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Uma pesca aos Robalos com Savage Gear Mini Sandeel (4K ULTRA HD)

well now let´s release hi guys and welcome to another fishing video today I am again sea fishing the sea will be 0.9 meters only, is what you see here the waves are bigger, the cams have stabilization weeds I fish a salad, I got lunch I will try to fish with jigs too in that deeper area but for now, I will try to fish all this area here trying to catch a Bass let´s go fish first fish he loved Savage Gear Sandeel first is caught, the day is still beginning let´s see how it goes this guy wants to kick me bite them, bite all these guys bite them so you want to bite me and not them we have some more Spanish fishermen here very funny one of them is even singing fish one more another seabass was a very good attack he almost pulls my rod, I am sleepy I wake up very early here is the fish they are all this size so they have the minimum size … to release so one more, let´s see if this continues this way so two fish and the day is just starting but this is not how it begins, is how it ends but for now, I can´t complain I am finesse fishing I am fishing with this small rod with 5-20g action the multi is a 0.13 and my terminal line is a fluorocarbon 0.20 because the water here is crystal clear and for you seeing this video you can think this is easy but this area is overfished and if I don´t fish lighter and if I don´t fish finesse I will not have the results I have fish escaped, no he doesn´t escaped this looks like a Wrasse maybe not maybe a needle fish? don´t know what this is but is good Wrasse? maybe a big Wrasse? no, is not a Wrasse I saw silver so is a seabass is a Seabass is a Seabass is this can you see? this and inside one Sandeel I will go there, take a photo and then release I hope they don´t mind I invade their private garden but I have to take a photo of my fish 0.6 meters 0.5meters perfect, let´s go he is not big is this and let´s release there he goes there he goes and at this moment we got three fish the last one of not a small fish is a fish so now we only need a big fish but so far so good, the day is only starting, is at the moment … 8:17 am, is 9:17 am on my phone but I am in Spain and here is one hour more so it is 8:17 I think I am fishing for 1:30 hours only so far so good so let´s continue fish when the lure hit the water maybe Pollock? maybe weed look can you see? one more species let´s take a photo and let´s release look the colors great what is not great is his teeth on my hands not great and release one more, four fish, not bad I am in Estellas islands, would be great windguru hit one time so windguru said today we will not have wind almost no waves… and here don´t seems but in the middle we have 1.5meters waves glad I don´t get seasickness so let´s go out of here can you see that hill there? my car is there almost, I can almost touch so guys for me is over, is only 10am and is over the day is windy, the waves are big and now comes a big boat, look at this come, just come faster so let me put the kayak ready for the waves and take the waves in the front he could go a bit far… but no… so I hope you like this video I am so cold, I am going home see you in the next video


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