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What Happened To Kentucky Fried Chicken?

All right, so check it, I miss eating at KFC. When I was a kid, Kentucky Fried Chicken was the bomb. My seven-year-old heart would jump with joy whenever my grandparents decided to pull into the KFC in my hometown for lunch. We get a big bucket of the 11 herbs and spices, green beans, coleslaw… … enough Pepsi cola for everybody the whole nine yards, and it was awesome! You couldn’t beat it! Who needs Christmas when you’ve got KFC? The chicken was crispy the restaurant was clean and the eatin’ was good. But 20 years later I go to KFC practically never. Maybe the drive-through if there’s absolutely nowhere else to eat, but never ever… EVEEEEEER inside. Why? Because KFC ain’t what it used to be and we all know it. The past decade hasn’t been kind to the Colonel: Consumers have rated the restaurant as consistently terrible. They’ve been overtaken by Chick-fil-A as the largest chicken chain in the US by sales, They have a truly awful marketing campaign that’s generated more anger than interest… They ranked at the very bottom of customer service in 2013 and they’ve been steadily closing stores since 2005. So… You might not know it, but there are five keys to the success of your average fast food joint. Fail in any of these areas and folks aren’t going to want to buy your product. Less folks buy, the less money you make. Less money you make, the closer your franchise comes to extinction. So let’s see how your average KFC stacks up. First thing you’re going to need is fast and efficient service. QSR puts Kentucky Fried Chicken in the middle of the pack: Not poor, not great With an average service time of 3.39 minutes, and an 88.6% accuracy on orders. Now, a question for the Colonel’s corporate bigwigs: If you owned a skydiving business and the parachutes only opened 88.6% of the time, Would that be acceptable? (No idea), Would you skydive there? No, so why are you surprised when your customer base shrinks if out of every 100 people to go there, 11 or 12 be charged incorrectly? (Sorry, I’m doing that accent thing…) KFC, get it together bruh! Have a training day! Get your people on the right page! Bump that figure up to the low 90s, And you’ll see more customers. An A – always looks better on a report card than a B+. You feel me? Next, let’s talk about food quality. Look, I know it’s a little bit picky to ask for a bucket of fried chicken to not be totally greasy… But why ask me if I want original or crispy if it’s all going to be covered in oil anyway? Just ask me what you’re really asking… I can’t even hold on to this stuff when I eat it and even if I get a solid grip, the thing will fall apart before I get it in my mouth! I remember when KFC meant “finger lickin’ good.” Now, I’ve got to wash my hands in a sink because licking this grease off could seriously affect my health. I shouldn’t have to put on hazmat suit and get the green light from the CDC before tackling an eight-piece bucket meal! Next category: cash money, honey. Look if it’s going to be messy and give me congestive heart failure at least don’t charge me an arm and a leg for it too. You’re out of your mind if you think I’m going to pay $22 plus tax for eight pieces of slimy chicken. 16 piece family meal for about $41 in total? GET OUTTA HERE! $41 will buy you a nice meal at a fancy restaurant with mood lighting and a personal waiter! Why would anybody want to pay that much money to come here?! If you want more customers: I see what you’re trying to do with the $5 fill up and the $10 chicken share. If people think your food is too expensive, the solution isn’t to create a budget meal for them The solution is to: RIght across the street from this KFC is a Popeyes where you can get the exact same meal for cheaper. That’s a stupid business strategy for you guys! Hey, which of these prices you think looks better on a window sign? If you want to charge people THAT much to eat at your restaurant, at LEAST let the dining experience be worth it! And that leads us to our next point: the cleanliness of your crib. So you want to know the real reason I don’t go to KFC anymore? Here it is. This is me walking into a KFC while out on the road. Totally unplanned didn’t set anything up Just walked into a random location without preparation and Oh look, it’s completely disgusting. Because y’all have a serious sanitation problem. 6% of your restaurants are dirty or damaged. 6 percent?! That’s the highest of any of your competitors! That’s triple the national average! YOU GUYS ARE GETTING BEAT… BY TACO CABANA!! Most people nowadays know to stay away from the inside of KFC, walking into this particular location I noticed the tables are dirty the bathroom lock is broken there’s grease and grime everywhere there’s a disgusting mat laying out the very front that’s DAMP with all kinds of spilled drinks and chicken grease for everybody to walk on! And NONE of the staff seems to think that any of this needs to be cleaned up! YOUR CRIB IS GROSS! Look, take a weekend, close your stores, retrain your staff and invest some of your money in private sanitation inspectors! You could fix everything else on this list and if you don’t shed that stigma folks have about your business’s cleanliness, you’ll NEVER get out of the hole you’re in. Last but not least: Marketing. Look, I don’t know what you guys were thinking this year with your comedian rotation Colonel Sanders shtick. But it’s about to grate on the Nation’s last nerve. We’ve got real problems in this country to deal with like ISIS and health care, And all we want is to watch TV without seeing one of your poorly conceived and self-depreciating commercials. The wink and nod routine keeps falling flat so cut it. Entrepreneur says it best: Your own company’s research says that one in five people hate your ad campaign. Yet, here’s your CEO saying: Hey, Greg, respectfully? The indifference folks were feeling came from years of you giving everybody the impression you don’t really care about the quality of your product. If you don’t care, why should we as consumers care? Your problem isn’t that you’re losing relevance! It’s that you’re acting indifferent to legitimate problems! Until you want to take your business seriously, and advertise a KFC that people will (you know…) be happy to eat at… you’re not going to rebound! If you want a new Colonel, cut the live-action one, Go animated. No, not THIS trainwreck… go retro! Get the guys from Fallout to handle the aesthetic and you’ll have a marketing strategy that looks completely different from anything else out there, and you’ll find your footing. Think about it, how many fast-food restaurants do you know are doing hand drawn animated commercials these days? …Yeah, exactly. There’s your opportunity. Step three, what ever this is… It’s not funny! None of this is funny! You’re not gonna annoy someone into buying your product, right? So why do you want to annoy your customer base?! UGH! Look, it’s not like the good folks at KFC don’t KNOW any of this, they somehow pulled it off in foreign markets. KFC’s exploded in popularity overseas, especially Japan. If they can somehow get folks who can’t read speak or understand the King’s English to like their stuff, There’s no reason they can’t do the same in the good old US of A! It’s a shame to their board of directors that a business named Kentucky Fried Chicken is valued MORE by people in Tokyo than in the state it’s named after! KFC. I love you, but you got to get it together. I want future generations to know what it’s like to eat the Colonel’s chicken. The way I used to. The way we all used to. Your ship is sinking, but you still have time to fix it. If you find yourself in doubt, just remember to ask: What would the Colonel do? (Singing) “It’s so nice, nice to feel”~ “So good about a meal”~ “So good about Kentucky Fried Chicken!”~ Colonel: “It’s nice to feel so good about a meal!” And that’s the video, Thanks for watching. If you liked it and want to see more, feel free to subscribe to my channel. Or don’t… I don’t really care.

  • NOTICE: This video is outdated, as KFC now closed down all of their stores after 18 months of chicken shortages and struggling as a company.

  • I went to a KFC in Bend a month ago and during the drive through I Ordered a Coke and they responded “Is Pepsi OK?” It’s never “OK” but I said to my self “OK, KFC Is not a Coke place, got it”. But apparently in Japan, the sell Coca Cola! I didn’t just go to the wrong Restaurant, I went to the Wrong Continent for my Coke.

  • The delivery is very fast and the food is generally tasty but too spicy and I don't know what else they add, because I have a terrible stomach ache every time I eat kfc. I live in Poland

  • Here in South Africa hardly anyone eats KFC anymore. But here the service is poor. They don't let tou finish your order. When you do get options, they'll give you the wrong one. No ice? You will get ice with your drink. Wanted notmal zinger? You get something that feels like you are swallowing paint thinners. Oily chicken? Yes, so much so that you can literally catch the drippings in a pot and use it to fry some chips. Waiting time at a drive through? You go park and watch half an episode of Big Bang Theory. You won't dare pull a clever one and tell them you will wait right where you are in the drive through queue or they will tamper with your food. Cleanliness of the food? I once found hard plastic bits in my coleslaw, kinda like someone put the entire container filled with cabbages in the liquidizer and served that up. The burgers come with bits of cellophane between the lettuce. Again like they chopped the whole lettuce with the wrapping on. Hawaiian wrap's pinapple comes out of a tin. The containers for the fries are not filled properly, and yes I did weigh a large vs a medium fries. It turns out the medium fries weighed 0.75 grams more than the large. The price difference in the size of fries is not relative to the amount of potato. I once ordered a 2 piece meal and was told they don't have any chicken, so i changed my order to a beef burger which was met with a highly upset face. I excused myself and changed the order to a Mc Fillet of fish burger instead, and was "educated" by the one taking the order that they ONLY sell chicken, to which i responded: " but you said that you are out of chicken". The conversation that followed was me yelling at the kfc staff to closed the fucking doors if they don't have stock of the ONE thing people come here to buy. And secondly, how do you not know how and when to order more raw chicken in order to make the restaurant run smoothly and effeciently? Do you not keep statistics? Then there is the cleanliness of the staff and restaurant. The one who mops the floors is the same who who will assemble the burger (no gloves in South Africa, coz aparenly when you wipe your arse after having a shit then your hand is still clean if you used toilet paper) They do that "sucky-snot" snorting noise whilts communicating with clients, if the nose itches the shoulder part of the arm aparently isn't a good area to do a quick taptap and finger os employed to do a thorough deep scrathing. The same goes foe itching body parts, specially the breasts of the larger ladies. The cloth that cleans the surfaces in the restroom wipes your table. The restroom doors open the wrong way. Logically thinking, you take a leak, wash your hands nice and clean to be able to eat and get to the door that opens inward – do you gamble to touch that handle or wait patiently in the unventilated l, urine fragranced room until someone decides to come in for a leak to be able to slip out quickly? 3 out of 4 toilets flush slowly, ineffeciently or not at all. No soap in the dispensers to sanitise tour hands properly. 1 basin with a tap whose thread is worn so badly is had to be tightened indefinitely to prevent people from running up the water bill. So even if there was soap, now you can't was it off. The toilets have button flushers behind the toilet lid, but alas, no lids, so you are forced to flush with a ninja kick in order to prevent toilet backspray in your face. Back to the menu…. they won't substitiute one ingredient for antoher of the same value, coz the menu is the menu! The order is wrong 68% of the time (completely or some items) some orders are incomplete : burgers come without chicken patties. We have received a burger with one half of the bun missing. I have seen food being picked up from floors and put aside and used with the next order. I haveen seen couching and sneezing in flu season being sprayed all over the show. Staff don't get sent home if they are sick, but they sure as hell take days off if there is a someone they want to visit 600km away.

    You get the point? Kfc is not just a problem in America is is global. The issue starts with management at the top of (excusw my pun) the foodchain. The highest of the high managers in the big head office who let shit like this happen. They let the branch managers employ idiots who do dumb things and get away with it. It comes down to who is making the big money. Not the staff or servers, they get paid minimum wage, therefore they don't give a shit how they handle your food. The branch manager gets paid better, therefore he gets to drive a car instead of taking a taxi to and from work. Now, the big bosses at head office…. they are the ones taking home the markup. They are the ones coming up with these ridiculous prices. If you factor in growing, slaughtering, transporting, preparing, labour, spices, electricity, sanitation, cooking ingredients etc… it does not amount to the price they charge for one fuckig piece of chicken, Sure if the truck delivered one chicken at a time, but not a truck load right? I am appaled at KFC and all that they stand for. Complaining to the branvh managers proves null and void. Very, very void… writing a snotty saractic and concerning letter to head office, you get no response or "we are looking into it". 5 years down the line no visual change in any aspect has been acomplished…

    We haven't eaten kfc nor supported them in 3 years, as we have switched to Chicken Licken, which is cheaper, better service and better tasting that the Colonel's "secret recipe". (The only secret is whatever is has been tampered with)

    And to top it all off, guaranteed half an hour to 3 hours after consuming Kfc in this country, you will feel like your intestines are going to explode and you are bound to a toilet for a minimum of 45 minutes. Last year KFC killed 8 people from (what investigators could figure) ONE branch and hospitalised a few hundred…

    Still wanna eat from KFC??

  • I'm Aussie and KFC is my favourite fast food place coz they have zero competitors and make good chicken for super low prices.

  • Many have said it already, but KFC in other countries besides Canada and the US isn't like that at all. It really is more popular than mcdonalds (well at least in Romania)

  • I gotta agree with many of the recent comments – it seems that this is mainly a problem of US KFC. Here in Europe I can only find clean restaurants, food that isn't greasy at all and mostly affordable prices… If you ever have the chance to go to KFC outside the US, give it a try! I'm certain you will be positively surprised!

  • I liked the KFC more in Philippines and Singapore than here in CA. The first time I ate KFC here, it was the first time I came here and I felt so sick and bloated. It was probably one of my least liked KFC chicken I've ever had

  • KFC's menu has slowly become a joke. They put mac&cheese inside cheetos. They put, the menu inside a bowl. They made a doughnut chicken sandwich. Dude, they made a pizza that's made out of fried chicken. Is their chef a college freshman who smoked 20 ounces of weed??

  • I ate at a restaurant in Kentucky which served the original Col. Sanders when I was a child. It was so good that when they franchised 20 to30 years later I was first in line. Not quite as good but not bad. Today it tastes like chicken flavored grease. If your chicken tasted anywhere near the original you wouldn't have to advertise.


  • I got a KFC ad
    In a KFC-related video
    While being inside a KFC
    Then I saw many KFC ads in tv
    And I saw someone with a KFC flag.
    KFC is onto me for sure

  • Cleanliness is not the facility's fault. It is the ass hole customer fault. I am not defending KFC but as an ex-Walmart custodian, I know that no matter what area I cleaned in is trashed within the first 10 minutes of spotless cleaning. The restrooms are the primary target though. We would spend many minutes cleaning and disinfecting and move to the next restroom to clean and by the time we have completed, some entitled asshole has trashed the one we just worked on. The only fucking way to continuously keep them clean is to have an employee in each room a full shift from opening to closing. The same entitled assholes eat at fast food places. So a cleanliness rating is up to how many employees can dedicate a shift to hanging out in the area(s) that is getting poor ratings.

  • They have definitely done something to the original recipe. It taste like shit and has lost that spicy flavor it once had. It is totally bland. Some asshole with stomach problems caused that.

  • i figure if the floor is messy in a restaurant it means they are mostly probably (should be) working on food, which means it's (should be) fresh.

  • I don't know wtf KFC be doing in the US but let me tell ya its perfection in Germany.. The prices are a bit high though..

  • In the last two months, I recently started going back to KFC, and let me tell you, It has gotten a lot better. I enjoy going to KFC, I remember when KFC was so good, then it was terrible for like 5 years. But it is so much better now.

  • We have 2 KFC locations in our town. I didn't know about the second one and went to #1. It was abominably bad, greasy, dry, not fresh, store dirty . I never went back, then discovered location #2. Night and day ! Great service, clean store , fresh juicy chicken ! Staff who care and know what they are doing makes ALL the difference. My town is in Canada, by the way !

  • KFC doesn't taste the same as Kentucky Fried Chicken did. It used to be a lot better back in the '70s and '80s… And yeah, I've lived all over the US, and their restaurants are gross everywhere. If what YOU can see isn't clean, you know the kitchen must be a bio-hazard.

  • Well where i live(austria) our kfc is the cleanest and best fast food restaurant in town and we dont get any stupid ads as far as i know

  • In my country … With the price of kfc chicken.. I can buy almost 4kg chicken and cook it with 8 different varieties, sell it and can make profit ..5 times of kfc

  • canadian kfc is literally the most disgusting food joint ever

    -fries are mushy, never crispy but burnt if cooked right
    *fake ass potatoes

    -chicken is also mushy as hell, tastes terrible
    *is dry or you’ll be suspicious it wasn’t cooked thoroughly.


    though, our mcdonalds is mouth wateringly fucking fantastic and never fails to impress

  • Idk if i can say this, the reason it is declining probably because the nation itself is bored by the taste of it? I mean overseas has never had food like kfc, and thats why its booming outside, its probably difference in food culture

  • KFC in other countries is more KFC. Than KFC. I literally live in a south American country and the KFC here taste way better than the KFC i ate when i went to America(specifically new york).

  • In Serbia, you don't get greasy food in KFC. Not at all. The biggest bucket with 30 strips and 4 standard french fries costs only 19$. Toilet is always super clean. So you have problem in USA.

  • KFC in The Netherlands is horrible. Last time I ate there, was two years ago. Had to go to the toilet, left my food on the table and my bags. Two minutes later I came back, food gone. Some stupid employee cleaned my table.

  • I'm not sure if this applies to the UK or not. Sure they can drop the prices (it has gone up a bit) but the cleanliness seems on par with every other restaurant – at least the three locations I've been in Manchester and the one location I've been in Wolverhampton. I can't taste any change to their food except the chips… they've upped their game on the chips. I didn't used to like their chips and now I do, so.

    Of course we may have to comply with wildly different sanitary and food standards and I've never visited a US branch so its hard for me to compare on that front… but we have wildly different water utility standards so I wouldn't be surprised

    I think Greg's opinion on marketing is the basic standard, albeit a little lenient in comparison to [shivers] the Go Compare man. Though he has a point. A disrespectful point to the history of the company but. A. Point.

  • KFC in my town, reeks of cat spray. I don't know anyone who finds that attractive, except maybe female cats. Also fun fact, KFC in parts of Canada deliver. When we moved to WA, we were shocked when they told us we would have to come get it ourselves.

  • This is very interesting, here in hungary kfc is one of the best fast food restaurants. Its clean, modern, cheaper than McDonalds and tasty. And it doesent need ads to be popular.

  • KFC is bad here ! ( London UK ) useless staff and unclean ! I don't eat there anymore. Nice to know from comments that's it's still alive and kicking other places in the world.

  • KFC in South Africa has seriously gone down hill. Though they market more to the poor… almost everyone else I know much rather prefers Nando's

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