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Using an EGG to catch fish?

Yeah, so this is the egg It’s about 2 ounces right here so I can cast a little fly out really far My friend Soloman actually showed me this egg I – I actually ordered it the other day knowing I’m gonna come here and target some striped bass and stuff You basically just hook it up here and then you cast it and as soon as it hits the water, this comes off and you pop this back like a topwater popper and this is behind it. It works pretty darn well and I’m just gonna retrieve it back pretty fast ON! See ’em attacking my egg? Woah! They love these flies! That’s a decent one. Let’s check the size on this 18″ 18 1/2″ Damn [Erin:] Oh my gosh Woah [Brendon:] Probably another 18″ [Erin:] Nice [Brendon:] Hope it’s a 19″ 19″… I think that’s a little too risky It’s too risky. I- I don’t like to keep it that close to- to keeper Not worth the ticket Woo! I think that’s a keeper! 19″ on the dot. I think we should release it still [Erin:] Yea [Brendon:] Yeah, let’s just release it
[Erin:] Let’s just get it back out there [Erin:] Oh my god, there’s a bus coming! [Brendon:] Nice, Erin! [Erin:] Not terribly big, but a lot of fun! I’m happy that I got a bite on the first throw This is the fly that I tied I tried to make it look like a little baitfish mullet. Seems to be working Ah! Here we go. I love stripers, I think they’re so pretty Woah! Woah ho ho! [Brendon:] Woah he ho! [Erin:] Weh he ho Weh ho! [Brendon:] Here’s my special egg I got this from MH4 Designs and uh, this was a custom made one think he makes them out of New Jersey but it looks really nice and it’s got this groove right here so I can store it away just like that [Erin:] You’ve got the glitter bomb [Brendon:] and at the end of it, I’ve got a little bucktail 1/4 ounce that I tied I tied this up last night and I’m trying to mimic the small baitfish in here [Erin:] Oh ho! [Brendon:] Weh ho! Weh ho! [Erin:] Weh ho that’s a nice one! [Brendon:] That might be it! It’s eating something, look! What are these, are they- is he eating shrimp or something? Interesting Look Yeah! Man! That was, that was 19″ That was like 19″ on the dot. Like, maybe just a hair less. It’s so frustrating! We weren’t able to get a keeper this morning, but I know there’s a lot of juicy, jumbo white perch here that we’re gonna catch and bring home for dinner uh, hopefully I’ll be showing you guys a catch and cook right after this So right now it seems like they’ve stopped biting lures so, we’re gonna switch up the game plan and start using bait Our buddy Andres from Hook Junky is going to get some soft shell crabs right now which I know are goona be really good. I know they’re gonna be really good here We’re gonna give that a try Um And hopefully we’re gonna get some, some more fish to fill up our cooler with for dinner On? [Erin:] Yeah! {Brendon:] Nice! [Erin:] Yes! [Brendon:] Told you! [Erin:] Aw man! [Brendon:] Aw, it’s ok, it’s ok! There’s more. There’s way more! I told you it works! [Erin:] I stopped it for a second [Brendon:] Oh, you stopped it, huh? Did you watch it go down, or did you feel it? [Erin:] No, I felt it oh my gosh… [Brendon:] Oh! It did it to me, too! [Brendon’s friend:] You’re killin’ them bro, you’re killin’ ’em! [Brendon:] White perch [Brendon’s Friend:] That’s a big one! [Brendon:] Yeah! It’s a nice one! [Brendon’s Friend:] Yeah, there’s a lot of those here, man [Brendon:] Yeah, I wanna hit more of those. I’ll be happy with a cooler full of that. WOO! Nice! That is a fat perch that took the Squidy Bits. Look at that! All that on Squidy Bits [Brendon’s Friend:] Really!? [Brendon:] Yea, I was just jigging it [Brendon’s Friend:] REALLY!? [Brendon:] (indistinguishable) just jig-jig-jig really gently How much was this? oh my GOD! are these peelers? [Brendon’s Friend] Yeah [Brendon:] Aw man! NICE! [Brendon’s Friend:] And they’re alive! [Brendon:] Take the body off Oh, it’s a soft one On! Woo! [Brendon’s Friend:] I told you! It’s striper candy! [Brendon:] That was like a first cast! There we go! Let’s see the size on this [Brendon’s Friend:] I told you they were in the shallows! [Brendon:] OH! VERY close to 19″! Very close, but no Woah! That’s a nice one. That’s a better one, right? [Erin:] How was your morning? [Brendon:] It was great! We slammed ’em! [Brendon:] We caught so many fish! [Erin:] We started off with the egg at sunrise [Brendon:] The egg worked really well when nothing else was working. [Erin:] Right {Brendon:] Um, the topwater popper was just too big. They were keyed in on these little things. The egg worked so well. Uh, then we switched over to fishing for some perch We used the Squidy Bits. We were jigging one after another after another after another Um, we got our limit of perch [Erin:] Yea, we’ll take those home and cook those, huh? [Brendon:] We’re gonna cook those up. They’re in the icebox right now That’s all the time we have today Next time, I’m gonna show you some really cool things with a really cool rig that I’ve- I’ve, I think I’ve invented We’ll see, I’ll show you next week If you guys like this episode, please like and Subscribe Uh, we- we do these every single week and our job here at Hey Skipper is to help as many people get on fish as possible and we do this by teaching you guys all sorts or different knots, all sorts of different rigs, different methods, different techniques. Erin and I go around and trevel and- and do all sorts of different kinds of fishing So if you wanna follow our adventure, click the Subscribe button and click the little notification bell right next to that to be alerted every time we put a new episode out If you need some more help, we’ve got a great website with all sorts of tutorials on how to tie knots, how to surf fish, how to pier fish, all sorts of different stuff. I encourage you guys to check it out. It’s a great resource for any kind of fisherman. Have you guys seen our new Hey Skipper hats? These are brand new that we designed and just put onto our store If you wanna help support us, get one of these hats. We’ve got some new fishing packs, too that hold a whole bunch of tackle right on your waist. We also sell Squidy Bits on our website as well and that really killed the perch today! We really slammed them using pretty must just 2 pieces the whole time If you wanna try the Squidy Bits, it’s in the link in the description as well. I’ll see you guys next wekk! Ok, we’ve got all the white perch back here, cleaned. I’ve salted ’em I washed them off again and now, in order to store them for the month, um, I’m- I’m actually going to vacuum pack it. This way, it stays very very fresh. It stays the freshest as possible, pretty much Uh, beacuse it’s salted, cleaned, AND vacuum sealed AND frozen We’ve got these for dinner tonight, just Erin and me. So, we saved the jumbos for ourselves The rest is gonna be for family, giveaway, eating it later But what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna leave all the fins and stuff on because I’m gonna fry it. It’s gonna be really crispy But, to get it even more crispy, I’m gonna cut slits into it like this Just like that All the way down the fish WOO! Lookin’ good! Not quite there yet. I want ’em crispier. Lookin’ good, but I want them CRISPIER! [Erin:] Brendon, that looks so good [Brendon:] I know, I’m so hungry! ok, so this is a little different than eating a fillet. You’re gonna need to avoid bones Oh my gosh, look at that You gotta try som, Erin. It’s just so crunchy, and the meat is so sweet. [Erin:] Oh my goodness Woooow! Everything’s so crispy! Mmm The tails get so crispy, it’s like a chip!


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