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Ugly Stik BigWater 10′ Rod & Reel Combo Review

Hey guys This is why with marine outdoors and we’re doing a review On the Shakespeare ugly stick big water ten foot model rod and reel combo This is a rod that I used for shore fishing pretty much get long cast out 10-foot so you can really launch that shit out there You can also use it for surf fishing if you want to I haven’t done it yet. I really do want to do it But I just haven’t had a chance to try it out The also the rod is pretty stiff, you know, it’s ten foot rods pretty thick and stuff like that But it has a sensitive enough tip where I was able to notice that a jack smelt was nibbling on my line if you guys don’t know what that is just a Small surf smelt doesn’t get really more than a foot long And I was able to actually not just sense that and see it hitting but I was actually able to hook it and landed But it was kind of awkward. It’s a pretty stiff rod for it and I Pretty much. I thought I was gonna come off but it did come off. We got a nice hook set on it. So Sensitive enough for that which is pretty good. It’s nothing special, but it gets the job done and I would also upgrade the reel if You really want to but if you’re just starting out, you don’t have the money or anything. You can definitely use the stock reel No problem. I was able to land a decent sized bat-ray On it. That’s actually the footage that’s rolling and me fighting a fish. That’s actually bat-ray decent size You’ll see it up there and Pretty much. It’s just a great setup. If you’re a beginner, you’re shore fishing a lot. You need to cast out far You know cover more ground from wherever you’re sitting leve your fishing on whatever And also in the surf, you know get you out to that sea sweet spot past the breakers into a nice hole something of that nature so If you don’t have a lot of money, this is something for you. I picked this up at West marine for 80 bucks It’s pretty good for a 10 foot setup You know, but it’s it’s cheap. It’s an ugly stick and stuff, but I actually own a lot of fish sticks. I’ve landed Salmon on ugly sticks and stuff like that I mean they work they get the job done and you’re not spending a lot of money for it So that’s why I really like them. And also I think it’s good for Everybody when you’re first starting out don’t spend a lot of money on your gear because you’re going to lose gear You’re gonna screw up you’re gonna break stuff all that shit. So I hope you enjoyed the video Hope you enjoyed the review Let me know to give it a like give it a comment and I’ll see you guys next time tune in for more


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