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Using Depth Highlight to Fish a Pattern | Humminbird

You are probably familiar with the word
pattern. A pattern is basically a predictive tool that defines where your
target fish are, what they’re doing, and how you can catch them. Developing and
refining a pattern is the key to consistent fishing. Right now we’re working to develop a pattern. Basically, we’ve been catching walleyes in shallow
cabbage weeds on soft plastics. In doing so we’ve isolated one large bay of this
lake, identified some productive weed beds, and dropped waypoints on them,
and then figured out how to catch the fish living in those weeds but now it’s
time to see how well this pattern holds throughout the lake not just on this one
bay, and one of the best tools on my Humminbird fish finder to help me do
that is the depth highlight feature. To access the depth highlight feature
you’ll of course need a Humminbird fish finder, like a HELIX or a SOLIX, as well
as a Humminbird LakeMaster digital map chip. On my SOLIX
I’ll call up the chart x-press menu and then select Humminbird settings. Next
I’ll toggle depth highlight to on and select the primary depth contour to
highlight. These cabbage weeds are from 6 to 8 feet deep so I’ll select the
seven-foot contour. Then under highlight range I’ll dial down to plus or minus 1
foot. Now, everywhere on my chart view throughout the lake all of the water
that is 6 to 8 feet deep will be highlighted in green. Now in places where
the 6 to 8 foot range is very compact or compressed these are areas with
relatively steep brake lines and likely not a lot of weed growth on the other
hand in regions where the 6 to 8 foot depth range is expansive and large, well,
these are likely flats that could hold productive weeds and places I need to
check out. Humminbirds Depth Highlight feature is
a powerful tool that will help you to develop and refine patterns so you can
find and catch more fish.


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