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Why Is This Catfish So Aggressive? | Catfish: The TV Show

– [Nev] I guess it’s this
little apartment complex. – This side here? – We’re here. Oh, it’s a hotel. Weird. Does she live here? – This is weird. – Yeah, right? Pretty shady. – I’m nervous again guys. – Let’s say we’re here. Are you in one of the rooms? – I don’t like this. – Me either. – I guess, let me just- You guys hang out here. Let me snoop around. – No problem. – See what I can figure out. (car door closes) (dramatic music) – She could be in one of these rooms, maybe she works here? I don’t know.
(phone notification) – Oh great. – 106, all right. Oh, it’s right there. All right, hold on, let me see. (suspenseful music) – [Kamie] Come on, let’s go. (car door closes) (suspenseful music) (knocking) (suspenseful music) – [Jesus] Who’s that? – [Nev] Hi. – [Nicole] Hi. – [Nev] Alexis? – [Nicole] Yeah. – [Nev] Or, Nicole? – [Nicole] Yeah. – [Nev] What should we call you? – [Nicole] Nicole. – [Nev] Nicole? Okay. All right, well, glad you’re here. Obviously, Jesus is here. He wants to meet you, we have some questions too. So, if you’re ready, why
don’t you come outside? – [Nicole] I’m ready. – [Kamie] Oh my god. – [Jesus] Who’s that? (dramatic music) – [Kamie] Oh wow. – [Nev] Why don’t we come over here? – [Jesus] That’s Alexis? (sighs) – [Nev] So, Nicole? – Mmm. – This is Jesus. You are the person he’s been talking to, is that right? – Mmm-hmm.
– Okay. So what’s been going on here because we got a whole story from Amanda. Clearly you’re not the
girl in the pictures. – No, Amanda made the profile. Okay.
– Wait. Amanda made the profile? – Amanda made the profile years ago. She was doing this and now she used to be my best friend. She’s not any more. – Hold on. So you’re saying that when
Jesus started to Alexis, he was talking to Amanda. – He was talking to her
and then I took over. – [Nev] How long have
you been the profile? – Probably talking to
him a little over a year. – [Nev] So, pretty much the whole time. – Yeah. – [Nev] And it was you
in the video chat, right? – [Nicole] It was me. – [Nev] Okay, so, you are the catfish. Who’s the girl in the Alexis profile? – That’s my cousin. All of her pictures. – Oh, you use pictures of your cousin? – Yes, that’s quote unquote Alexis. – And she knew you were
using her pictures or not? – No, Amanda didn’t tell her nothing. Amanda befriended her like a friend, you know, hey let’s do this together. I said okay. I agreed to– – [Nev] And what about this Nicole person? – [Nicole] That’s my daughter, Nikki. – [Nev] You used pictures
of your daughter? – Yeah. – Does your daughter know that
you’re using her pictures? – No. – What about your other daughter, Alissa? That you told Jesus about? – Yeah, who’s Alissa? – That’s Amanda’s daughter. – You said it was your daughter. – Yeah, but, don’t yell at me. That’s Amanda’s daughter. – [Nev] All right, Amanda, you said you guys got into a big fight cause you sent pictures of her
kids to some guy in prison. – First of all, she was the one who gave
the pictures to send to him. Second of all, Amanda was– – [Nev] So you did send pictures of her daughter to someone in prison. – To nobody in prison. She was in this the whole time. I dunno what she’s talking about. – The bottom line is, Alexis is not real. You’re talking for a year
plus to this young man. And the idea was to make a fake profile, talk to guys to see if you can
get them to give you money? – Yeah. Amanda’s being a total
bitch and a hater right now. – Enough about Amanda. You’re the one here who’s telling that you have been scamming lots of guys. Pretending to be Alexis and you’re the catfish. – I’m not innocent. I’m far from innocent. But don’t make me look like a (beep) bad person on (beep) national TV. Cause I can easily just get up and walk away real quick and I won’t care. – So you don’t care about him at all? – I care about him as a friend. – You guys were saying, “I love you”. – As a friend. You can’t tell a friend you love them? – Well, right, but you knew he was more in love
than just like a friend. – Well, yeah. But it was like, I just
wanted a friendship. – You have to care about him, a year is a long time to talk to anybody– – Really, I have to? When nobody give a (beep) about you, you don’t gotta care about nobody. You don’t know my life story. You don’t know what I’ve been through. I been through a lot of (beep). I been in the foster care, I been adopted, – [Jesus] I have too. – I been in and out of jail
since I was 11 years old. I’ve done through a lot of (beep), I been through a lot.
– [Jesus] I have too. I got my ass dragged from
one end to the other. Okay, you don’t wanna talk to me at the end of the (beep) day? Oh well, so be it. I’m still gonna be me, I’m still gonna move on. I’m gonna do me and my kids and that’s the bottom (beep) line to it. And if you believe Amanda, then you’re (beep) dumber than I thought. – [Kamie] Oh my god. – But you lied. – [Kamie] I honestly don’t
believe anything that you say. – I mean, what you did is not okay. Take some (beep)
responsibility for yourself. You realize that what you’re
doing is really (beep) up. – I’m done. I’m done with the situation. I’m done, I’m gonna walk away cause I’m about to cuss
your ass out real quick. So I’m done with this. I don’t wanna talk about it, thank you. Okay, I’m already done. – Just let it be. Just let it be, guys. – She’s obviously in a lot of pain. But, so are a lot of people and it’s not an excuse. – I just wanna go home already.


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