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Tuna sandwich (참치 샌드위치)

(music) Hello everybody! How do you like my new costume? Is it colorful? You like it? I’m here at amphitheater of Youtube Space, LA Today, we are going to make tuna sandwich. This is Korean twist on American classic so it’s going to be really delicious very simple ingredients, I’m using so let’s start! We need half cup cucumber chopped just thin and small pieces I’m going to use half cup Onion we need around quarter (1/4) cup Salt half teaspoon and mix Just let it sit for a couple of minutes This hard-boiled egg, 1 egg Really super, super easy Okay! So I’m going to set it aside This morning, I got this from my hotel. Each piece, 1 dollar! So I’m going to grill this Pan is heated so you don’t need any oil So now, like my bread is a little burnt so smell so good so I’m going to turn over multi grain bread smells really like this uh remind me of Korean Nurungji, burnt rice Kay, done! And then we are going to squeeze out excess water. Look at that water! Waterfall! Niagara Waterfall! Put this into this bowl. And egg and then, we need tuna. Let’s strain this. Press down. Til all the liquid go through this strainer. And then, put it here. Easy, eh? We need mayonnaise. Quarter cup mayonnaise. This is ground black pepper Oooh, windy windy! Okay around a quarter (1/4) teaspoon and mix this egg, you don’t need to chop it up on the cutting board Very good! Okay, let’s make this sandwich now! We need some green stuff. Oooh, big! Big lump. Go all the way here. And then radish sprouts Wow, wow, wow so pretty! And then we need hat! That’s it! Our tuna sandwich, done! So you can make it, right? In 10 minutes, you can make this delicious tuna sandwich. Thick, thick! I’m going to feed some people. We are just working together here Youtube Space (Let’s go!) (Can I take one?) Yeah yeah yeah. (You are amazing!) I forgot to bring my… (I’ll take a little one. I’ll leave the big ones for the boys.) (Oh my god, thank you!) Hey boys, pick one. (Hold on, let me just try…) (Let me have both.) (No, you can’t have both, don’t be so greedy!) (Yes!!) (That was the best tuna sandwich…) Yeah, I saw that you just you, what’s your channel? (Frisbee.) I saw that your frisbee oh my crazy, crazy (Not as crazy as good as this sandwich) (This is insane! Amazing, thank you!) He and I met in the Youtube Nextup then I met him here, reunion. (Yeah, old friends.) Really awesome, yeah, cool. (Usually, I find tuna sandwiches a little too salty but this is perfect.) (Less salty.) I use fresh cucumber. (Yeah.) Yeah, egg. 1 egg. (And by the way, you look beautiful!) Oh, you look beautiful! (I love this skirt, I love this hair) Thank you! So everybody enjoys my tuna sandwich I’m sure that you’ll love that. Enjoy my recipe See you next time. Bye bye!! (music)


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