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We Tried Vegan Tuna Sushi

The (bleep) is this? (upbeat music) Um, it looks like raw beef. The coloring is kinda off. It’s a little bit darker than I’d expect. It looks like someone took tuna, smashed it up, and then
laid it across rice. I don’t see how you can make tuna vegan, so I don’t trust it. Why am I nervous? Okay. Hmm. What? That is weird. Oh my God. This is vegan? That’s actually really good. Kinda flavorless. I don’t know if it tastes
like tuna, but it tastes good. What is this?
It’s tomatoes. Oh my what? (laughs) Wow. What? That makes sense, it kinda looks like tomato skin, like inside out. It has all the flavors, but
you have none of the texture. I really like that. It doesn’t taste like tuna at all though, it’s more like sun-dried tomato. Yeah, once I know that it’s a tomato, I can’t not taste the tomato. That makes sense,
(snapping fingers) it did taste really tart,
and fruity, like a tomato. Zach? Slide over here. Get close to my mic, try this. Zach’s a big sushi boy. Like, there’s a lot of vegan food that is, surprisingly, crazy good, and it’s just expensive, or hard to find, but if you told me that I
could eat this every day, I’d be like, yeah, I’m fine with that. It doesn’t look good to me. (laughs)
What? It looks like food.
Hmm. Vegans and vegetarians still like to eat things that taste good. It doesn’t matter that it looks like meat, it just matters that it’s not. I’m so happy that there is a good, legit sushi alternative for vegan people, ’cause that doesn’t
really exist until now. (logo whooshes) (sign creaks)


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