50 percent of what that line is rated for so like a 20 pound line will break
in ten pound a six pound line will break in three pounds which is horrible so you
gotta get that figured out you gotta get your system figured out okay so because
sometimes you can’t just go to a bigger line see sometimes like for example
crank beats right crankbaits I would say 95% I was done on ten pound and twelve
pound line you know down fourteen the crank bait just won’t run right so you
have to learn how to tie or figure out the best not for your 12 in your 10
pound line okay so get that stuff dialed in because I I lose a a lot of fish I’ve
lost a lot of fish in the beginning like that but now my system is pretty good
we’re hardly ever lose any fish do two knots if it’s a failure it’s usually I’m
cranking shale beds fish smashes it brings me into the shells and the shells
think the shells cut my line stuff like that so you can’t really avoid but you
got to control all the things that you can’t control like your knots your lines
you know retying is another major thing people don’t read
how much for me cranking shell bits I retied
every three or four casts okay I look at my target usually thrown side imaging
and let me know he has one about electronic society meetings that we
could do a whole like five partner on that I mean between mean what a hybrid
killer we we pretty much got that down to so yeah and look at my side energy I
put a weight point on it and then I bomb three or four casts over the juiciest
spot I can find and a lot of times that’s rock that’s timber things like
that it’s gonna dig up the line so I have to retie the line all the time and
you have to be confident in retying your knots you know so if you look at your
knot if it doesn’t look perfect retie it that knot has to look perfect every time
okay if you’re 99 percent sure they’re not
good retie yeah be 100 percent okay so that’s number four that’s definitely
number four right there and this is the one where I would say most people don’t
get better because this one mistake so this is the number one mistake I see
people do after a day of fishing even if it’s a good day of fishing you’re gonna
have mistakes and it is your job to keep track of those mistakes so for example
you go out you win a tournament right so this will me and my brother does a lot
well go out we’ll eat he or I or maybe some of our friends you know we try to
ask the questions that will make us better so even if we’ve won the
tournament sometimes we’re still not satisfied
because I won that tournament because I got lucky
see that doesn’t sound right right so a lot of times we’d win tournaments
because our game plan went perfectly but sometimes it’s I won that tournament but
I should have smashed it right like in terms of inches and everything I came in
81 but I should have had 95 those days so you when you come home and
you look at your day over you need to say to yourself what can I do to make
this better what didn’t I do or what like can I’ve
done differently in terms a game plan or whatever right well at least in the
tournament world we go we carry GoPro so we record almost every catch so a lot of
times we’ll we’ll catch like oh we were daydreaming right and we get bit
sometimes we’ll catch a hook that’s wrong like the hook sets for the chatter
baits I used to hook set like a jig don’t do it side side done on a jig bite
wrote the slack hit them hard on a word bite little slack hit them
hard and then you also get into a lot of things now for the weekend anglers for
you it’s more of like okay did I cover enough water okay that’s one thing I
know I notice this in the crappie fishing wrong when you are when you hook
you put your hook through your Meno try to try to tribe multiple different
positions on the the middle itself sometimes I know a lot of people hook
the hook through the nose of the middle I myself like to hook it through the
back I just find that the when you don’t get through the back the fish swims
already better and we hook up ratio goes up so that’s one thing you don’t pay
attention to so so if you go out and you’re just missing fish right even if
you caught 10 out of 15 or theory you know in your minds
it’s supposed to be 15 on 15 you know so keep that thing in the back your head
reasons why things aren’t working when did you check your last you know when
was your hook even sharp that’s a big one too you know so you got to learn
free mistakes and it’s also good if you have somebody who went with you so you
can bounce ideas off of them but yeah that’s the major one number one is you
gotta learn from your mistakes it could be anything it could be like whether you
tied your knots right whether you you know you just even on your casts I know
in the surfing the surf industry or surf world your cast
means a lot like you could give 47 setup to somebody else and their cast won’t be
as far so you need to learn how to cast that’s a that’s a that’s a good skill
and also so you have to learn for any mistakes you need to learn from your
mistakes because it has fixing the angular is a lot cheaper than buying new
stuff put it that way so you want to fix yourself maximize take your gear to its
maximum potential before looking at other things that’s you okay that’s a
lot of money and all you talk about a lot of gear and stuff like that in your
but a lot of times I think if you just fit yourself you will be much better
than going out and buy a new year and that’s that’s pretty much all I got for
today so that’s the top five reasons why you suck and take it from personal
experience I applied all that to me and to my brother and that’s why right now
we’re pretty good at the tournament world you know the terminal we go to I
want to you know bragging myself but the tournaments are we go to we tend to
finish in the top 25% so all right guys hit like and subscribe to this channel
share these tips with your friends who suck and if I helped you give me a
thumbs up if I left anything if anything that you also noticed that we should
touch base on not gear wise but like just say mental preparations coaching
yourself up it’s big one and also like if you’re fishing or tournament and if
you guys want to talk about like the positive mental side of tournament
fishing we could talk about that too but let me know in the comments what you
guys want to hear and Walt do our best to cover that topic so once again
connery from artwork and I hope you guys learned a lot from this view all right
till next time guys see you hey everybody thanks for watching but
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