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Turtle Rescued from Shark! Aaron visits Turtle Sanctuary in Family Friendly Video for Kids with Toys

– [Aaron] Stevie’s not
very big there, is he? – [Arianna] He’s a tiny little guy. Just imagine an Oreo with little flippers. [Aaron ] Well, he is
about the size of an Oreo. Shark bite? – [Arianna] It is. A shark got a hold of Maddy. Got a chunk of a her
shell, and also a chunk of her flipper back there. – [Aaron] Oh wow, LB. What is that in there? Like, shrimp, and– – – [LB] Fish. – [Aaron] Fish, man. There they go! Oh, it’s hatching, cool. Bye little turtles. Go out to sea.
– Bye! Hi Tim. – LB, what is that? – [LB] It’s a turtle. – [Aaron] A turtle, man. Where’d you find a turtle, dude? – I found it in the backyard in the pool in the skimmer. – [Aaron] In the skimmer? – [LB] I think he almost drowned. – Oh wow, that would have been bad, but he looks he looks okay. I think maybe he could use a little a little bit of a break and, you know, get his energy back and his strength. But we shouldn’t keep him too long, okay? – [LB] Okay. – ‘Cause he’s best outside. It’s where he’ll do best. Would you like to learn
a lot about turtles? – Yeah. – I know this cool place
down on South Padre Island and they have sea turtles everywhere. – [LB] Whoa! – I know he’s not a sea turtle. He’s just like a little backyard turtle, but it’s still turtles. We can go learn how
they nurse turtles back to health, okay?
– Yeah. – Okay. Oh wow, you already have like a little set up for him back here. Why don’t you go ahead, Tim is his name? – Yeah.
– Okay, go ahead and put Tim back in there, and we’re going to go
head for the island, okay? – Ah, nice in the water.
– Okay, cool. Let’s go. – [LB] And then he starts running. (upbeat music) – Alright, we’re here at the
Sea Turtle Rescue Center. It’s actually called Sea Turtle, Inc. Let’s go inside and find some real life sea turtles they’re saving, okay? Arianna is with Sea Turtle, Inc. She’s got a bucket of food, and she’s gonna let you
feed the turtles, huh? Is that cool?
– Cool. – Awesome, let’s get going. Who’s our turtle here? – [Arianna] So over here
we have little Gabby. – [Aaron] Gabby. – [Arianna] Little Gabby
is in here because she got caught on a fish hook, and we were able to heal her all back up. We got some shrimp, we got some fish, and then also a little bit
of squid in there, too. – [Aaron] Squid, oh wow. – These guys get a protein
diet every morning. Gabby’s looking for more
food down there, too. – [Aaron] There’s another
turtle in this tank, and this is? – [Arianna] So this bigger turtle is Miss Shakira. Now, Shakira came here because she got hit by a boat, and when she got hit by that boat it hit the back of her shell and it got air under the shell, and that gave her what
we call bubble butt. So she has a little bit
of a problem diving. – [Aaron] How did they come up with the names of the turtles? – [Arianna] Whenever they’re
rescued on the beach, particularly rescued by visitors, it’s actually kind of rare when a staff member finds them, and whoever find them gets to name them. – So do they know how old
Shakira and Gabby are? – So turtles are very difficult to get an exact age on. It’s more of an estimation
based on their size. So little Gabby’s anywhere
from about two to four, and Shakira’s maybe about eight to 10. – Okay, so that was Gabby and Shakira, but there’s more turtles here. We gotta go feed the rest of them, okay?
– Yeah! – [Arianna] Alright,
here we have Maddy Jacks. She’s the other– – [Aaron] Maddy, sorry I didn’t… Jack?
– Maddy Jacks. Yes.
– Maddy Jacks. – [Arianna] People think she came here because when she gets a little closer you’re going to see on one side of her shell she has big a chunk missing on the right side of her shell, right there.
– Oh wow, look at that.
– [Arianna] So that is actually a shark bite. – Shark bite?
– It is. A shark got a hold of Maddy, got a chunk of her shell, and also a chunk of
her flipper back there. – [Aaron] So even with a big chunk missing from a shark bite, she can go back out in the ocean? – [Arianna] She can definitely
go back out in the ocean. – Are you able to tell what kind of shark did the bite? – [Arianna] It’s really just a guess. Some of us–
– Tiger shark? – [Arianna] Yeah, some of us think it was actually a tiger shark, because they do have a very strong jaw that could break through turtle shell. Over here is Allison. Now Allison is our one-flippered turtle. So she only has her front right flipper. The other three flippers she had were taken by a predator. We think it might have been a large fish or a small shark. – What the–
– It’s squid. – Squid.
– Go ahead. – She gets pretty excited
when she gets her food. – This is Allison’s prosthesis. So it’s like a artificial flipper? – It is. It is kind of like that. So what we do is we strap it on her, and that fin that comes out at the top kind of acts like a rudder for her to give her the steering she needs to get around. Kind of like the rudder on a canoe. What we do with Jerry, and what we do with all
our resident turtles, we would never do this with a wild turtle, we only do it with our residents, is we do target training. And basically target training is where I’m just gonna
put this little pole in the water, and they need to come
over and bump the pole. – [Aaron] Uh Oh. He’s like wait. Wait wait wait wait wait. Thinking, thinking. And got it. Come on, hit it. – Come on. (clicking) Good boy. – [Aaron] Oh so what
the click, does that– – [Arianna] So the clicker
is the noise that he hears that verifies that he did
the behavior correctly. – [Aaron] Uh oh, Jerry’s
losing interest here. He’s like “I wanna look
through the window.” – [Arianna] Yep, that’s it. – Okay so one of the things that you guys do here is you help the
sea turtles lay their eggs and have a little nest, and they hatch and go off to sea, right? – We sure do. So every day we go out on patrol. We have four people on
four-wheelers checking for mommas. We’re either looking for the mommas coming out of the water that
are laying their eggs or we’re looking for momma’s tracks. We’re gonna follow that track to the nest, we’re gonna take those eggs, and we’re actually going to relocate them to a safety corral that we have. This little guy, his name is Stevie, after the patroller that found him. Stevie got washed back, because if you guys can see, he has a crossed jaw, and
he’s also missing an eye. We’re hoping once he gets older maybe he can better enough to swim back out to sea, and we’ll be able to release him. – [Aaron] Stevie’s not
very big there, is he? – [Arianna] He’s a tiny little guy. Just imagine an Oreo with little flippers. – Well, he is about the size of an Oreo. Okay LB, this is Brian. And Brian is going to take us back to check out a turtle that
had to have some surgery and is still trying to get better, okay? – Okay.
– Okay, we’re gonna go back and give it some medicine. – All of our turtles with
open wounds we put honey. – Real Texas honey, by the way. – Well, that’s just the jar. We actually use, we use really fancy honey that’s all the way from New Zealand. – [Aaron] Medical grade honey, okay? [Brian] Medical grade honey. It’s full of vitamins and
minerals, it’s antibiotic. We kind of put a bunch of
honey gently on her wound, kind of rub in there. This is Carolina. She’s a beautiful
sub-adult Atlantic Greens. – [Aaron] So a sub-adult means how old do you estimate that she is? – Estimated 15 years.
– 15 years. – [Brian] And in turtle world,
she’d be fairly a teenager. So we’ll let that heal, and in about a month we’ll
let this turtle go again. – Alright LB, so we’re
here in the gift shop. And these are some of the
turtles that they’ve got. I think I see little Allison here. Is that Allison?
– Yeah. – Remember the turtle outside that has little prosthetic
flipper on back? You can take off… We want to get Allison, and take Allison home with us? – Yeah.
– Okay, cool. Let’s do it. Alright LB, we’re here at the beach. We’re gonna go look for the turtle nest where the turtle eggs are, okay? I think it’s right over here. Hey LB, look! This is the turtle nest right here.
– Cool. – So I think those are the three remaining nests of turtles eggs. They’re buried in the
sand down there, okay? Okay, so what we gotta do is we gotta come back when it’s dark, and we’ll wait for them to hatch real early in the morning, and then they go out to sea! – Cool!
– Cool! We’ll just have to sit here and wait. Wow, man it’s been quite a wait, LB. – Yeah.
– But it’s finally time for them to hatch. So let’s watch as they
hatch and go out to sea. There they go. Oh, it’s hatching. (upbeat music) Cool! Bye little turtles. Go out to sea.
– Bye! – [Aaron] Bye! Hey fans. Tap the Toy Lab TV Smiley Face to subscribe and find out about our newest videos. You can also tap the pictures to watch more fun videos right now. Don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up.

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