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Vegan Tuna Salad – Chickpea Salad Sandwich

xhey, guys, it’s me Courtney from Know Your Produce and today we’re going to be making vegan tuna salad so it’s not tuna
but we’re actually gonna be using chickpeas so it’s kind of like a
chickpea salad but it’s gonna have those seafood flavors because we’re gonna be
using a little bit of kelp and then I’m also gonna be using flaxseeds for
omegas and I also find that it helps it come together a little bit so I’m going
to show you how we do this. First, we’re going to take our chickpeas and we’re
just gonna take a fork or you can use like a potato masher and we’re just
gonna mash this up and if you wanted to take the skin off of the chickpeas you
can totally do that. I just find that it’s going to be fine
with or without it so I haven’t noticed a difference either way so I just keep
the skins on it takes a lot of effort to take those skins off so I just find it’s
easier to just do it like this. So just mash these up until you get the
desired consistency if you want them a little chunkier you can make them a
little bit more coarse if you want them really mashed you can mash them all the
way but just make sure you’re not putting it in a blender or like a food
processor because it will turn to hummus and that is not what we’re going for so
a fork or a potato masher is the best utensil for this. So you basically want
to stop once you see that you have most of the chickpeas mashed if you have a
few halves of them that’s fine you just don’t want big chunks of chickpeas in
here like whole chickpeas so that looks good to me and now I’m gonna start on my
veggies so now we’re just gonna chop up some celery. I like to add celery to the salad I find that it gives a lot of crispiness just like you would have in a
regular tuna salad and it gives it that flavor as well. Alright so now I just
measured out 1/2 a cup and I’m gonna put that into the chickpea mixture and then
we’re gonna do the same with some red onion so I’m just chopping this up
finely as well you don’t want a huge chunk of onion when you’re eating the
salad so it’s not minced but finely chopped. Okay, now let’s measure this about 1/2 a cup you could even do a third of a cup if
you don’t like onions too much and try not to cry. My eyes are watering right
now, whoa! woo-wee. [exhale] [sniffing] [blowing]
I just like blink my eyes really fast and blow into them a little bit and then
I’m good. [Laugh] So then we’re gonna put the onion in there and then we’re gonna add
in some other ingredients a little bit more onion on my board I’ll just add
that to the chickpeas then I like to add in some fresh herbs my favorite fresh
herb is parsley. I just find it gives it a lot of flavor
try to remove the stems if you can if there’s big ones you can remove those if
they’re tiny just leave them there fine and this is my favorite fresh herb it’s
very flavorful a lot of people say that they don’t taste flavor from parsley. I
absolutely taste it. I can smell it so you’re gonna get that fresh herb
flavor from parsley if you don’t like cilantro you can always swap out for
parsley. Parsley is definitely flavorful if you haven’t tried it I definitely
think you should try it. I use it in a lot of my recipes. I always have fresh
parsley on hand and then once you have it chopped to your desired texture just
scoop it on up and put it into your bowl so now we’re gonna assemble everything I
have the parsley I have the celery red onion and the chickpeas we’re gonna add
in our other ingredients so the first thing I’m going to add is the kelp
flakes these are very salty let’s see the sodium is 105 milligrams for one
teaspoon. We’re using 1 teaspoon you could use more if you wanted a little
bit more fishy, but just keep in mind if you wanted to add salt this is gonna add
some salt to it so we’re adding just 1 teaspoon. 1 teaspoon of that and then I’m
also gonna add in some ground flaxseed if you like to use ground flaxseed a
hundred percent recommend that you make the ground flaxseed yourself at home.
It’s so much easier to do in your Vitamix it’s cheaper and it’s fresher, so
I grind these every three to four days because we use it a lot.
So just grind that up and then you could put it into a container you don’t have
to buy it ground. Then we’re gonna add in our mayo you could use any plant-based
mayo that you like. You could even use like a homemade
cashew mayo if you like that and then finally a little bit of lemon juice. If
you didn’t like lemon juice you could use like vinegar and then I like to add
pepper to taste so just a little bit of pepper you could do fresh cracked if
you’d like and then we’re just gonna mix this up. So if you wanted to let this set
for an hour in the fridge I usually do that but since we’re doing this on video
I’m going to show you it how it looks right away. So keep mixing it up until
everything is fully combined then you see everything is like everywhere evenly
dispersed and then that is it and you could enjoy this as is with some
crackers on some toast this is perfect for like breakfast, lunches you could
even use it for dinner. I’ve even used it and stuffed tomatoes I
don’t know that’s a thing people put tuna salad into tomatoes and it’s
really good with this chickpea tuna but I want to show you how I make my
sandwich. So now I’m just gonna put together a sandwich which is really
delicious I’m gonna cut a tomato. Always use a serrated knife when you’re cutting
tomatoes it cuts it much easier. Especially for bread too, like you know how
you use a bread knife it’s serrated and I like to have thin slices so I’ll cut
myself two thin slices maybe three. Look how thin you can cut it with a serrated
knife. That’s why I love serrated knives because look oh my goodness
they’re thin. [Laugh] Okay so first things first I like to use green leaf lettuce it’s
like really curly and pretty it’s perfect for presentation as well but it
tastes delicious. No worries about romaine with all the
e.coli scares and then we’re gonna add on our tomato maybe I’ll use a thick piece
too right in the middle and then we’re gonna top it with our tuna our chickpea
tuna and you can put as much or as little as you want.
Remember this is a plant protein chickpeas are loaded with protein. and just spread it on until the entire
sandwich has it for each bite. Top it with the bread and I did toast this bread and
then you take a bite. Mmmm [Chewing] it’s so good it tastes just like what I would remember
of having the tuna salad sandwich but it’s with chickpeas it still has that
plant protein. We hope you like and enjoy this recipe as much as we do be sure to
like, share, and subscribe and drop us a comment below and tell us what you think
of this sandwich – see you soon. Mmm [Laughing] it’s really good! Mmmm, I love it.


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