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Windy day Blue Catfish in Kerr Lake

hey everybody its bill your host from
casual carolina fishing thanks for stopping by today I really do appreciate
it kick your shoes off sit back relax let’s
see if we can have some fun catching some fish today you everybody I’m back in Kerr Lake it’s a
little bit different spot but it’s still on the Virginia side the one after the
blue cats again or cats in general with the chicken meat marinated in garlic try
right through here for a little bit this is kind of close to a creek channel
river channel whatever you winds blowing like crazy today it was
only supposed to be like 10 miles an hour gusting a whole lot more put it out
over there at the launch and went down to the bridge and back up this way and
drifted down Florida Bridge didn’t catch anything so I came on down under fridge
and came to the other side here and tried drifting along that there’s a
channel that’s marked along here I’m not sure how accurate this is but I’ve tried
to stay and then 20-foot range roughly yeah this wind is just ridiculous that’s
a big fish that’s a really big fish right there that’s a really really big
fish whoa there we go something do you let go that whatever it was it whoa that’s a white is it either that or
among its fight how about that you didn’t let me get skunked today or
hopefully not he’s done yeah let’s do it what you doing there buddy they either sighs hey I’d call that an either sighs Lena Mumma
might get to try some blue cat Peter says blue care buddy I thought I didn’t have you very good
yes again hi folks it’s a little later blue cat I
think I’m gonna find out how good we get fish tastes you kind of leave yourself
on the side over there yeah what’s a meter size we’ll do that and I was just getting
ready to go home – so how about that got an eater just before going home now I
might time is it quarter to five now no I think I’m just gonna pack it up and go
home folks finally I called a catfish today I’ve been out here since one
o’clock because I had to go get some changed to pay for parking and come back
and it’s a quarter to five now almost four hours and I just cooked that one
little ater blue cat right there but you know what as a whole lot better than
getting skunked and I got to come fishing and it’s been other than going
down there with Russ and them yeah what was that last week when we caught that
bass and well actually Jeff called bass – they were little and and it was windy
today tough tough tough conditions to fish in but somehow or another I managed
to pick one up so I can’t complain about that but I’m gonna call it a day head to
the house don’t clean this blue cat so meat a moment can try it so with that
I’m gonna say so long and we’ll see you next time
this is Bill of casual Carolina fishing in Kerr lake catching a blue catfish but
it was a little one a little leader maybe we’ll get some bigger ones next
time I just wanted to show y’all where I am I
mean you probably saw it I’ll have to look at the footage when I’m reviewing
and doing the editing but I said I was getting ready to pack it up and go home
look over there that’s the landing right there so I mean I was literally right
there at the landing when that fish hit right here
when that fish bit crazy he waited till I was just about home you

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