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Tuna fishing in Mazatlan

[Music] American Angler you’re up with the sun with a fish on you line your day just begun American Angler on Lake, Sea and Stream you’re good life catch the one of your dreams with your back to the wind. They will never believe this back home American Angler Trills all your own. getting him in closer I think I can bounce him? {laughter] he’s staying down Hi and good morning and welcome to American
Angler we’re setting out about 12 miles off the coast of Mazatlan in Mexico my guest
this morning this no other than the 1991 bassmaster classic
champion himself ken Cook, Ken what do you have a hold of there the bomb!.
we just got our first fish on a few minutes ago we don’t know what it is yet Ken and Tammy and I have been inland
doing a little bass fishing Tammy had to have a day to go shopping so she’s in town doing what she does
best ken’s out here doing what he does best and this fish is doing what it does best he’s a pulling..huh he staying down there coming around the boat there’s the leader leader I still can not see I se a flash. I can’t see him. yeah I see him down there now Wahoo! He’s bad ,i don’t know back ken a little bit if you can. he’s
bad big wahoo I can seem him down in there he didn’t like
our looks [Laughter] he is taking a little line away from you huh. spanish give a little get a little you are doing a good job stay with him Victor’s doing a good job with the boat
you’re staying right off of that fish there he is coming up it’s a Tuna! I thought! ..Tuna! oh no and he is gone AW! nooo! he is gone good size 50-60 Maybe 50 pounds Big Yellow tail? yellow fin. a big yellow fin is he in a bush? No I don’t think that’s one good thing out here nothing
for them to get wrapped around but they will sure test your skill now [boat motor] I would just reel him right in Ken. Ya go a head kind kind of skating across the water
there NOT! you know that’s the way we’re doing them bass the other day Just get a big one and jerk him and sear are that
timber and bring him right across the top of the water back up a little bit ah! here he is that be dinner tonight right
there be dinner alright oh nice Tuna, nice tuna it’s about 40-pounder big yellow yeah You can hold the tail up get my still
camera I want to get a picture of this for the kids see he ran away, Alright how much do you think you’ll go 100! [laughter] I got one there’s the color Color in the fins we’ll need the pliers on that other one that’s what he hit right there big yellow tail good for dinner I bet, Yeah! well what do you think? you did a good job. Let’s get another one that’s what it’s all about little bit stouter than those bass we were catching My arms are sore from pulling on bass..but they will be really from a bunch of this That sucker is a race horse he was smoking it wasn’t he! I am going to drop this tron in there and try and get a double. Boy that sucker hit! roll Jack what is he doing to you? I am gaining on him. Boy he burnt that reel didn’t he. man. he was heading some were else for a long time yeah chicken of the sea yeah stay with him Ken I’ll seeing him better see any matter yeah he’s right here yeah
it is a nice tuna coming around on this side maybe so maybe no oooh! yeah all right all right good job tuna fish sandwiches for sure tuna fish sandwiches will work. What do you think now? It’s almost like work it’s good work yeah i was really neat the way.. Victor saw those birds diving over there we probably ran I don’t know three or four
miles to get to them fish but they were right there you know boat control is so important in bass fishing but this boat control is even more important, first they have get to the fish then once you get the fish on boat is how you get it or not That is amazing it’s realil it’s really a team effort getting these fish you’ll stay right with us we will be right back with some more action. he’s saying those fish pretty good from
up there you got it here yeah he’s on pine you can you can look down
and pick up the reflection of flash of the sunlight off the side of those fairs there’s big schools up right in here
yeah got some boats moving in on us but we
can all get hooked up real quick front of us here they are right here ready to go when they’re all around us
babies go in order to know second – it’ll be around them and we got the
birds going down right here ocean just come alive that’s all I got fish everywhere we’ve got fish everywhere yeah Hey Steve who’s over and who’s under Pat? Who Cares! I do not know. Who’s cares we got a a double diff on now! strong, stout, TUNA they were right there with those porpoises my just sounding, I mean he’s going down
down down the porpoises are still out here I’m over..OK no no other way ok Pat Go in front we got fish everywhere is this fun or what? Huh! this is cranking time now yeah the hard part of a little while good job Victor! If we hurry up and get these in we can get another one what to you bet. we’ll having Tuna fish tonight I heard that. yours is pretty close
yeah he’s coming in pretty close it might not be a very big ether that he is just lowing…, That one was really burning the drag! Oh man Tammy should have went with us. of courser she’s probably have more fun spending all your money! money! here
he goes down I bet she’s got, I bet she got that
plastic about melted down now by now she’s got the numbers worn off like this Tuna got this drag worn down. Say yours went down a little? he did not like our looks at all. reel him in pat! I’m reeling and he’s a pulling, pulling pulling boy! stout fish they look so pretty up there looking at
him flashing and that water is just a huge
school of them in there this places, we had birds going down we had we had tuna all over this ocean we had gone for two hours and not had a bite then all of a sudden it just exploded you’ve about got yours whipped no I do not think so! no, no and hell no. huh. oh man, gee wiz! I’m trying to hurry so we can get another one can you believe that. I ma trying! i bet we could get another right quick Tuna city there he is I’m saying got one are you got the baby yeah I
would he was hook ups on this one is about
whipped he better be i’m about whipped yeah snatch him in here Pat! but don’t let me fall in now [Laughter] just lift him over. Lift him I do not got his head up yet theer he comes I saw some tuna fish that time. alright oh you lose him Now he is really going to be mad! haha snatched him that time how about that Mr. Cook That works Tuna fish what do you think about that huh Pretty neat stuff unbelievable how stout they are I bet you Victor will put on another one we going to have to reel in another one. we got to get another one my arms aching right
in here that muscles tighten up oh man really this is fun love to bass fish but there’s something about this big water that I
really like a lot of is you don’t really know what’s going to come up or how big he is it is pretty m neat and i’m already wore out maybe we ought to take a commercial
break I can rest up a minute stay with us we’ll
be right back from mexico these tuna have been pretty hot out here
today, Ken. We’ve have some exciting fishing we’ve had out there today about
to take a minute and show you some of the baits that we’re using out on the tuna this morning these little tuna jigs i got about seven ought saltwater hook in
them Weyrleader they clip those in to about
300 pounds shock cord the Martin Baits that we were running and they are very
similar the their doornob style Baits they’ve got a set of 10 them is about
nine off the hook send them the shock cord coming off those about 300 pounds
which they they clip these also in that same shock cord coming down off the
lines we were running to outrigger lines and three flatlines this morn and we
also had quite a few hits on them the outer lines we were running was a
cut bait the mullet which they basically gut and lay in a big saltwater hook about a
7 or 9 Ot then they use thread and sew that back together and latch it down
over the eye of the hook so that the hook can’t move and the trail and that bait
has a lot of action to it back there and resembles well actually a live bait skipping
across the water it’s amazing how much action it gets does have back there. that thing really dances but the fishing down here varies from
season to season and you may be catching fish on the cut bait sometimes or the
Marlin baits when the Marlin were running we didn’t we didn’t do very well with
with Marlin today but that’s part of this saltwater action down here you
never really know what you’re going to get into and sometimes it can be a fish
of a lifetime It can happen any trip well let’s call it a day yeah, we catch… we’ve got a box full
we can have tuna tonight for dinner let’s head in [Music[

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