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Underwater Camera – How to Record – (Aqua-Vu)

  • Underwater cams have absolutely changed ice fishing videos. Makes it more exciting then summer fishing vids. You need to get a video this winter of a huge pike smashing a tip up!

  • Thanks Clayton! Have been trying to figure this out and was just talking to Justin Jenken about this very thing yesterday!

  • Thanks for the video just wondering if you can record off of Acuvue 7:15 just not into spending $1,400 as I don't do a ton of ice fishing

  • I use the Marcum Quest HDnd i Love it, super easy to use / record with..but scares the fish away at night !

    I'm actually giving away an Ice fishing Camera on my channel for anyone interested!

  • Looking to get into the game. Is the AV715c useful? Dont want to regret buying when even the 715c isn't a small purchase.
    Thanks Clayton!

  • Clayton, I guarantee you if you can find a way to Livestream fishing (IRL) you will become the most popular angler on the internet. People on Twitch go crazy for IRL stuff, especially fishing. Sounds weird but there's alot of people that enjoy outdoorsy type streams, regardless if theres action or not.

  • I have the 10i pro. It’s unreal. Best purchase I made. Being able to actually see how a fish acts live is a true game changer.

  • Nice one! Question: what is the quality on that smaller micro pro compared to those bigger units you have? Is it worth the money when you want a clear-ish image of what's down there? Given that the water is clear of course.

  • Great info as always . I have the evolution pro and love it! Only problem is in stained water the light isn’t as good and picture quality is reduced fast. With one of HD aqua vu would there be some improvement or all depends on the amount of light penetration ??? Thanks i

  • Too ‘spensive for me, I’m afraid. But this is great info for if I ever want to splurge on the Aquaview. Thanks!

  • Any problem's with your accessories in the cold or moisture? Do you keep the accessories(Aver, Dakota power pack, etc..) while in use in some sort of compact carrying case or do you just lay them next to the underwater camera when using?

  • Hey Clayton can you do another helix 7 hard water settings video again? Really enjoy the last one but would love an in depth video on your settings for deeper water/shallow water and different species settings like lake trout and walleye. Really love your videos and your content! Keep up the great work and good luck this season !

  • I've got the 715, I never can see anything so I haven't really used it. As soon as I drop it down the hole it's way too dark to see anything, and if I turn on the light it just looks like a snowstorm. I've only used it in clear lake trout lakes and a quarry that has 15' of visibility and still nothing. Am I doing something wrong?

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