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Tuna Mango Salsa | Filipino Recipe with a twist by Chris Urbano Feat. Bogart the Explorer

Today, I’m going to prepare a dish called Tuna Mango Salad.. …paired with Victorian Chenin Blanc. I already have with me all the ingredients that I will need here in Paco Market. ..but there’s one more ingredient that I need! So, all ingredients prepared. First step is to fry the tuna belly.. Salt and pepper Goal is for the tuna to be flashed fried and still fresh on the inside. maybe cook for only 50 seconds to 2 minutes Mixing all the ingredients.. Ampalaya (bitter gourd) Tomatoes without seeds Local Indian mango (crunchy) Regular ripe mango (softer texture and sweeter) And i really want to have sweet in there because of the sweet wine paired in this dish. Green, red and yellow. A very appealing dish. Onion leeks. Finger chili (optional) Calamansi / lime juice Mix! So now, its time to taste our dish.. but before that, I have a special dropping guest.. where is he??? Shocking eh? How are you mate? Bogart’s tuna was actually the one I used for this recipe. And its really fresh and complemented the whole dish. Hey mate, are you an Australian? Aren’t you too pale for an Australian?? Suggests to pour over wine first before trying the dish Chenin Blanc from Victoria King valley Australia. So now let’s try to taste the dish with Bogart the Explorer together with the Chenin Blanc


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