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Underwater In The East Branch Ausable River | Fish Photography

hey everyone Brendan Walter here I’m on
the east branch of the AuSable River I’m about to snorkel here to do some
underwater photography I’m on a location called rock-cut Park the section of
river that I’m at a snorkel was the site of an ecological restoration project led
by the AuSable River Association Trout Unlimited and the US Fish and Wildlife
Service several years ago if I spin around you can see this Bank behind me
here has all been restored with what’s called a toe wood structure so there’s a
lot of roots and logs and that sort of thing
extending into the river here holding that Bank in place and providing fish
habitat so I’m going to snorkel this whole section of the river today and see
what I find okay so I just got finished snorkeling I
didn’t find anything too incredible a couple of things to note one is there’s
a lot of filamentous green algae in the bottom of the river right now that’s
probably primarily due to the fact that it’s been such a hot sunny summer and
the water is so low so that algae has a lot of opportunity to get sunlight and
warm temperatures all the things that it needs to grow I did find a lot of
various minnow species primarily black nose dace so if I’ll have put several of
those images up for you so far so I’m still on the hunt for the elusive trout
you know my number one thing that I would love to do this season this summer
fall is to get some incredible images of brook trout
I knew this particular location wasn’t probably the best for that sort of thing
today because the water is so low and it’s and also so warm it’s the beginning
of September but temperatures are still pretty high I still have a few locations
in my back pocket that I may visit soon to try and get those shots so if you
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until then I’ll catch you next time

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