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TOP FIVE Rainbow Trout Lures: Catch Big Rainbows

Thanks for stopping by. All I can say
is that 2019 was a great year for trout. In this video I cover my top five lures and
a couple tips that put me on some great fish.
Alright, enough talking, let’s get right into it.. the 1/4 ounce Thomas
Buoyant…What I really like about the Thomas Buoyant is that it’s a medium-small spoon that you can still cast pretty good distances while you’re prospecting.
You’re not gonna scare off the little trout, but you still can pick a fight with
the big dogs. On a slow day in April I was prospecting this spoon slowly near the
bottom; just above the weeds and I caught this fish…The Thomas Buoyant is available
online for just under four dollars. The amazing Rapala
CountDown 5… what can I say it’s a frickin Rapala. For some reason,
hand-tuned balsa wood lures just put fish on the board. When you’re trolling
it or retrieving it, it has a running depth of about 3 to 6 feet getting you
down low right above the weeds; near the bottom right; where the action is at. Here
are some countdown 5 victims… You can get this lure online for about $7.99. The Rapala original floating F09. Now
what I really like about this is that I can cover the top surface of the lake
while on the other side of my kayak I can have a deeper diving lure like the
CountDown 5 or a big spoon.. covering the bottom of the lake. So I got both my
bases covered and this is the perfect surface lure. The Rapala F09 is available
online for about $8.99. Alright straight out of the steelhead
playbook are Holey Worms by BNR design. What I really like about these worms is
that I feel like I’m bass fishing for rainbow trout. What I do is I run them
behind a Carolina rig and they float. So what you do is you give them a couple
twitches and then pause.. couple twitches pause… if there’s any big trout on the
bottom you’re probably gonna get them moving or at least interested. I had a
real nice trout follow me all the way up to about a foot from the shoreline
before it committed to the bite and tore away. It was awesome. Well worth of money,
these Holey Worms are available online for about $8.50. Last but definitely not
least is the prospecting King, the Acme Tackle Jumbo Kamlooper…It doesn’t care
about winds, range, or whatever line that you’re using. Cast this thing as hard as
you can and you’re gonna send it a mile. You want to be nice and slow, down by
the bottom; just above the weed tops.. and this is where Acme Tackle claims that
80% of gamefish hookups occur. If I had just one lure to go fishing all
day with, it would be this lure.. “oh my gosh that is a fish.” I buy my Kamloopers from Walmart, but
they’re available online for about $4.99. There you have it. Those were my top five
rainbow trout lure-presentations. Four out of the five lures had rainbow patterns..
Big lake trout often predate on their smaller and injured counterparts. So what
we’re doing is we’re matching-the-hatch. If you troll slowly, vary your troll/retrieval speed, and be patient… you can increase your chances of hooking
into a real nice trout. As always, thanks for stopping by and make sure you get
out fishing. We’ll see you guys later!


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