Top 5 Spring bass fishing Lures – Prespawn

oh man hey guys this is gene Jensen we're gonna talk about my five favorite pre-spawn lures look at that fish golly [Applause] I have hooked into a bigan I didn't even come up yet I mean I'm begging maybe a catfish but he's something I want them big old carp that I accidentally snagged I just want my crankbait back if that's the case oh no it's a big old bass oh gosh I mean a bigoted man I love pre-spawn bass fishing first bite of the day oh man oh man five point one three pounds nice look at that fish sweet oh that fish 5 pounds even so this is my favorite time of the year the bass are moving up they're heading back towards the back of the pockets to spawn and the backs of the creeks and they are feeding up as they're traveling and they're not picky they will eat just about anything but the most active bait during that period of time is actually a crawfish so a lot of my baits have to do with fishing or matching a crawfish also matching a bluegill those bluegill are gonna turn around and start feeding on bass eggs when they start spawning so those bass will eat the snot out of bluegill on the way up but basically anything that gets by them within their strike strike zone they're gonna bite so let's talk about number one all right number one the one thing I always have in the boat this time of the year my number-one confidence bait is a lipless crankbait now I'm gonna put videos if I have a video about how to fish these fish these lures this time of the year which I had have most of these covered I'm gonna put it right up wherever that eye pops up over here on there on your screen but uh this is this is a striking red eye shadow it's your standard one they also come in one knockers but I've got a standard one on here a blast absolutely a blast of fish time at this time of the year the bass kill it if you're fishing it with a start and stop deal and they're on that they're gonna take it all the way deep you're not going to lose a whole lot of fish I always keep a few in the box a few different brands few different sounds this is a booyah one knocker used to be a Excalibur one knocker and so it's got a good little knocking sound I've got one that I just picked up from profound outdoors azuma I think it's what it's called it's also a one knocker but that's gonna catch a lot of fishermen right there I wonder how many wonderful to catch any fish trying that one out today but like I said I always try to keep a good selection of lipless crankbaits in the box they are you know sometimes the bass want it one way sometimes they want another sometimes they want a better sound or less sound so it just all depends so I always have a few to be able to switch out in between number two the one I use a ton and I have it tied onto the end of this rod is a ChatterBait this is a project G ChatterBait it is well it is the only one I use I absolutely have fallen in love with this this ChatterBait but I use it because you can get it down to the bottom you can keep in contact with the bottom and it comes through grass really well and this time of the year especially here in the South you got a little bit of grass on the bottom and it can foul up a lipless crankbait or foul up a square bill and so I like to to be able to to be able to fish that grass really good so I throw it out let it sink to the bottom and I reel it really slow trying to bounce it or hit the bottom or hit the grass as much as I possibly can and they again they annihilate it I'll have several different colors I like a black and blue I like a bluegill pattern and then the other one I have on my rod is it is a green pumpkin always use a trailer my favorite trailer this time of the year is one that you know typically I'll put up like a paddle tail on it and we put this down so don't fall out of my lap okay typically I'll put a paddle tail on there but this time of year I don't want a lot of vibration a lot of action out of that tail I just want a little bit so I've got on here a striking blade minnow which is an excellent just got a little bit of a shimmy it's made for chatter baits so I tend to use that one a lot I love black blades I used to color them with a sharpie before us before ChatterBait started anodizing them black so that's a ChatterBait so the next one is one that I might lose some friends over it is a bummer flat a in this color another crawfish color and just working the banks it's a pain in the butt to cast it's a wooden bait or balsa wood bait it doesn't have any counterbalance has a little bit of a rattle in it but it's tough to cast I'm trying it on several different lures or several different rods today to try to figure out which one would be best to cast it just because it has to it's so light that it doesn't load up very well but once you figure out how to get it get it out there without back lashing it is a dynamite I mean it it'll catch them when other these other baits cannot and that's why I always fish it and always have it in there I can't explain why but dynamite dynamite this time of the year I'll put it on a a medium medium moderate action rod a lot of flex into it and more flex the easier it is to cast I might even put it on a spinning rod if it's if it's really tough but it's it's worth the trouble to be able to fish it and because it just flat catches fish the next one I've got it on a rod and I've only got one but I have been fishing this one for years and caught a ton of fish this time of the year on it and it's perhaps my favorite crank bait this time of the year well I know it is I mean it's got scratches and scars and teeth marks all over it but it is a sixth sense crush flat 75 X I think they call it you can see I fished the crap out of it and it's you know it catches fish and what I like about it is most of the time this time of the year especially in the water temperatures in the high 40s to 50s they don't want to hold on a sound so if this one has just one little bitty rattle in it it just knocks I don't know if you guys can hear that or not but it just knocks just a little bit it's a square bill so it bounces off of cover it's it's a flat sided square bill so it has a light has a tight wiggle they don't want a wide wobble and and it's just perfect it the colors are always that I always start with their orange I have a shad color in there just in case and absolutely perfect perfect for this time of the year not a sponsor I bought this one years ago it's just it's just one of those things that I absolutely know that'll work this time of year I have a ton of confidence in it the next one and probably last but not least but I haven't been counting nope I got two more is the next one would be a jig a jig like I said they're there they're efficient you're going around swimming around eating crawfish so a jig is an excellent excellent imitation of a crawfish throw it out let us sink to the bottom drag it really really slow this is a one of my my jigs it's a sea bird outdoors jig part of the fluke master series a brush jig I have a finesse jig and then I have a football jig tied on the onto the rod behind me put a trailer on it that doesn't have a whole lot of action maybe a zoom Superchunk nothing that has a whole lot of flop to it drag it around keep it on the bottom don't hop it watch this video right here and and you'll go out and you'll kiss some freaking Giants this time of the year on a jig and then last but not least is one that if I'm fishing at Timberlake or something it has a lot of lay downs and things like that I'm gonna go with a spinnerbait and you know stumpy stuff I'll throw a square bill or a spinnerbait but this you know half ounce to three-quarter ounce I'm letting it sink to the bottom make sure that the first one I always try is going to be a Colorado blade because I want to be able to fish it really really slow and just work it over stumps and over brush and things like that and I love them as shad patterns I love them in bluegill patterns and and they work I'm a flat-out work I always keep an another one in in the box that's a willow leaf blade just in case they want it a little bit faster and they want a little less thump but friggin awesome now a couple other baits that I have in here that I haven't mentioned is a square bill so I guess it's number six but this is again a crawfish colored square square bill this one's painted I picked this up at the Tennessee one of the the East Tennessee Sports Show and I picked up from some high school kids were selling it and they paint their baits it's called c3 custom lures Colt Woodridge Woodridge and this is an absolute gorgeous color it's not quite you know like apple red it's more of a we've got a little bit of pink in it and I'm betting money that this one's gonna kill it it's got it just a little bit of rattle to it and then he's I got a bigger one I got a a 2.0 a little bit deeper rattle to it and more red so I'm gonna try those two out today just to just to see but a little shameless plug for those guys but it's pretty cool to see high school kids with a with their own booth at an expo selling baits that's that shad color crush 75 well that's it that's what I have in my box pre spawn is a great time to just go out and whack some big ones I've had the biggest stringers of my life this time of the year and like I said you it's when that water starts to warm up the fish start to move shallow and feed and so you really just grab some moving baits and bounce it off a cover and and work the bottom and work Creek bends where ditches and creeks Bend and work that outside edge and you'll LA you'll catch some good ones well like I always say be sure to introduce somebody to fishing introduce them to my channel let me help you teach them how to fish more importantly get out of the water go and catch some fish have a great day

  • @flukemaster I looked into your designed jigs. I was curious if you recommended certain colors for prespawn, spawn, and post spawn.

  • Notice you didn’t say anything about soft plastics. You have any advice for how us bank fishers can get in that pre spawn action? It’d be nice to finally catch a damn bass this year lol.

  • Great video.. I'm in new Jersey and gearing up for the pre spawn and have a question for you. There aren't any crawfish in most of the lakes I fish in NJ so I wanted to know if a red lipless would still work in a lake where they aren't a natural food source for the bass?

  • What are your thoughts trailers. I’ve never caught or can’t remember the last time i used a jig without a trailer. Caught tons of bass with a spinnerbait without a trailer, but very little use of a chatter bait.. are chatter baits similar to spinnerbaits or are trailers necessary? Thanks!

  • Too much of having to be careful with those kayaks. Why not just a small Jon boat that you can pick up and throw in the back of your truck. A lot more stable. If you don't have a truck you can get small ones with tiny trailers as well. I just don't get the kayak thing. But to each his own I guess

  • In the prespawn how do you typically position your Kayak? Do you fish from shallow to deep? Or over deep water and cast to shallow?

  • Hey Fluke. First of all, want to say I love your channel. You are the first fishing channel I actually subscribed to on YouTube. Love your passion for fishing and for teaching others how to fish. That being said, when I seen you catch that 5lb in this video, you reminded me of those Bill Dance outdoors shows I used to wake up early every Saturday so I could watch it. You are THIS generations Bill Dance. That's a good thing. Thank you for all that you do.

  • I was wondering, do Pre Spawn bass stalk crappie beds during the crappie spawn like post spawn bass do to bluegill during the bluegill spawn?…

  • Got out the military a few years ago and had nothing to do. Your videos have given me a new hobby. Great for clearing the mind. Keep up the great work!

  • I like your videos, but I have a suggestion. When you show some of your baits, your hand covers half of it up. Also the color of your bait blends into the background. For someone who knows what it is, one would recognize it, but for those of us who not know what those lures are, a still close up with a title would help out a lot. Just a suggestion.

  • Rapala shallow shad is AWESOME for spawn! Also the wacky rig, shaky head with a 7 inch power worm pumpkin with a chartreuse tail, and drop shot absolutely slays with a zoom green pumpkin blue flek.. the Wacky and drop shot are go to when the bite is slow during anytime of the year and get yourself a Rapala shallow shad, you can thank me later.

  • Thanks for the video. Gonna have to give some of those lures a try. Just a question, how would you fish those lures around heavy, heavy rocks and boulders? Where I fish, here in Maryland, along the Susquehanna river, that's what I have to contend with. I'm also fishing from shore. Thanks

  • Feel like a lot of articles online and videos on YouTube fail to mention the chatterbait in the prespawn. Great vid!

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