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Tuna Kabob – Easy Indian Recipes

Welcome to Namak Mirch Masala. Today, we’re
going to show you how to make Tuna Kabobs. For this recipe, you need the following ingredients,
which can also be found at our website. 7 potatoes
4 cans of tuna 1/8 teaspoon of Black pepper for the potatoes
And later need 1/8 of a teaspoon to add to your eggs
You’ll need half a tablespoon of red chili powder
Salt 2-3 green chilis
A bunch of cilantro 1 stalk of green onions
2 eggs And some corn oil, which isn’t shown here.
We’re going to start off by microwaving our potatoes until they’re tender and soft.
When they’re done, they’ll be really easy to cut like this.
Then we’ll go ahead and peel them and add them to a big bowl.
You’ll get something like this. We’ve already taken our tuna out of the can
and drained it. Now we’ll just add it to the potoatoes.
Then we’ll cut our green chili and our cilantro. If you want to save time, you can also do
this while your potatoes are cooking in the microwave.
Here, we’re mashing out all of the big knots out of our potatoes.
Then we’ll add ½ a tablespoon of red chili powder. Add ¼ teaspoon of black pepper, and
½ a teaspoon of salt. You can add however much you like.
Then we’ll add the cilantro and the green chilis.
And we’re to mix them really well. That’s why the order in which you add everything
doesn’t really matter. If you look at our directions that are written on our website,
you’ll see that everything happens in a slightly different order and that’s cause it doesn’t
really matter. Then end result should just be that you have this particular potato and
tuna mix. Okay, now we’re going to crack two eggs open.
And add about 1/8 teaspoon of black pepper or however much you’d like.
Then we’ll beat our eggs really well. Now we’ll start cooking. We’ll add two tablespoons
of corn oil to a pan set on high heat. Then we’ll start making our kabobs into a
round sort of flattened ball. So once this shape is done, add it to your
egg mix and make sure its covered with the egg on both sides. Then add it to the stove.
If you wanted, you shape your potato mix before you get to the stove but we just did it this
way to save time. So you’re going to fry each kabob for 5-8
minutes on each side or until they turn brown. Then flip it over and add 2 tablespoons of
additional corn oil. Make sure it’s a brown color on both sides.
Then, you can serve it. You can eat this dish on its own or with an Indian bread.
This recipe will make you about 23 kabobs which can serve about 7-8 people.
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