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Vencedor do carreto Okuma e próximo Giveaway – Winner of the Okuma reel and next Giveaway

welcome to the winner of the giveaway Is today, finally, a lot of people are waiting for this for you to know I’ll make a new giveaway for the 3,500 subscribers and then in 4000 in 4000 I think will be a new reel and in 3500 I think I will offer lures don´t know yet, I will see when I got there Is going well and I’m getting close to 3500 To win this you don´t have to do nothing you are already subscribed, you already commented now I will do my part the winner have to claim the Reel till day 15 If by day 15 is not claimed will be raffled again Probably in the 4000 subscribers These awards are a thank you for your support For seeing my videos But obviously if you do not see my videos do not have a reel Remember there are always new things Besides the fishing videos there are offers Continue here and see you in next video


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