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Treatment of the fish on a modern danish freshfish trawler

hi folks my name is Rasmus
and today I will show you how we handle the fish from when it comes out of the
nets and until it’s landed in the fish market in Denmark more than three years ago I started a
Facebook page with the ship Karbak and it’s been really successful where we
have made a lot of daily clips from the sea we have made food recipes or rather
fish recipe on how to cook fish we are made fun we
have made political statements and all that it’s all been in Danish and I’ve
been satisfied with that but I’ve also felt that Facebook was not the right place to show
more in-depth video about life here at sea and since I decided YouTube would be the
place I’ve also decided to keep it in English because when you put things
on YouTube it you know it’s for much larger audience
for things like this this will be the first of hopefully many
more in-depth videos from Karbak here some might be serious some might not be
so serious anyway I hope you will enjoy it and that if you want more please like
and subscribe to the channel we always try to keep as good a quality of the
fish as we possibly can one of the things we do is we never tow
the trawls more than five hours to avoid them loosing quality so when we get the fish
on board they should be alive and kicking and as best quality aspossible of course and the next step on the on the line if you can say like that is
to get them cleaned guttted it as fast as possible and we we start on that as soon as we get
the fish aboard in the way that the two – crew member and me are shooting the
Nets again and the rest of the guys start cleaning the fish right away they’re gutting the fish we also sort
it so it will all be sorted in species like
cod goes in one box and saithe in another
monkfish in a third like that and we also do at size sorting cod will be in six
different sizes and saithe in three monkfish in five so
the fish will be sorted and gutted already when we handle it the first time
and it’s of course very important that we do that as fast as possibly the next
step when the fish is gutted and washed is to get it into the boxes in the fish
room the process is that it will be sorted according to its weight so cod
will be from zero point three to one kilo, one to two kilo, 2 to 4 kilo, 4 to seven and a half kilo etc
they will come in a box that is with ice and then they will be labeled with the
weight the date and where they have been caught and of course the name of the
ship and then we put it in in the fish hold if you can say like
this where we try and sort them out so size 3/4 in rows of five and like that everything in the fish room is basically
ready to put up on the fish market and we of course try to
get it into the fish Market as fast as at all possible usually we in harbor of between
once a week and at most every 10 days space where we if at all possible have a
maximum age of the fish for eight days old
that is when the fishing is really bad but since the fish are date sorted it’s
possible for the buyers to decide if they will lower the prices for the Older
fish and when we have the fish in the fish
market it’s more or less all of it is either processed in Hanstholm or it is
sent directly south to Spain France Italy or something like that so for some
species they will processes that’s usually saithe and a small cod and
Haddock and all the fish they like hake and monkfish they will just send
directly to the fish markets or the shops in Spain of whatever yes I hope you enjoyed this video and
please like and subscribe and there will be more soon


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