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What parts of the chicken does McDonald’s use? McDonald’s Canada Answers

Hi I’m Amanda, and we’re here at Cargill,
London where we make all the chicken products for McDonald’s Canada. Katie from Victoria asks,”Do you actually
put the whole chicken in and mix it to make chicken mcnuggets? That’s what they say at
school.” Well Katie, I’ve been a deboning specialist
here for nine years, and I can tell you, we do not grind up whole chickens. I’m gonna debone a chicken, by hand, so you
can see, what parts we use and what parts we don’t. We make a cut down the back so we’re able
to remove the skin. We remove the drumsticks. We make a cut so we can remove the wing. Cut
along the wishbone, hold that down. Remove the wing. Then we remove the breast and the
skin from the chicken. This normally goes on a table down to a skinner
machine which will remove the skin, so you’re left with a nice breast. Then we break the
legs. We can get into the bone easier. A couple
cuts to remove the thigh bone. Check it again, make sure there’s no bones. Thighs get removed.
And then down the keel bone, to separate the tendon. So, these are the things that we don’t use
in our products, and these are the things that we do. We’ve got white meat, breast and
tenders used for things like nuggets or grilled. And then we’ve got our dark meat on our thighs,
a little bit of skin is used in some of our products. Thanks for your question, and I hope we’ve
answered it.

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