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Triple Threat Sandwich Challenge w/ Giant Cuban & Chicken Bacon Club!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel
“Atlas” and I am very very excited tonight. I’m going for overall win number
805 and I’m back in the state of South Dakota. There are lots of people here so thank you guys all for coming to watch!! (cheering) I’m going for my third win in South Dakota. I was here a few years ago, but right now, I am for the first time in Mitchell, South Dakota. I am at Rebel Rooster which is inside the
Ramada Inn here in Mitchell. I’m taking on their brand new Triple Threat
Sandwich Challenge. Now, all of this looks absolutely amazing! I’ve got three giant
sandwiches here, which is why it’s called the Triple Threat Challenge, along with
ten ounces of their honey glazed onion rings. Now for these sandwiches, right
here, I’ve got their giant Cuban, which has all kinds of pulled pork and ham,
mustard, and some pickles, healthy pickles, and then right here, we’ve got their
crispy chicken sandwich, which has two big things of fried chicken, along with
some bacon and cheese. Then over here we’ve got their Rebel Rooster BBQ
Burger, which has some cheddar cheese on it. There’s two half pound beef patties
and then there’s more pulled pork, along with some barbecue sauce and I think to
onion rings, in addition to all these, but I’m the very first person to take this
thing, so there’s no record to beat. If I win, I’m going to get, oh I forgot!
They’ve got options for this challenge! You can either do it with beer or
without. Because I’ve got a room here and I’m happy to be back in South Dakota
and it’s a Friday I am gonna go with the three beers, so if I fail this challenge
with three beers it’s going to be $65. If I didn’t do the beers, if you want to do
it without your alcohol, it’s just $50 if you fail, so if I win
I’m gonna get the meal free, and because I’m the first person to attempt it and
if I win I’ll be the first person with my name and photo up on the wall of fame!
So let’s get this challenge started! Alright let’s get overall win number
805. Like I said, I’ve got three beers here. There are two by Fernsin and then
one a Summit Dakota Soul Pilsner, so I’ve got water just in case but because
I’ve got to finish these, I’m gonna do mostly beer, but we’ve got a lot of meat
to eat lots of chewing. Let’s shut up and eat, we’ve got one hour! 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! Alright gonna do the burger first. The beef is cooked medium-rare just like I
asked, and all this juicy pulled pork is helping it go down with the cheese. The BBQ sauce is pretty delightful
as well. Four minutes and 38 seconds in, done with the burger. Now we’re gonna work on the toughest part of the challenge, or the
most weight – this giant Cuban sandwich but the pulled pork on that burger was
great, so I’m sure it’ll be great here too! (crowd) Let’s go Randy! (cheering) A lot of pork, but we’re getting it down! [Crowd chanting] Randy! Randy! Randy! Alright, 21 minutes and 10 seconds in.
It was like a nine hour drive over the course of two days to get here, so we are
not losing. We’re gonna dominate. Still got like 39 minutes, little under that,
but gonna work out some of these onion rings, and then eat this chicken sandwich,
and then we’ll get the win after chugging the rest of these beers. (cheering) These are cooled off so I’m gonna finish the rest of these before we do the sandwich,
I’m hoping that chicken is still a bit hot. (crowd chanting) Randy! Randy! Randy! Can I do a refill on my soda please? Diet Coke, light ice. I had a few days off. I think my stomach shrunk up a bit (guy in crowd) It’s a big challenge! (Randy) It’s a lot of food, but it is amazing! Last bit of food and then we’ve got the beers! Now let’s get the rest of this beer. I’m going to give myself 15 seconds. (guy in crowd) Where are you from? St. Louis, Missouri. Nine hours away. I didn’t come all this way to lose, and then all this meat chewing is getting me ready, I’ve got a 100 ounce
steak tomorrow in Freeman, but ooh. That’s like an hour away, gonna party
tonight since it’s a Friday. [Crowd] Last beer!
[Randy] Don’t want to risk it, I’ve still got plenty of time! 44 minutes and 20 seconds is what it took to
become the first winner of the Triple Threat Sandwich Challenge at The Rebel Rooster, here in Mitchell, South Dakota inside Ramada Inn. I don’t really know which sandwich was my favorite or which
burger. I really enjoyed doing that burger first. All those burger patties were
medium extra juicy. Big thanks to all of you guys for coming to watch!! Thanks everybody for your support during those last 10 minutes!! Thanks of course to everybody here at
Rebel Rooster in Mitchell, South Dakota for having me up here. Thank you guys for
watching, it was overall with number 805!


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