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Uncut Angling is MARRIED!

What’s going on guys today’s gonna be a little bit of a different video something crazy happened Something that many people said was never gonna happen happened. I thought it was basically impossible but Aaron we’ve got married. He’s hitched. It’s official it’s done this video is a little looking to the weekend doesn’t show too much of the wedding, but More so some of the out-of-towners that came in. Yeah, I wasn’t really planning on filming too much I thought I’d pull out the camera a bit. So I’ll leave with that. Here we go Welcome back today, we’re on the mighty Red River and it is very mighty today water is high tons of rain this fall and this is probably The highest I’ve ever seen the river In the fall time or even ever it is just screaming. There’s somebody on shore over there We were about to pick up our co-host for the day. I’ve actually never met him This will be our first time meeting. You’ll be a part of it. Yeah, we’ll see what we’re doing today I don’t think it’s gonna be ideal for a while. I will tell you that Waters clearing up nicely Ladies and gentlemen, hey, mr. Paul kasin Well your most holy Paul and I have been friends for many years and now we’re actually often in a boat All right. Tell me what you want to do Paul. So there’s two things I’ve always wanted to and the two things I want to do Jay I want to catch a fish on a pickle rig and the Red River I didn’t bring big jewelry I’ve never used a pig. Did you buy any we don’t like in Ontario? It’s not a thing Yeah So I didn’t buy one because you said you a lot So no, I didn’t want to you and I want to try to catch catfish. Okay, right River Well, let’s see. I get a spot and the pickle rake. Maybe we’ll make one we can make one All right. So as I mentioned the waters raging and something that Aaron we’ve taught me is When the water is high the fish push just super super shallow in the red for walleyes and for cats So we were marking a lot of fish in like four feet of water. So do not be afraid to do that So that’s where we’re starting like four feet five feet. We’re gonna start fishing. We’ll get Paul this first catfish Yeah, you got to earn this, right? So initially he gave me like the tail the little blood and then he gave me another piece But now I worked my way up to the this here Whatever this would you call this the goods he calls this. I got the good stuff 33-inch or my boy paul castellano casts adventures. He does guide for catfish. No II don’t Alright Paul show me Oh Biggest one. Yeah it is. That’s my biggest minute total catfish so far She thinks it might be a master. We’ll throw it on the tape 34 inches Well, you think clearly there we go. Oh, it’s official 34 and 3/4. Here you go That’s it for the back 34 and 3/4 inch Thank You Jay well You know what? It doesn’t even matter if here and get the married now Sit done mission accomplished when you go catfish on the red fruits in the Red River. This is the the basic setup you use a Muskie rod with 80 pound braid. There you go right And then Jay has me set up With a flat 4 ounce weight and very subtle we both feel that we might have to switch the fluorocarbon But right now we’re running braid for the leader And then what what is this Jay is 6 odd or 5 on earth something a little tool will be on there Chuck fishy there. What would you say water visits how many how many feet visibility feet visibility right now? I know what you have you have like like one inch possibly Super-fun so and Jay also recommends that you tighten the drag As you can and he’s trying to like, I don’t know train me for tomorrow’s. Yeah. Oh, do you hear something? Yeah, there’s the locks. There’s the floodway. There’s a current theme Right there. You can even see how the water gets clearer. We’re kind of right on that edge and We’re fishing just not too much because the current is raging right now. So we’re fishing rating that intermediate Current I heard you taught air in that Hot air and everything he knows about catfish something like that You were telling me earlier about the one time you taught him how to use cut bait And for the first time was I you put Erin on his first minutes on the master. Yeah, okay Another catfish average-size don’t know what else to say. We haven’t moved all day Holy Smoke, yes. Here we go. This is gonna be one of my biggest cats ever. Look at that pig That is bad can barely hold this thing Hole, that’s a tank Alright Number two second master Jay Siemens put me on a big-time, Manitoba v Oh everyone I Missed the tiller life I feel like a complete right now because I’m back to the tiller Feel like I need to bolt said you can kill her and it is the wheel Joe. We’re talking about wheel life birth Who’s this? Haven’t you guys been a team together before Ike what’s up? There’s a lot of cameras You’re prettier in real life, but you’re good on camera as well. Give me hug and your father your suitcase Did your bags anywhere this life jacket? Yeah blowing up. That’s okay I’ll get you different one I need to catch a 20-pounder 20 pounder. We got paid you get a 20-pounder not hard to catch. He’s old enough That’s what I want to do. I’m gonna get a PB Dirty cop, but I don’t really want to hold it I thought you guys would never be back in a boat together After season 1 2 3 hours if there was a second 39 hours, would you two fish it together again? Yes, really always in that situation. We actually work well together most other situations no, believe it or not I don’t want to say this to too many people but Look at the size of this hat like this is the first cut you think a big Have you never helped me catfish before not really hold on higher All right, put him back get him back It’s unbelievable they curse okay. Hey, that’s like one I Mean it’s not where I would have cast it but that’s fine taro Do you’ve any wishes you want to say to Aaron for his a big wedding day? I’m just really happy for you happy boy because this girl makes you so happy and I’m happy that you’re happy and then she’s happy I want to say this I’ve been married to my angry wife Paul for so many years and the place I can give to you is you know What when times get hard? You won’t always get along. You may not talk to each other for a while But in the end you will come on top and battle together Remember that look in the mirror and you’ll realize that you’re not perfect. I don’t look in the mirror I just look at people’s YouTube comments and they tell me that I’m so annoying. So Paul must be right someone Any well wishes you want to pass on Erina Michelle, of course, of course. I hope that everything goes exactly as the Hope that it goes and I look forward to meeting Michelle for the first time I’m excited to be here with J and taro and I’m excited to see you guys and best wishes I just hope that everything on Sunday goes well, and I hope that you guys, you know continue to find happiness in each other Can I reel in the fish bro, oh Did you get in here – J no just a couple pros of the big cat let’s throw them a tape. There you go It’s thirty five and a quarter man boy having a quarter inch Manitoba master Yeah. All right Terrell. Yeah, you need to catch one and then we’re go for dinner. Okay, you try to motivate me dinner It might work Is the wedding still on I’ll sit down here’s old higher Right there Oh Dadgum this guy gets them every time I can’t get 100 real it is. Yeah. I really this guy here. There we go Descending go for dinner. I’m gonna lose it – no, no. No, it’s a muskie. It’s a muskie. No it Knight-fish guys, you know in relationships people people do for each other where the conference is law That their significant other real in fish To get their momentum back foot back foot effect. I want I can we make catfish Let’s do it back. Put it back. Put it back. Are we done? No one more. I got a hook one Can I just feel a bite? We just slam the rod into my face is this gonna ruin me for the wedding? No, this is this Is good good Yeah, he always be so hard I am in a wedding party the tears, can you can you get a thumbnail of that I don’t know. He’ll thank me. Later All right. I was working on my wound on my nose and taro finally hooked up. This is gonna be my biggest cut Get fish wait first Manitoba Canada, they’re all chunky. Look at the head is like a big old tadpole. Can we go? Can we go for dinner? Yeah, you know what? I don’t want a master cat and go for dinner on this one. Let’s bring it to the restaurant No, no, no. No, we can’t eat this. Can I stop this for putting ice get it back? Put it back. Put it back for the way you sure I’m not even mad that I cut my nose. This was all just so gorgeous Is that Bigfoot clean any advice or anything for any Michelle good luck. Oh We’re serious. Just do married people things. You know, it’s easy that never fish happy wife. Happy life Wish you all the best to make your bed every day That’s all I got. You know what all I’m good, too to make speech. Remember China. I wish you the best and that’s it What happened in China? Do you have any uh wedding wishes for any Michelle wedding wishes? well, I wish I’m glad that Aaron’s gonna be straightened out now finally, but congratulations guys and Excited for tomorrow wedding. Whoo. Do you’ve any wedding wishes for Erina, Michelle? Oh Just what a top-shelf couple no an errand for a long time and anytime here and does anything It’s just doesn’t from the feet up like he’s he’s 100% in And ever since he met Michelle and it was like same thing. He was day one He’s just in love with her breath me. Do you run up a hill? What are your wishes for Aaron and Michelle any advice today Tara Michelle yeah, you know, congratulations Aaron This is this a big day for you. I Was you know, I really don’t know what I’m what should I say? Yeah, I have so bad relationships It’s like I don’t know if I should give advice but you know, so good luck enjoy enjoy your time together and Yeah Well while I kind of asked everybody else for some well wishes for Aaron and Michelle I realized that I never spoke my part and Well, I might get emotional Aaron has been a brother to me he is My life would would be very very different. If our paths had not crossed. He has opened so many doors I can not give him a Enough credit enough. Thanks for you know bringing me into a circle and Giving me my my dream basically to to work in the fishing industry and to work with him and just over the years aaron has taken such care of me and That’s why I know that Michelle is in very good hands because Aaron would put other people for himself to make sure other people were comfortable other people are doing well and I just Erin a Michelle. I hope the absolute best for you It’s it’s amazing. I see the way that you guys look at each other and Yeah, you guys are so deeply in love and you guys are going fishing together and making videos and I could not be any happier Yeah. Oh Anyways, that’s pretty much it Aaron Michelle, I love you guys and Looking forward to many more good times together. Yeah


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