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Trying out new tackle – funny fishing fails

hey guys it’s em with Em and the gang
and I am fishing this morning with my new tackle box that I got from Rocko
passion for hunting and fishing taxidermy if you haven’t checked out his
channel yet please make sure to go and check out his channel so I walked down
to the lake and it looks like someone has cleared an area look there’s a bench
a nice little area under this grove of trees so I’m not very good at tying knots it’s
something I need to learn better my dad taught me lots of times but I’m not very
good at listening and so I just do my best with these at these knots don’t ask me what this loop is or what
this knot is not sure might not have any dude you’re too slippery I’m good
look this guy he’s cute isn’t he he’s pretty I got one Rocco he’s being really
pain in the butt but I’m gonna let him go obviously and I got myself into a mess alright so that was my first catch of
the day and it was a little bass and I think it was a smallmouth bass he got so
dirty I decided to just throw him away well throw away I decided throw him back
real quick it’s really cute and I guess I’ll try again right here maybe there’ll
be another one that might like this bait look at myself got myself pretty dirty
hey guys well I’m not your fishing and my camera battery died so if I catch any
more fish I’ll have to show you on my other camera or on my phone camera which
I’m holding right now another one sitting right here next to this dog yeah this might be the smallest fish
I’ve ever caught adorable anyway gonna let him go now just super cute
there’s the main Lake Mike and the kids have driven me over here this is a
little kind of like a pond there’s see all the debris there kind of
blocks this in there’s a sandbar right here that when the water is a little
lower this is a separate pond from the main lake generator flies yeah I just oh this is
it crow that’s a that’s a juvenile there’s the eagle you


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