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Was A Medium Catfishing This Hopeful By Claiming To Talk To Her Late Father? | Catfish: The TV Show

– All right, DuBois Park. This is it. – [Kayla] This is scary. – [Nev] Let’s do it. – Can we go wait over here? – [Max] Yeah. – I’m so nervous. This is gonna be like a
really big life changer. – Yeah. – Either way it goes. – Look at this little guy. That’s kinda weird, right? – [Max] Never seen them
stand up like that. Are they supposed
to stand like that? Maybe it’s… I’m not ruling anything out. He senses something. – You don’t know what kinda
car she drives, do you? – This is so scary. Is that her? I think it is. – [Nev] Where? – Right there. Just came outta the red car.
– That does look like her. – [Max] Just walking
slowly over here. – Oh gosh, I’m so nervous. Oh my gosh. Are you Courtney? – Of course I am. – Wow. Hi. – Hi. – Nev. – Nev. You have your dad’s eyes. You have your dad’s eyes. Hi honey. Oh. – Are you telling the truth? – Of course I am. Of course I am. I would never ever make
something up like this that could be so, you
know, potentially hurtful. I knew that the
situation was so strange. You know, the more I
talked with your dad, the more I realized something
good has to come out of this, and I wanted to be able to
give you that peace of mind. I wanted to be able to give
you maybe some closure, and… – There’s so much I
wanna talk to you about. – [Courtney] Me too. It was so overwhelming for
me too for the longest time, because I know the
situation that he was in and I know everything
that happened. – How did you know about that? – He told me. He went through the story. It was not something that
Frankie really wanted to happen. I know that he feels
so much regret, and he struggles with the
fact that his daughters do forgive him, because
he doesn’t even think he deserves forgiveness himself. – So you never met
him in real life, even though you grew up in Ohio, you never crossed paths
with him in Kentucky. – No. No I’ve never. I don’t have any connection
with him whatsoever. – And did you read about
this story when it happened? – No, this was
something that happened in a small town in
Kentucky and it just, there was no reason
for me to get all the way up to
Northeastern Ohio news. And to be honest with
you I never even knew that I had this ability. I mean it was so
overwhelming for me too for the longest time. When he first showed up, I
remember I was in my room, and I was focused
very much on writing that I was working on. I actually fell
asleep at my laptop and it was just a little,
couple hours later maybe. I woke up and I
remember opening my eyes and I could see out of
the corner of my eye but I didn’t wanna look, but there was a figure
at the side of my bed and right then and there I
could pick up the feelings, he was also confused,
he was also very scared, he did not realize how
he had gotten there. He did not know why. And all I could think of
was well he must need help. – I assume once he
told you his name you went on the internet
and looked him up. – Absolutely. Did I get on Google
to confirm am I crazy, does this person and
his story really exist? Because believe me I was just
as skeptical, completely. There was quite a while
when I actually thought what if I’m insane? Like what if I’m
like schizophrenic? What if I’m losing it? – Since this started, have
you gone to any doctors to see if perhaps you might
have a medical condition like a schizophrenia? – Yeah absolutely. I went to see a doctor
and I don’t have any sort of
personality disorder, I don’t have schizophrenia, I don’t have any of
the mental illnesses. So it took me a long time
before I really realized he is real and I can hear
him and I can see him. – Like I wanna
believe it so bad. It’s really hard
for me to like cope with all of this at once. I just don’t really
understand all of this. It’s crazy. – One thing that we
had some doubts about that Kayla expressed to us, was that she had wanted
to try to meet up with you and you always kind
of had an excuse. What was the real story there? – I wasn’t even 100%
sure if I could stand up to my own scrutiny, let
alone from Kayla’s family or Kayla herself. I did not want anything
to hurt anybody. – Had you looked at her or
researched the family at all before you contacted? – The day that I actually
decided to contact her, I just picked Facebook
and I was like she’s probably on
Facebook, I mean who isn’t? So I just looked her up. – Can we take a break
for two minutes? I buy it. – [Nev] Yeah. – She’s sold me on it. – Which means that… – Well, I feel like
she’s telling the truth. We’ve talked to liars. She doesn’t strike me as a liar. – I don’t think so either. We’re way out of our league. There’s no league for this. We just wanted to sorta… – I just don’t know
where I stand right now. I wanna believe her so bad, but, there’s some things… I know everything
about my parents, my aunt Shannon thinks
I’m stupid, so– – [Nev] Oh we don’t
think you don’t. – Pretty sure I already
know what she told you. – [Nev] She really
didn’t tell us anything. – No like when we
were at her house, she kinda like pulled you aside. – Yeah but that wasn’t
to tell me anything, she was more just
expressing a concern. – Yeah, yes. – [Nev] But she didn’t get
into any specifics with me, so I don’t know anything. – If Courtney can tell me,
like there are dark secrets, which my dad probably
would have told her, or if she can tell me
something that only like my grandma and family
knows, I’ll be amazed, but the things she’s
saying right now are things that I already know and that she’s
already said to me. – But I don’t think she’s lying. – Well then I wanna find out
if she knows those secrets.


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